Join us! The map has gotten quite deep with all of the lore and new locations we've added! In our testing it works fine, are you on 1.14.4? We’re 13 devs strong as of this update, and we’ve been working very hard to get the map up to speed! Or is it supposed to be played with default textures? All rights reserved. Added Olympus Heritage Village near Volcano. I saw those. Some say it works flawlessly, and others suggest they spawn in the middle of a field with the map nowhere to be found. Downtown Terraville expanded with many new buildings. But i got some very very simple questions. Of course this map is about zombies hordes attacking your town/settlement and you have to defense yourself against it. Hey thanks! Awesome! of course I still reply! Fixed falling blocks in the townhouse causing the player to clip through the floor. Why not add bandits? We provide you with the latest maps straight from the minecraft industry. Hey everyone! seems you just throw it into the top hopper and the gate goes down! You should post a legacy download for anyone that wants to play 1.12.2 or lower for the previous version. The bulk of the command blocks are under the starting house, as they needed to be in the spawn chunk to remain loaded when you're far away! Check the map in the starting house for where the city exit is. Townhouses 252-254, 343-347: wool at top replaced with concrete. I've finally found it, after all this time. Separated signs for the Olympus National Monument. This map is made with vanilla as its base, so gun mods won't be spawned into chests and things like that. I'm on 1.14.4 and I did use the pieces of paper named "Travel Ticket." 36k 7.9k 34. x 12. I Mean there must be a few survivors who shoot you right? Browse Latest Hot Challenge / Adventure Maps. So we're looking at possibly mid-late september. It's truly amazing! I thought there would be commandblocks here as well but don't see any. © 2010 - 2020 Browse and download Minecraft Zombie Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. I remember then that I was super impressed and loved every bit of the map! Removed Channel 19 and AIMS “Has Special Item” sign, Replaced Ocelots with Cats for the “Stray Cats”. You have entered an incorrect email address! Panoris: Origins – Episode 1 Kate’s Story, War of Champions: A Vanilla Minecraft MOBA, How to Install Minecraft Map for iOS and Android. Is there some commands that I would have to change to play in 1.16 Minecraft. We've had limited success with 1.16 in terms of our players testing it for us. This update brings an entirely new Imperius to the world, a LONG awaited overhaul built from the ground up. Added an Olympus Island Ferry to Olympus Bay. Fixed AI refusing to talk to people other than the developers. I Got a suggestion. Saintly Engine Bible, custom loot in general for the new DZ and SE. However, I do have a question: are we currently limited to the starting city? Husks and Drowned now count towards the zombie kill counter. Added Books in Emergency Evacuation Island Building. I played this map many years ago (probably 2013 or 2014). Fixed cave entrances underwater near the cargo ship, bridge, and north docks. Added more vines around the entire map to show overgrowth. However, I don't see any gate. It is something we've been looking into as we expand the map, and the in-game factions further. by soyfacuh. Overhauled Subway system, now with fast travel between the cities and airports. Challenge / Adventure Map. Fixed Amora Mansion fence having bugged stairs. Join in and I can DM it to you, or have someone repost it! Interesting. Overhauled “Utility Storage” near the mansion by Imperius. Fixed the carousel causing damage to the player. Barrels In Atlas Casino Bar have alcohol now. Also, we’ve once again made the map have about DOUBLE the playable area, as well as utilizing a ton of open space we had in the existing map, as well as expanding past the plane crash on the highway! :). Rusted Carrier and Other Boats in Olympus Bay. Completely overhauled the city of Imperius with new buildings and a new layout. Car trunks now have loot tables, so the same car has different loot in every playthrough. Added Crashed Ranger car by Imperius military camp. Yes! Heya! Feel free to join the Discord if you want to be amongst other fans of the map :), Thank you so much for this map!|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, Open World Zombie Apocalypse! Home Minecraft Maps Downloads. Gas Station added at the end of the highway. Made a few Modern Atlas Neighborhood Houses less bright. Added a new feature that allows you to use a Screwdriver to open electronics and scrap them for parts. P.S. for behind the scenes on future updates, and to chat with devs and players! Omg, I can't believe I found this gem again! Loot people's things, discover other survivors' stories, roam the wasteland, survive, and own the Zombie Apocalypse! Added Unlockable Achievements, see if you can get them all! Join us! What makes it even more fun is that it has 6 different maps and it supports minecraft online multiplayer sessions. Browse and download Minecraft Zombie Maps by the Planet Minecraft community.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, 'The Horde' - An Advanced Zombie Wave Survival Game, Minecraft HORROR Camp | gruseliges Minecraft Halloween Special, The Zombie Apocalypse 2 - Buildings & Vehicles Pack [1.12.2 - 1.16.2], End Times, single chunk contest submission, Attack on the House(One Chunk Challenge Project Contest), Minecraft | Post Apocalyptic Map | The Overgrown City, 1.5:1 Bessemer and Lake Erie SD40-3 (SD45T-2). Added Empty Bottles And Bottle Caps outside in the High School. We just had a member test it and it seems to work alright. Taco’s Ranchos Y Mas: wool replaced with concrete. Removed some more “No Loot Here” signs in Atlas. Yeah we usually go through about a 2-3 month update cycle on development. 2epicpanda 04/14/13 • posted 05/11/2012. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. The Olympus Shipping boat now has “Olympus Shipping” written on the other side of the ship. The Infected Area map is a real zombie apocalypse in Minecraft. Browse and download Minecraft Zombie Maps by the Planet Minecraft community. Delve into a world where zombies have destroyed humanity. Added a Brewing System to make your own sudsy drinks! Love it and can't wait for the download to complete! Added Billboards on the sides of the Highway. Think of it like tower defense map. Overhauled loot/interiors at the military airport. Update #15 : 10/31/2020 5:04:18 pmOct 31st. This map is made for vanilla 1.14.4, and there's no mods required. Tons of terraforming and biome changes made all over the map. Removed accidentally left behind Phantom spawner at Futuraa. Beers found in the Glowing Tavern now make you nauseous. I found the transit tickets in the police station and chucked one of em into the hopper at the city exit aaaand... nothing. Was it the aircraft carrier or one of the other ships? Find minecraft multiplayer servers here. Olympus City Diner: green wool changed to concrete; white wool replaced with Quartz Pillars on the part above the diner. Nobody else has reported this issue before, strange. Yeah it was the aircraft carrier haha! Pogo the Happy Jokester now haunts the Amusement Park. Not allowed on discord anymore can we expect an update soon, not asking to rush but of curiosity. The Atlas Reporter building now has lore books. We have a really old, and really bad version of the map WAY back from 1.8 days, you can get it in our discord. Removed Yellow Carpet in The Atlas Reporter Building. Can't wait to hear if you like it! I did. Minecraft Zombie Survival Servers. If you'd like you can add mods, but it was never intended to be played on anything besides vanilla! VIEW. Massive map expansion beyond the tunnels at the end of the highway!