Customers know their brand and trust them. What can i do so they take of the hold or what about other payment providers in Spain could be as an alternativ? "With a "Contact Support" button to the side.My first thoughts were that they required further information as we've just moved offices twice....but my partner thinks that Shopify are and I quote "in trouble! If you have scheduled your payouts, then you see the estimated date that you get paid. I called to discuss as well as provided them with all the supporting documents they asked for. That is in my opinion ILLEGAL. "Why would a multi-million dollar company put a hold on a small business account, not just mine, but others from around the world?It would have made more sense to at least give shop owners some sort of warning before putting payments on hold.Nevertheless, I contacted Shopify Support: Shopify replied with, what seemed to me to be a scripted email: I truly appreciate you for taking the initiative to bring this concern to our attention and it would be my pleasure to provide you my utmost assistance. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Lastly, Shopify says you can use other payment providers who would take this risk: HOWEVER, Shopify collects fees for Stores using any other payment providers as well. So these FRAUDSTERS collect your annual/monthly store fee, tell you to use other providers (who collect their own fees as well) and collect fees ON TOP OF THAT, and collect your domain fees. Same, just had same banner on my dash board no email or anything asking for any verifications. Thanks everyone in advance! I'm not so sure.. That said, while payouts will be placed on hold, the funds will be paid out to you regardless of whether Shopify Payments is allowed on the account. Maybe refund customers and let them know the situation send invoice via PayPal. PLUS They have the AUDACITY to tell you to sell your store when you try and close it, so they can make some sort of fee on that. Peter | Social Care @ Shopify - Was my reply helpful? I just seen that you can go in and manage how you take your payments maybe go through paypal only or amazon pay. "What is going on at Shopify?Why are they hurting small businesses like this at a time when small businesses need the most help?I'm getting orders and have to pay to ship them but Shopify are withholding payment?Can anyone at Shopify give me a genuine answer and not what reads like a scripted reply, please?I'm in the process of moving my logistics to a fulfilment centre as of today this process will take about 12-14 days to complete.I've just read this on Reddit about how this Shopify hold almost financially ruined this small busin...This has made me re-think.. should I continue with Shopify or should I look elsewhere? Please provide actions items needed on my part to move forward. Other than that, if you have further questions, please feel free to reply back to this thread and I'll be sure to lend you a helping hand, Shopify-Customer. They're a publicly traded company with a $56-billion market cap. No email from SHopify either asking for … Did anyone been through a smilar problem? I've clearly wrote down the informations about shipping times in every place possible on the site so there are no surprise for anybody later. Your payouts from Shopify Payments are on hold while we review your account, Issue with Shopify Payments and my product, Adding custom product to invoice, and appropriate tax settings for it, Re: Partially fulfilling a local delivery order, Re: Accelerated checkout: Apple Pay not working, Re: Request for Philippine Provinces/States in Shipping Zones. Scummy move! Actually my case is different but i made my site just a few days ago. The Payouts page displays your previous and next payout. Well i have similar problem! Mark it as an Accepted Solution  To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Shopify Blog, how long did all this take, just had this happen to my account. I have now deactivated Shopify payments but have future payouts and hope they will get paid. ;). In the Shopify Payments section, click the View payouts button. I don't have any intention to "Get rich fast with fake store" just opposite, with optimized prices keep offering the products with clear message to all customers that shipping will be even up to one month and more but yes.. That was my top priority after opening the shop, to start to look for just a suppliers around Europe who can deliver more or less the same products just much more faster.. Could Shopify holded payouts because i have many oberlo items added? :). At which point I sent the documents expecting the problem to be resolved. Mine is because I had too many "unfillfilled" orders and they decided that because I *might* get some chargebacks they should put a hold on my payouts. It may be frustrating to have to ship orders without having yet received payment for them, but this is something that all merchants face -- there is a cost of operating a business that involves things like carrying a float for the cash register, buying and storing inventory before it sells, etc.Hopefully, you can be comforted by knowing that while this vetting is frustrating now, ultimately it vetting protects you, too. We are all interested in stopping fraud but why wouldn't they verify when we set up. This hold does not prevent your customers from checking out." “Your Shopify Payments account is on hold.” Seven words that can be the difference between a successful eCommerce business … or a colorful learning experience. Says due to a standard review to contact customer service. No emails from them at all, actually. Please provide actions items needed on my part to move forward. Shopify is out of line with what they have done. My Shopify dashboard is showing the following message: "Your Shopify Payments account is on hold You are currently unable to receive payouts for orders processed through Shopify Payments" I have not chnaged anything and received a payout today. The day payouts were supposed to be dispersed I woke up to my Shopify dashboard saying your Shopify payments account is on hold we need a little more information to verify your account. In my opinion I'm sure there is grounds for lawsuits for this if someone would be willing to take the effort. They could have verified our account when opened or at any time over the last 3 weeks when balances were low. It's their business, HOWEVER; this should not include any money that is to be paid out; that means Shopify is affecting my business but if I can't afford to purchase my customer's products and ship it to them, that affects the customer's money and products. If you're feeling proactive, you're more than welcome to email us at (from the account owner's email address) so that we can request some additional information from our Payments team for you. We are right now in the midst of a difficult time given the state of our economic shutdown and every penny we can use toward supporting our employees is valuable. Part of the value of being a Shopify merchant is knowing that customers will trust you by association.In exchange for them extending that trust to you, Shopify needs to protect that trust by vetting its merchants.