Annie Gladstone's record-breaking feat beat odds of more than 700,000-to-1 by giving birth to consecutive sets of twins by the age of 21, Our free email newsletter sends you the biggest headlines from news, sport and showbiz. Husband in his 80s has stroke day after children are born, in what would be a world record if confirmed Cosme Primo dos Santos, her 16-year-old nephew by adoption, Maria Eliane Jesus Mascarenhas, an orphaned girl adopted by rural farm workers after her mother died in childbirth, gave birth by cesarean section to a 7 lb (3.2 kg) girl named Diane in, An unidentified girl delivered a daughter at Kenyatta Hospital in, A 9-year-old girl gave birth by cesarean section to a boy at a clinic in. Well disgusing as this might seem the youngest mother was a girl from peru in 1939. A girl from Mountainside, Jamaica gave birth to a baby girl who died three weeks later. Tag: Youngest Mother To Give Birth To Twins. The family-of-six live in Farnborough, Hampshire, where Mr Porter works as a warehouse manager. Play it now. Terrified schoolgirl Alleshia Gregson discovered she was pregnant at the age of just 12 – and again when she was 14. 'I know there's nothing wrong with us, we're just probably a bit super fertile. It is much rarer than having a pair separated by a single baby. All other details were withheld by request. Don't have an account? Are you sure you want to delete this comment? A 9-year-old girl from the El Porvenir neighborhood of Lima gave birth to a boy weighing 7 lb (3.2 kg) at a hospital in the same city. Her older sister's 45-year-old companion, a former soldier and her neighbor, raped the girl three times, just before her birthday on June 24. A mother breastfeeding outside, USA, circa 1920. Unknown; thought to be her second child's father, a 49-year-old mason, The father of a 10-year-old girl's first baby was not originally known, but when the same girl from Cabezas came back to Percy Boland Hospital, in. The sperm used for Mangayamma’s pregnancy is reported to have been her husband’s. In 2016, an Indian woman from Punjab who “believed she was 70”, gave birth to her first child after receiving two years of IVF treatment. 74-year-old Indian woman becomes oldest mum in the world after giving birth to twins, A woman aged 73 has reportedly given birth to twin girls in eastern, Victorian women photographed breastfeeding their babies, In addition to Ms Mangayamma’s exact age being unclear, there are similar mixed reports about her husband’s age. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. But at the age of 4, the female twin named Barsaat tragically passed away. RELATED: Gold Coast grandmother, 51, gives birth to fifth child, RELATED: Britain’s ‘oldest parents’ have their baby removed by social services. Dr Umashankar said she had had few problems conceiving or delivering despite her age because she had no medical complications such as diabetes and hypertension. The full-time mum turned 22 just two weeks after non-identical twins Georgie and Frankiee arrived just five minutes apart on September 10. Picture: Newslions/MegaSource:Mega. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. Girls in India could customarily be married after reaching puberty. Please SHARE this crazy pregnancy story with your friends on Facebook! PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, LITTLETHINGS - As the pregnancy had advanced past the legal cut-off date for abortions, the girl delivered the baby via cesarean section in early May 2012, a month before term. The oldest confirmed mother was María del Carmen Bousada from Spain, who gave birth to a child when she was 66 using IVF treatment. A mother sitting on a box next to cornstalks, breastfeeding an infant, Illinois, USA, circa 1916. A 10-year-old gave birth naturally to a 6.25 lb (2.83 kg) baby girl in Chicago. Annie's hectic routine is seeing her get through at least 20 nappies a day, and put on at least two loads of washing. She said: 'I have to follow a very structured daily routine otherwise I'd never get anything done. “However, she cannot breastfeed the babies. According to the BBC’s Telugu service, who spoke to the doctor, the woman and her husband, she is 73 years old, but according to reports by the Hindustan Times and Indo-Asian News Service, which also reportedly spoke to both the family and the doctor, the woman is 74. 'We are all up before 5:45am most mornings. Mangayamma married agriculturalist Yerramatti Raja Rao, now 80, on March 22, 1962, but the couple had so far failed in their attempts to have children. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. I do feel blessed that my family feels absolutely complete at such a young age. Cynthia Ann Parker, breastfeeding her daughter Topusana (Parairie Flower), in 1861. The healthy new arrivals, who like their older siblings are non-identical twins, were born just five minutes apart after a very short labour. ‘World’s oldest mum’, aged 74, gives birth to twins. Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? We are no longer accepting comments on this article. 'It's a bit mad, but I wouldn't change it for anything.'. She is thought to have been the youngest mother of twins in U.S. history at the time. "I have to do at least two wash loads every day to keep on top of everything. Annie and fiance Rich Porter, 26, conceived both pairs naturally and cannot understand their fertility, as neither of their families has a history of twins. Our journalists will try to respond by joining the threads when they can to create a true meeting of independent Premium. In early 2003, she aborted her pregnancy at age ​, "El increíble caso de Lina Medina: Madre a los 5 años", "The Story of Lina Medina, the World's Youngest Mother", "Six decades later, world's youngest mother awaits aid", "A Case of Maternity at Seven Years of Age", "Bambina, violentata dallo zio, partorisce a 8 anni", "Nine-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to Healthy Child in China", "Embaraza a su hija de 9 años, El padre abusó sexualmente de la menor, En tres semanas dará a luz", "Afrika'da 9 yaşında bir çocuk anne oldu", "S. African, 9, Gives Birth To Boy By cesarean Section", "Brazilian 9-year-old gives birth to a healthy 7-pounder", "craintes d'exécution imminente / craintes de flagellation Leyla mM", "Iran has the status of being the world's last official executioner of children. The 10-year-old, initials M. L. Ch. Thai law allows for the marriage of minors arranged by their parents. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. L. W. Irwin, her stepfather, charged with contributing to her delinquency, Willie Larue, the 26-year-old son of the girl's foster parents, Evilan Johnson gave birth to a baby weighing 8 lb (3.6 kg) at a hospital in, A girl gave birth naturally to a daughter weighing 8.5 lb (3.9 kg) at a hospital in, A girl gave birth to a daughter weighing 7.3 lb (3.3 kg) at a hospital in, A girl gave birth to a boy weighing 7.8 lb (3.5 kg) at Barber Hospital in, Sarah Moore gave birth prematurely to a girl in, A girl gave birth to a baby boy weighing 6.5 lb (2.9 kg) at a hospital in, A girl gave birth to a boy weighing 7.19 lb (3.26 kg) in, A 50-year-old man who lived in the same apartment building as her foster parents, A girl gave birth to a daughter weighing 5.94 lb (2.69 kg) at a home for unwed mothers in, Felicia Delgado Gomez gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 5.75 lb (2.61 kg) at a hospital in, Her 18-year-old brother, who was arrested, Her older sister's husband, age 28, was charged, A girl gave birth by cesarean section to a boy weighing 7 lb (3.2 kg) at a hospital in, A 16-year-old boy, her foster family's son. 'But he is going to be a brilliant big brother to them all.'. "Then I'm home alone with the girls while Rich is at work. One day in November 2005, she was sick, and stayed at home with her father. Now parents to two twin girls: Erramatti Mangayamma says her babies ‘complete’ her. An 8-year-old-girl gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who was fathered by a 9-year-old. To this day, Omkari says people often mistake her for Akashvani’s grandmother. Annie Gladstone is the youngest mum to have consecutive sets of twins, Delighted: Rich Porter and Annie Gladstone with their four-week-old twins Frankiee and Georgie, Cute: Frankiee (right) and Georgie were both born on September 10, Siblings: Older sister and brother Lillie and Jayden, who are also twins, with newborns Frankiee and Georgie, Revealed: The doting parents were shocked to discover they were having a second set of twins, Hectic: Annie wakes up at 5:45am every day to maintain her rigorous maternal regime, Quartet: Rich and Annie aren't planning to have anymore children, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, US Election results 2020 LIVE: Trump falsely claims he's 'won' based on 'legal votes', The President of the United States has made repeated baseless efforts to undermine the electoral process as it looks increasingly likely he'll be a one-term president, Mum's rant about 'ridiculous' email from school divides fellow parents, A mum has criticised her daughter's school for sending out a 'ridiculous' message to parents saying they were only allowed to email teachers at specific times of the day, Boris Johnson insists 4 week lockdown can stop coronavirus rise - and it's not like last time, The press conference comes as the latest figures show the NHS Test and Trace system has reached the lowest ever proportion of contacts of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in England, Depressed dad admits slitting throats of his two young children during lockdown, Nadarajah Nithiyakumar slaughtered his 19-month-old daughter Pavinya and three-year-old son Nigash at home in Ilford, east London, at the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, NHS boss's dramatic chart showing how 22 hospitals now full of Covid patients, Sir Simon Stevens said the second wave 'is real and it's serious' as he pointed to NHS data showing there are more than 11,000 coronavirus patients in hospitals in England, Donald Trump tries to undermine faith in US democracy with rambling White House statement, The President branded the US election system "corrupt" - and insisted he would "win easily" if only the "legal votes" were counted, Deal or No Deal UK will face ‘significant disruption’ when Brexit transition ends, The National Audit Office has warned there remains 'significant uncertaint” that new systems will be ready despite £1.4bn being spent this year, Office worker 'told off for chatting too long' quits for job where she can talk all day, Have you ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to work in adult social care? Donna Dowman of England, conceived twins at 13 and had Rachel and Rebecca at age 14 in 1997. 'At 8:30am the oldest two are ready with coats, shoes, bags and packed lunches ready to go to nursery. A woman has beat odds of more than 700,000-to-1 to become the youngest mum in Britain to give birth to consecutive sets of twins - by the age of … Mangayamma continues to be monitored in hospital. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. BABY NAME WIZARD. A young girl, born on March 5, 1996, began menstruating at age 8. 'The midwife told us that since I've already done it twice, we've got a 50 per cent chance of having twins again. Portrait of an unidentified woman breastfeeding a baby, circa 1890s. 'It's obviously a record I never set out to achieve. A 10-year-old gave birth by cesarean section to a daughter weighing 5.94 lb (2.69 kg) at a hospital in Chicago. Mangayamma remained in hospital and was monitored for the entire nine months of her pregnancy. All times AEDT (GMT +11). An unidentified woman breastfeeding a baby, USA, circa 1860. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? “I thought about taking help of IVF procedure after a neighbour conceived at the age of 55.”. “However, the mother has been taken to intensive care unit to come out of the stress she had undergone for the last few hours.”, Mangayamma’s IVF clinic is reported to have paid for her treatment because success would mark such a historic achievement.