Bitch I be with shooters Too bright for your light, yea I know why you hate Beat the pussy I'm a brawler I told you i'm with the shits, 30 in my clip Somebody tell Humpty I dump em He transforms the way Cardi B presented this song into straight bars. Freeze ... More Montana of 300 albums Please download one of our supported browsers. I fucked her good and she told all her friends I don't let go like [evolved] Then shoot in they face like a jumper, She want me to call like Barack I'm sharper, god damnit you should really know that I’m strapped like security flash my light like the night-shift Yellow Tape 6. All I know is go get it me and my niggas is shottas Sauce we just drip it, all over the place Balenciaga just got a new pace Chopping shit up like Baraka Like a new wave $avage bitch you know my name It won't be a fake when I pump em I put my niggas on, now my team inside like a pig And for that bread I’ll burn you Montana stay with that toaster Look in the eyes of my enemies let em know ima solider M.O.B the team and you can call a nigga Coach K Then slide on that D like a zone And therefore I'm great Everyone eating, we all got a plate Bitches, we toss em up like a bouquet Don’t judge book by it’s cover you turn that page we will pop up I'm sliding on them pussies except I don't do no foreplay Home. When they see me niggas always got the long face These niggas sweet one shot a leave hole in 'em, funnel cake They're great, fuck you cornflakes Way hotter than summer break make yo bitch do a double take Yellow Tape (Feat. You get bagged, you get tagged, you could pack your stuff A bunch of Gs, on my fuckin' belt, and my luggage too Ready and willing if Walter in it we shootin' like Contra Yellow Tape 6. We on fire, we lit, call us Bic Heard you hard and heart cold okay well bitch ima ice pack M. Montana of 300. And we don’t bluff this ain’t poker we got tear drops in our faces like derrick rose with the fold ups Cut a gun like a barber I got what they want like a safe, my ex on my dick Triple H These labels pimpin' they hoes And hit her with that Thor wave Eatin' good like a fat nigga Two guns on my waist, big clips like Deandre and Blake I am uno, dos, tres See my vision clear like a Blu-ray Need help? Ain't no time to relax niggas When I hit the stage, I be acting up Back to that money, I'm the flyest. OD Quake, Jalyn Sanders, Talley Of 300 & No Fatigue) [Prod. Then I light your top up just like the new Wraith If I see you and I don't speak well that means I don't fuck with you I slid through his home like his base In the valley of the shadow we keep that light upon us But when I was broke man all you niggas was my homies These niggas slaves, these niggas sellin' they souls If you knew what I knew bitch, you rather run Dressed in all black with two straps just like a pair of chrome 8s Montana Of 300 Lyrics "Slaughterhouse" I do this for the ones from the bottom that never had a chance Straight off the porch from the slaughterhouse to the savage land Make niggas lean if they intervene with Montana's plans With this big old strap round my neck I shoot like the camera man Gang banging and holdin' up rakes So much blood on my sword yet there’s love for my lord You don't want no smoke bitch every line is dope its cocaine So if you shoot at me you bet' not miss me like a court date Shoot em up Coach Carter Exterminate I come and spray I terminate ain’t nothing safe I got the thirty so it’s more than twenty cent when I hit his ass with the four nickel You're not a boss, you niggas do as you're told Shoot like David at Goliath got the power to slay the giants From the bottom nigga I done came a long way Squad, The line where it says “say you all ready but you really ain’t” It’s supposed to be “say you war ready but you really ain’t”, Also change “When I kick bo’s” to “When I kick doors”, Play no games with the Joker they’ll see dark nights it’ll be Gotham, Shorty keep that forty buddy lowkey like he fight Thor, Banana clips for all you monkeys curious just like George, I got the heart of a lion but my shit colder than Cobras, And we don’t bluff this ain’t poker we got tear drops in our faces like derrick rose with the fold ups. Yellow Tape (Ft. Jayln Sanders, No Fatigue, OD Quake & Talley of 300) Lyrics (Missing Lyrics) 6. Young Thug & M.I.A. You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud, #Nice #Truth #Right #LoveThis 😇💗😎🥶🌬🌀. Rap God I'm so cold that I could make the devils soul shake Came out on water like a pirate OD Quake, Jalyn Sanders, Talley Of 300 & No Fatigue) [Prod. I stayed in my own lane FGE bitch all these rappers fly just like a soul plane By Tye Productionz] by MONTANA of 300 from desktop or your mobile device Don't come at me wrong, you can get smoked like a bong FGE got more cake It got dropped because none of us told By Tye Productionz]. Start movin' that weight, was gettin' it from outer state I take me and my money and two pistols on a double date Montana Of 300 Lyrics "Ice Cream Truck" [Hook:] Ratchets on deck passing pistols to my mans Three killers with me with ski masks in the van ... Decorate with yellow tape (Go to church) Okay fuck boy you softer than Nerf I'm lurking all through your turf When I clap witchu I leave families blue Hermes belt got it new ways I pop these pussies pill out on these bitches he Cliff Huxtable No new brakes, I'm on the grind and go make home even if I gotta slide nigga Said I don't need a deal I make money moves All type of flavor bitch, all type of taste God strong and I’m conscious keep one eye on the watchers And what's on the heart of all of my niggas Grew up in the 'jects, we use to hoop on them crates Dyeing they hair, these niggas looking like trolls I’m a gorilla fearin' no nigga, I’m a go getter with a pole with ‘em FGE we eating Get your own plate Bitch I be with shooters And therefore I'm great I perform great, got all these women on me But I'm Donatello with that stick I perform great, got all these women on me He ran like a race Your bitch wanna fuck me on tour But everyone wanna be sire, till they feel the fire