Tuning of the car has been significantly changed as well. With the original tracks in the game, a new option in the game has been made: Short Courses. CAT challenge: A drift challenge, in which the player has to score a significant number of points on each turn, and the player will automatically lose if bumping walls or failing to score the ordered number of points. PlayStation 2 Tokyo Xtreme Racer: DRIFT 2. As Slashers are beaten and new locations are unlocked, new cars, sponsors and car parts are unlocked. Several sponsors and many high-stakes drivers are on short courses, and several drivers from the original Tokyo Extreme Racer are featured in short courses. Racing battles, drifting challenges and even free ride! WEBGL Play with other people. DRIVING He show no interest in the up-and-coming talents of the racing world, focusing solely on improving himself and his car, his black-red Lancer Evolution III GSR. 19% . City Rider. Thirteen Devils is a racing team from Tokyo that has arrived on highways of Japan to conquer all the major courses. Cars 3D. Since then, there's been something truly frightening in Imaizumi's racing. Car Challenger. As with the original, the goal is to defeat all Slashers (bosses of roads) to win the game. Try to score the most points for drifting. Extreme Off-Road Cars 2. UNITY 3D Furious Drift. Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake. Maximum Acceleration. Car Parking: Real 3D Simulator. Players: 1 : Year: 2007: File size: 2.68 GB: Publisher: SLUS-21394 Extreme Drift 2 is a fast paced racing game to test your skills in drifting. With 4 different modes (Drift, Race, Freestyle, Multiplayer), Realistic physics, simulating every aspect of car behavior, Drive 30 powerful and exciting, highly detailed drift cars, Customize your cars with exclusive paint jobs and rims. Customize your car setting the color you want and start speeding on a track trying to drift as much as you can to earn points. Win the race! In racing mode you have to compete against 3 other drivers and reach the first spot. Several new body changes were made, with the ability to add mudflaps, rally bonnets and spoilers, as well as carbon trunks and hoods. -Masaya Tendō, aka Metal Wizard (Alchemist in EU & US version) : He used to be fairly well known on the highway course at Omote Rokko, but he never really stood out. Anyone can be a legend in the game Xtreme Drift 2 Online. The health bar can drastically be drained if the two cars collide with each other or they bump into walls. He changed his machine from a Galant VR-4 to a Lancer Evolution IV and made a fresh start. Available cars become more and more powerful from the basic K-car, minitruck, 1600cc compact to the 3000cc sports car. HTML5. Category race: The object of the race is to score a number of points given through drifting so the player can win the money (which increases if the player has sponsor stickers on the car). SP challenge: Standard race between two rivals, but it features a health bar which drains power out of the losing one's car if he is behind, and the further the winner is from the loser, the faster the bar will drain, and as such, the race can be won also by getting fast out of range of the opponent, not just crossing the finish line first. Each destination has unique events, and have much bigger cash prizes and also unlock special medals. Super Speed Racer. They range from K-cars and small pick-up trucks to hatchbacks and 4-door sedans to more powerful vehicles. The player, during the game, will have an opportunity to race drivers from both groups, and they are regularly mentioned during the game via messaging. -Shū Asuka, aka Final Leg (Last Leg in EU & US version) : Asuka is into rally racing, and he's traded in his old Lancer Evolution VIII for the more advanced Lancer Evolution VIII MR. Play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. Anyone can be a legend in the game Xtreme Drift 2 Online. Enjoy Extreme Drifting 2! Super Drift 3D 2. Category races have been changed as well, with three types of them: Standard Races, Gymkhana and Advanced Races. Create a Ride 2. MULTIPLAYER And so began the pursuit of the new Haruna Guardians... -Eiji Kurihara, aka Lonely Wanderer (Eternal Wanderer in EU & US version) : It was a long time ago, but the name "Kurihara" used to strike fear into the hearts of racers in Haruna. Try to finish your laps as fast as possible to earn some extra money and buy a new, better car. with different colors. In the original release, it's possible to "recreate" Slashers' cars. As with the original game, performance can be tuned up, although now there is a different mod of engine tuning in which you pick parts from different manufactures to help tune the car to the maximum amount of power. 1st Stage : For instance, a road only has one Slasher now, and number of Tricky drivers (more powerful drivers serving as prelude to a Slasher) have been added. They are looking for a new blood, for someone who would bring a new style and trends to the game! His racing is tighter than ever. This race doesn't feature a meter, but the race can be won if one rival gets too far ahead (usually 104.3 feet ahead). Car Simulator 3D. The player can buy a used or new stock car, tune it with aero and engine parts, get sponsorships and challenge other racers in nocturnal illegal gambling touge racing or perform downhill / uphill time attack in daytime.