So, you must be comfy enough while waiting for your game. These will also allow you to climb to your desired height swiftly and securely. So, they’re a fairly reasonable buy in this respect. It’s a bit heavy but it won’t damage trees and is non-slip so you can rest assured that you shouldn’t fall. You would never hear a creak once you install it. Yet, the more expensive a treestand is, the more features you’ll get. When buying a climbing stick there are several things that you need to consider. Our best value climbing stick is the Guide Gear 20’. You will have a 32 inches stick and the step distance is ideally 15 inches. The platform consists of custom-engineered expanding foam that will reduce any unnecessary noise when hunting. As the name suggests, the X-Stand Deluxe Aluminum Climbing Tree Stand features an aluminum frame. This is particularly true for bowhunters, who need to be close to the prey to take a shot. This means you can conduct your hunting operations stealthy. Big fan of my XOP climber. If the area or location does not have trees, your tree stand will obviously be useless. Once this stage is complete you can fasten each of the straps as you climb. The five sections are easy to store and carry whilst the steps are angled for your safety. However, a three or four-point harness (FAS) is preferable. Required fields are marked *, 15.5lbs. It’s our Editor’s Pick for a reason! This climbing stick has a lot of plusses. Imagine the frustration of missing out on a deer because your treestand creaks, and you can’t even get your rifle ready for the shot. The compact design of the climbing stick is also an added bonus of this one. We are a bunch of bowhunters, treestand shooters, photographers, foresters, golfers, and above all - we are outdoor enthusiasts. We just had to wrap the length of rope around the tree, then singe it before pulling down the stick to secure it and then lastly, tying a firm knot. You need to be careful that the steps don’t end up greasy though. I had to go over and ask to have a go. All of our recommended models are popular choices as you can see by their pros and their ratings. The cable retention system is quiet, locks in place, and is super-fast. Thus, you will never get tired regardless of how much time you spend in the forest. We said it’s our ideal for money choice and that’s because it came in at under $50 at the time that we did our research, which was the second cheapest of all the climbing sticks we tried out. They taught us tons about the sticks and with that added knowledge we then proceeded to write full reviews on the final models. You can also double stack the sticks using a set of stick quivers. Climbing sticks. They’re lightweight and pretty effortless for carrying on your way through the hunting ground. It gets the job done and holds up well. Our Editor’s Choice is just that – the best climbing sticks out there today in our opinion. The extra backpack straps also let you haul your climber easily when moving from one hunting site to another. This allows hunters to carry their climbers on their back, just like a backpack. The steps are also foldable and nestle together. The sticks are fixed with five looped-button straps. The maximum diameter of the tree that it can work with is 20 inches. We love hunting big games and taking part in different shooting sports. XOP comes standard with a more comfortable seat. Bigger steps will make this easier and will minimize the risks of falling. (frame only), 18.5lbs. The climber boasts a TMA-approved six-point fall arrest system (FAS). While not a make or break feature, whether or not your climber is well-camouflaged can determine if you strike down prey or not. Lone Wolf Treestands will not be held liable for any damages incurred by those choosing to purchase or use the rejected product being sold by XOP, Inc. as Lone Wolf product. They are designed to be compatible with the fixed-position tree stands from the Muddy Pro company too. Moreover, the cable attachment system is super-fast and quiet. Soon, I was doing a lot of research on the internet about these fab things but to be honest I did not know what I was looking at. This solid structure is what makes the 25lbs climber able to withstand 350 pounds of weight. The cables also have a rubber coating that helps to slow down the wear and tear that results from regular use. You can apply some DIY tactics for making your sticks more flexible and adjustable. These cables also keep your treestand in place so that you don’t have to worry when handling loaded weapons. If you intend to use a rifle for hunting, camouflage is probably not necessary for your stand. They have in-depth standoff brackets, giving you more space between our boots and the tree, as well as fast-strap heat-treated steel buttons. Ans: Check out our top models including Lone Wolf 4 - Pc., Hawk Helium, and Muddy Pro Sticks. Climbing Stick, Good Value for Money: Guide Gear 20' Climbing Sticks, Best Hang-on Treestand Model: Millennium TreeStands M210, Best Aluminum Model: Hawk Helium Climbing Stick, Summit Treestands Swiftree Double Step - 22 Ft, MCS3000-3A-Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks, Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System CS050, Hurricane Safety Systems 20' Gravity Forward Climbing Stick, Hawk Treestands Ranger Traction 3pk Climbing Sticks, EBBQ Leverage 5251 Aluminum Sections Climbing Sticks, Rivers Edge Grip Stick 32-Inch Climbing Aid, Summit Treestands The Vine Climbing Stick, Muddy Quick Stick XL Climbing System, Black. … It’s important to think of all of these things to make sure that your choice of the climbing stick is fit for your needs. Construction Material: aluminum cast construction. Being lightweight means you can easily carry the stand to any hunting ground. This is because a Fall Arrest System distributes weight around your arms and legs. I'd say after using both, there's not much of a difference imho. Without poking holes in trees, climbing sticks make a good choice for the environment and don’t damage trees. This means your stand is durable and robust. It fits a large selection of trees measuring between 4- and 22-inches diameter. I have a few stands and sticks from the old company when Andre ran it. Cody De Aquisto, Andres son, I believe is running XOP, with the help of his dad. At just 17.5lbs, anyone can carry it around, even if other hunting gear is weighing them down. It was a popular choice for others too though a little on the expensive side. Also, the backpack straps make the hauling of the unit a little easier. It also creates more movement and a safer, secure feel, resulting in a more relaxed hunt. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay update! Extra features of the tree stand include a seat bar pad that helps make that all-day sit a cinch, padded backpack straps for increased comfort, and a footrest to give you a better posture and support. These are also easy to set up and they have excellent gripping power. You should find something that matches your style and needs, and hopefully, you've got that from our list. When it was cold, the steps felt a bit sharp as we were trying to set it up, but we could overlook this due to all of its pluses. It’s up at the top for reasons. XOP is foreign made, where LW is made in the USA. {"@context":"http:\/\/\/","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Erik Himmel"},"@type":"Product","name":"Best Climbing Sticks : Unparalleled in Performance! The products in question can be identified by their gray stand straps and black stand tubing. These are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to weight and strength. This humble hunter began his hunting journey …, Best Climbing Sticks Comparison Chart (Updated 2020), Tree Climbing Sticks – Comprehensive Buying Guide, Tips to Use Climbing Sticks More Efficiently, Editor's Choice: Lone Wolf 4 - Pc. The higher 350 pounds weight capacity, along with the fall arrest system (FAS), are two of its best features. XOP stand accessories are designed to enhance the capability of your mobile setup with options ranging from footrests, and stick brackets to like our Offset quick connect hanging system. Big Game has been able to ensure both with their Quick-Stick CS050 model and we are totally impressed by its overall solidness and simple set up. The amount of space a climbing stand provides is also essential because you need some foot resting space to stretch. Based on these criteria, we were able to champion 10 from the rest. The hooks to attach it to the tree are silent to use with trigger teeth on the hooks. Also, the 180 Max SD climbing treestand has stirrups, which ensure your boots remain attached to the platform. So, choosing a stick with big steps is important. Aluminum makes it quieter and cooler to carry as well. Next up is the XOP-XTREME Bottomland Mossy Oak climbing sticks. The best thing about this is its price - it’s so reasonable! Additionally, the cable system comprises nylon washers to ensure quiet, stealthy hunting. With flexibility comes quietness, which is ideal for bird hunting. A group of community-based volunteers accompanied us and we thank them for their help. It features straps to fasten your seat to the platform for increased sturdiness. We call it ideal. Once you spot your prey, you will want enough room in the stand to can get ready for the shot. Since its inception, we've earned trust from our audience with our authentic reviews and how-to blogs on a wide range of hunting gear, firearms, ammunition, archers and related accessories.