Moderator: Moderators for English X Forum, Post You don't. That is entirely RNG based. If you see thhe option in the behaviouir settings you can do it. by KextV8 » Sun, 16. A window opens, look at stats. Every ship has a limited capacity to host crew. Manage an empire or EXPLORE space in first person. Dec 7, 2018 @ 2:29am Move captain to another ship.. The skill of Service Crew will also improve the rate of ship actions and the quality of steering, aiming, trading and fighting (Everything gets better with a good crew!) All NPCs improve through their MORALE however. The only way I know of how to get a captain is when I buy a new ship, but I have no idea how to get a captain for myt existinbg starter ship? I have a trading vessel, a Mercury vanguard and I can't auto trade with it because the captain is only 2 stars. He is looking for somewhere to sell his Ores. When buying your ship manually make sure you select captain. There's nowhere in the UI I can find to change the captain, or reassign a captain, or promote someone to captain. © Valve Corporation. Dec 18, 17:35, Post X4: FOUNDATIONS, the long awaited sequel in the long running X series brings our most sophisticated universe SIMULATION ever. I know X:Rebirth used the same system, but I cannot quite remember if it was this slow. Easy way: buy the cheapest ship with Highest Preset. It's bugged. You need a captain on your ship to automine. After days of trading i'd expect some increase in skills. There is no Mining Software to buy its included in the ship. There is a thread for this issue in egoforums. So they gather more ores in a single run. It contains information on game mechanics to suppliment the in-game Tutorials (accesible via the H key). Cookies help us deliver our Services. That seems like it needs a bit of tweeking. Before they needed 500 actions per level (15 levels in total) while now it is just 5. Dec 18, 18:15, Post Bottom line, AI pilots gain experience by "doing". I feel my level 2 Miner is mining for years now and nothing changes. Meaning they will give you more money when the Captain turns in his haul. Large miner have the positive benifit that they are much more powerful than mediums and will survive pirate attacks a lot better. Choose AutoMine. Do you need crew? i feel like cheating every time i buy a ship but well, skills doesnt seem to add more than enabling auto actions so... other than that ive never noticed that any of my pilots/captains/managers would have ever gained skill, marines do with boarding and engineers definitely do by repairing, ↳   X4: Foundations - Scripts and Modding, ↳   X³: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Technical Support, ↳   X³: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Scripts and Modding, ↳   X³: Reunion, X²: The Threat, X-T and X-BTF - Technical Support, ↳   X4: Foundations - Technische Unterstützung, ↳   X4: Foundations - Scripts und Modding, ↳   X³: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Technische Unterstützung, ↳   X³: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Scripts und Modding, ↳   X³: Reunion, X²: Die Bedrohung, X-T und X-BTF - Technische Unterstützung, ↳   X²: Die Bedrohung - Scripts und Modding, ↳   Script et Modding pour X4: Foundations, ↳   Script e Modding per la Trilogia di X, ↳   Supporto Tecnico per la Trilogia di X, ↳   X4: Foundations - Public Beta Feedback.