Health problems galore. Principles used as a weapon. That's about what I've heard talking to other ppl that have worked at Amazon. Every team hires for themselves in practice, which leads to incredibly inconsistent standards and necessitates actual interview loops for internal transfers (because you have no idea if the other team's bar is as high as your own). I no longer work at amazon, and have mixed feelings about it. this means that we're solving problems that arent solvable by any depth of a google search. "exceeds" ratings) performance reviews only to get completely shafted on compensation adjustments because the stock had such a banner year that you're well above your compensation target even with the rating. Not to mention that he was easily one of our best and most productive, but I guess engineers should be committing all their changes in chunks of one line commits as to not be a "low committer." there are of course people who get shitty managers but thats true of every company. Amazon doesn’t care about what is going on outside of Amazon, and they are so inwardly focused, they don’t even know that they are getting passed by open source technologies. It is fairly accurate. It didn't seem like the folks writing were CS types, so that might be part of the different. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. Don’t say you didn’t. God forbid your manager quits or gets reassigned just before this meeting then you have literally no one arguing for you in the meeting and that entire team unless they are rockstars will get put in the bottom 10%. A subreddit for those with questions about working in the tech industry or in a computer-science-related job. This makes me not only change my mind about pursuing Amazon as a future employer (undergrad student here), but it paints them as a the wal-mart of online retailers. Ops. If Amazon’s hiring practices were so good, why would they need to control people with nutty cult like principles? Amazon may be considered the most drug friendly software company I know of,but I considered that a bad thing as my experience there was full of people who had abuse issues. I am hearing lot of things about grueling work culture at Amazon. This is a review of my work at Amazon: I worked there for about 3 years as an SDE and I had 9 managers (!) Yes, there is backstabbing, and if you are in the bottom 10% you will be termed “LE” and given a PIP which you aren’t meant to succeed at. Negotiate a great comp deal. Fine. once you own a project youll be able to work on improvements, whether that be what you think needs to be improved about it or bug fixes and features that coworkers bring to your attention. You're right about how important the manager is. This is not amazon specific. You would have been bored, and not cared for. More Ops. Every time someone got one, we'd all wind up seeing it and they were ridiculous. Needless to say, I rejected their offer. You just sold your soul to the devil. I'm sure there are some good departments in there with normal work-life balances, but there weren't any in our particular office. You will likely be spending your days keeping the lights on. Refer to point 2 (misuse of the principles). OR is it just problem solving with what you have been working with? If you are given this negative review you can receive a raise for the entire year, you can transfer to another team until you get a positive review the next year, you cant even consider getting promoted for another year, you basically just have to waste your time for the next year. Quite often, they are political and depend on the project you get put on as well as the people you know. Press J to jump to the feed. many people arent working in this industry because they find that interesting, theyre working in the industry because they want to work a job that pays well, they dont hate and just want to be given tasks to complete. This is what leads to ops and not being able to work on anything cool (refer to points 5 and 6). Be aggressive and ask for what you want. That will almost never improve because Amazon's culture makes it very difficult to pay down technical debt and handle an out-of-control operations burden without a heroic (and probably senseless, because there are no real rewards for it) effort. Why? I am a software engineer with 5 years of working experience. amazon (aws and retail) has an incredible amount of autonomy, from the day you start. Even if you have the best team in the entire company you have to give 10% of them a negative review and tell them to improve. Once a team falls behind the curve, they're usually doomed until they throw enough bodies at it or scrap it and start over.