Moore said he believes the deaths were caused by negligence and indifference on the part of the state. Cause of death: Undetermined. “The MDOC has no additional information regarding Commissioner Hall’s request to the FBI in 2018 in investigating inmate deaths,” wrote MDOC spokesperson Grace Fisher in an email in response to questions about the case. And unanswered questions have surfaced about the way he died. She covered criminal justice issues across the state from June 2018 until May 2020. Still, one fact eluded them. He said he and his family want to “rattle” the cage of a sprawling and seemingly indifferent prison system. She visits often, as does Nicole’s now-teenage son. 10 jersey hung in the dugout at Citizens Bank Park. Those marks form the basis of the scenario the Hollingheads have constructed and revisited over and over in the last year. They already knew what was printed on the form: Name: Willie L Hollinghead Date of Death: 08/03/2018 Age at last birthday: 36 Facility name: South Mississippi Correctional Institution. The scrutinized baseball deaths have occurred within the highest-risk age range of 45 to 70, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Most of the time, upon rigorous examination, no cause can be identified and the cases are considered random. Look for the "Republish This Story" button underneath each story. Of those reported causes, over 50% list cholera or diarrhea as cause of death (see Rushton 26). Green, its medical director, available for an interview. This summer, several of Willie’s relatives gathered to comb through the box of Willie’s belongings Michele Nix Hollinghead had picked up from the prison agency. Other former Phillies who also reportedly died of glioblastoma since 2003 were reliever Tug McGraw at age 59, infielder John Vukovich at 59 and catcher Johnny Oates at 58. They do not give parents' names AGE ~ 0 = under 1 year The ISBN number for the book is 0-309-056454-4; National Academy Press, 516 pages, 1999. “It raises your eyebrows, no question. No.”, There is simply not enough data “by a long shot,” Dr. Friedman said, to make any observation other than that “there is seemingly a large number of brain tumors in patients who have played professional baseball. But nobody knows anything. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. It is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by The Fair Credit Reporting Act and should not be used to determine an individual's eligibility for personal credit or employment, or to assess risk associated with any business transactions such as tenant screening. Still, Daulton’s death from glioblastoma has renewed speculation about the possibility of baseball-related causes like concussions, chewing tobacco and pesticides. “But,” he added, “can I tell you definitively that there is a relationship, that there is something about baseball and the formation in their players of brain tumors? Or trying.”. Researchers who have examined the baseball cases for years say there is insufficient evidence to determine whether they represent anything more than coincidence. This article first appeared on Mississippi Today and is republished here under a Creative Commons license. The cause of the death of Chokoleit is pulmonary edema, a serious lung condition. “There may be more problems like it.”. It’s a document that states the name, date of birth, date of death, and the cause and location of a person’s death, and there are many reasons you might find you need a copy at some point in your life. Before a moment of silence, the public address announcer told the crowd that Daulton, a three-time All-Star catcher, had “battled valiantly against the illness that took him far too young” at age 55. Beyond that, nobody really knows if there is a connection. Now, one year after that promise of federal involvement and transparency, there are no further explanations on the causes of the deaths, and families and advocates continue to demand answers. Any web site our stories appear on must include a contact for your organization. But he did not name the drugs. Daulton and several prominent contemporaries in baseball — including at least three other Phillies who played at Veterans Stadium, the team’s home from 1971 to 2003 — have died of glioblastoma, according to news media accounts. If you share our stories on social media, please tag us in your posts using. Mickey Morandini, a Phillies coach, sitting in the dugout Thursday near a jersey honoring Darren Daulton, who died of brain cancer on Aug. 6. He said further investigation into these issues might shed light on the death of his daughter. Possible cancer clusters are notoriously hard to prove. His second wife, Nan, and he have two children, Maxwell and Grace. ... Willie Beir: Gender: Female: Description: Willie Beir was the wife of actor Max Gail. “Procedurally, the MDOC refers homicide cases to the respective district attorney’s offices and leaves any discussions about defendants, charges or related matters to those prosecutors,” wrote Fisher, spokesperson for MDOC. In particular, they wonder if there is any association with Veterans Stadium, which was built on marshland and was demolished in 2004. Max Gail was born on April 5, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Maxwell Trowbridge Gail. …”, In response to an interview request, FBI public affairs specialist Brett Carr replied last month via email: “As we stated in August of 2018, we received a request for assistance from Commissioner Hall. The report confirms that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. and that it is a serious public health problem. The brain cancers of Daulton, McGraw, Vukovich and Oates appeared to represent an occurrence that was about three times the rate of the general male population, the analysis concluded. MDOC maintained that many of the deaths were from illnesses and “natural” causes, and that the number of deaths was “not out of line” with prior months. By the end of 2018, 77 people had died in MDOC custody that year, mostly from natural causes, the agency reported. “This administration is committed to ensuring that all individuals in the care of the Mississippi Department of Corrections receive appropriate medical care. Gail's first wife, Willie Bier, died of cancer in 1986 after three years of marriage. An estimated 12,390 new cases of the cancer were expected this year, according to the American Brain Tumor Association. Phillies catcher Johnny Oates making a tag in 1976. You are currently not logged in as a member of MyHeritage. Prior to joining the Mississippi Today team, her work appeared in the New Haven Independent. “Corrections takes a lot of criticism, and I get that,” Kinkade said. The death certificate issued to a deceased person’s family in Georgia is an official record of their death. He also said that they should create an extensive registry of players and their causes of death. “These aren’t prominent, powerful families that can keep these issues in front of people and get answers out of a government agency.”. B. 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It’s sort of scary.”, Larry Andersen, who pitched for Philadelphia in the 1983 and 1993 World Series and is now a radio commentator for the team, said: “You can’t help but think about it. And there has been no authoritative connection, for instance, between muscle-building anabolic steroids and brain cancer. Here, Medders has decorated Nicole’s grave with brightly painted rocks and planted a rosebush opposite the tombstone. Through a video, doctor Willie Ong explained the nature and symptoms of this disease. Researchers also note that while the players’ cancers have been identified as glioblastomas in news media accounts, all may not, in fact, have been identical tumors. Many other variables make it difficult to make a connection between baseball and brain cancer. I recommend that you contact the state in regards to any findings regarding the investigation.”, Cliff Johnson of the MacArthur Justice Center in Mississippi, which has litigated prison conditions before, said, “I think a big part of the story is that when people die in jail, we don’t know any more a year later than we did when those people died.”, Johnson said that too often the government and the public’s shared attitude is dismissive: “Who really cares? But no definitive link has been made between these things and brain cancer, scientists said. For Willie’s siblings, the death of their youngest brother feels like a moment of personal failure, they said. by Michelle Liu, Mississippi Today December 4, 2019. He was previously married to One of Moore’s clients, Kent Rathmann, whose daughter Nicole died after she was taken from Central Mississippi Correctional Facility to a hospital Aug. 23, 2018, said he and the rest of Nicole’s family will pursue litigation “to expose what really happened so it doesn’t happen to somebody else again, so somebody else’s family doesn’t go through this.”.