Seppala had no choice but to put him in a harness to control him, and was surprised that Togo instantly settled down. Since Seppala didn't pay much of any attention to the small pup, his wife cared for Togo by applying hot rags to his neck to soothe him. In the winter of 1925, Nome had a supply of antitoxin, the serum then used to treat diphtheria, but it had all expired. And in some spots there were open bodies of water in front of them, which Togo avoided. Different organizations and institutions quote varying numbers as to … Togo was born in Little Creek, AK sometime in October of 1913. Seppala chose twenty of his best dogs (Togo as his lead) and set forth to Nulato. However, he was a bit difficult to work with around curves and banks, as he would try to cross them instead of going around. He broke through a window and ran back to Seppala’s sledding kennels, a scene that occurs early in the movie. Seppala did visit Togo a couple of times and was by his side when he was euthanized. Their journey included some very treacherous terrains, breaking and constantly moving seawater ice that would swallow any human or dog in seconds, icy cold blizzards, and whatnot. His body was then mounted and put up for display at the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven, Connecticut. Did the serum run to Nome need a reboot? Togo refused to be parted from Seppala and his teams and later escaped his adoptee's home by jumping through a window. Your email address will not be published. Here is a photo of the real TogoBy Stefannaumovv – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Blog Post Featured Image by 272447 from Pixabay. The next day a seven-year old girl died. Soon after Nome was saved, Kaasen and his dog team were sent to the lower 48 … Leonhard Seppala – Born in Norway in 1877, he came to Nome in 1900 (on a ship called the. This damage lead to having his tail and ears replaced. An epidemic was bound to happen if the vaccines did not arrive on time. On one occasion, Togo had run up onto an oncoming team of Malamutes, which lead to him being mauled. Nome’s medical team put out a call for help—and found that the nearest supply of serum was in a storehouse outside Anchorage. Still, Togo was arguably the team’s most impressive canine in sheer distance—he ran more than 350 miles total, more than any dog in the pack—as well as heroics. With the storm, he would have to be cautious. Togo was dark brown with cream, black and grey markings. One team would start at Nome (the diseased town) and the other would start at Nenana and two would meet at Nulato. In 1925, diphtheria swept through the small Alaskan town of Nome. Having no way to escape, Seppala bedded down with his dogs to conserve energy and hoped that the direction of the wind would change. Seppala was happy, as now Togo would now recieve the credit that he deserves once and for all. It was from Universal, not Disney. ( Photo: Courtesy Disney) Seppala's part of the relay was over. Dr. Welch began to get concerned about the possibility of diphtheria. Togo outran Balto by more than 200 miles and so rightfully deserves a place in history. One day when Togo was eight months old, he caused a lot of trouble to Leonhard by provoking and distracting the other dogs in Leonhard’s sled team. Many people are also underestimated, derided, ridiculed, and considered useless or failure but as soon as they start doing what they are meant to do, they achieve great success and glory. Seppala then decided to give Togo to a friend that wanted a dog to keep as a house pet when she returned to the United States. This very thing happened to Seppala and Togo before. Togo was one of the offspring of former lead dog Suggen. Walt Disney Productions has made a wonderful movie on Togo in … His skeleton is stored at Yale University's Peabody Museum of Natural History in Connecticut. Later, Balto suddenly stopped and refused to budge—his front paws had broken through the ice of the Topkok River! He kept his head low and kept a strait course. Had Togo not delivered the serum, Balto would not have become a legendary dog either. What’s the Cleveland Connection to Balto? However, one day, he attacked a much stockier malamute leader and was mauled and severely injured. The mounted skin was put on display at the Shelbourne Museum in Vermont. One person has joined my project! Togo was a dog who had a strong sense of direction, and had a mind of his own. Seppala described him as a dog who was a trial to his driver. A new Disney movie starring Willem Dafoe promises to chart the life of a historically overlooked pup who made the lifesaving delivery of medicine possible. Walt Disney Productions has made a wonderful movie on Togo in which Willen Defoe plays the role of Leonhard Seppala. Outside does not accept money for editorial gear reviews. [citation needed], The return trip crossed the exposed open ice of the Norton Sound. Seppala was a Norwegian breeder and racer of Siberian huskies from the Chukchi Inuit stock of Siberia. He was stuffed and was put on display at Yale University. Kimble placed an ad in the Cleveland, It is an honor to tell the story of Cleveland’s connection to this piece of U.S. history, and an ongoing task to seek out more details of the adventure. Leonhard knew of a shortcut across Norton Sound that would save one day of travel but this shortcut was extremely dangerous and only a seasoned musher with a sled team leader like Togo could navigate this shortcut. Enter your email address to subscribe to Cleveland Museum of Natural History's weekly eNews. Your email address will not be published. He nearly made it, but caught one of his hind legs in the wire mesh and was dangling. After traveling 84 miles (134 km) in one day, the team slept for six hours before continuing at 2 AM. Out on the trail, near Isaac's point, they came upon another driver who attempted to call out to him, but the a mixture of Seppala's parka hood and the wind, he only made out the words "serum-turn back". With the instructions to be ready, Seppala returned to Little Creek where he stood by waited for updates to come forth. Togo continued to make Seppala's work difficult, trying to play with the work dogs and leading them in "charges against reindeer", pulling them off the trail. Just short of the shore, Togo suddenly stopped and reared up into the air, then falling back into his teammates. He became one of Seppala's most treasured dogs, a close and mutually beneficial relationship that would continue to the end of Togo's life. Balto was named after Samuel J. Balto, who, along with Fridtjof Nansen, first crossed the Greenland Ice Cap in 1888. In the morning, they would have to travel the last fifty miles to Golovin. The first video is a prime example of how violent the Sound can become! It is my honor to track down these kinds of stories and add them to our collection of wonderful ways that a small black-and-white husky not only helped to save the lives of an entire town, but continues to inspire the hearts and minds of dog lovers everywhere who hear his story. During his … Leonhard had no use for such a would-be delinquent dog and so he gave away Togo when the puppy was only six months old. :BaltoParty. Being the smart dog that he was, Togo plunged into the frigid water and retrieved the line. His mounted skin can be seen in a glass case at Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Headquarters museum in Wasilla, Alaska. He looked back over his shoulder and saw that the musher was waving his arms for him to stop. Togo indeed saved many human lives and a possible epidemic. We came to Togo skeptical, but now we’re sold: the original Balto film left out the journey’s most interesting character. 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