", ...she then walks into a door, for some final comedy and serious, The ending of the episode "Just Say Yo": Will confesses to Uncle Phil that the amphetamines Carlton took were his. But who is he? Carlton losing his virginity in "It's Better to Have Loved and Lost It..." — First, he's made fun of by Will and their friends for being the only one among them to not have had sex, and is further ridiculed when he explains he's waiting for the right person. It’s fair to say that we weren’t the biggest fans of Paula Hoover because nobody messes with our Ashley Banks and gets away with it. Additionally, the character Nicky Banks was added to the cast toward the end of the season as Phillip and Vivian's newborn son, due to Hubert-Whitten's pregnancy. and paved the way for numerous roles in the world of Hollywood. In "The Alma Matter" Will and Carlton are both interviewed by a Princeton official scouting for interested applicants, and so naturally Carlton has prepared for his make-or-break case for acceptance. He gets very furious with Jazz for not telling him about the tickets because friends don't keep things like that from each other. Hilary realizes she hasn't gotten over Trevor, but eventually moves on as the series continues. After playing Aunt Viv, she continued to work here and there but mostly in smaller roles. Whatever the truth is, I, for one, will continue to adore the original Vivian Banks forever. Follow us today on Facebook and Twitter for more amazing listicles! However, Toni is on another level and is often described as the “dumb blonde” of the show. Regardless, we may never get to the absolute truth of what exactly happened on the Fresh Prince set to have provoked such a strong reactions from Hubert and the rest of the cast. Will Will follow through on the devious plan, or will he come clean and tell the truth? Charlayne Woodard’s recurring role on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air proved to be a huge turning point in her acting career, and she was soon being offered roles here, there and everywhere. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1990 12 6 Seasons US TV Shows The affluent Banks family finds their lives turned upside down when street-smart Will, a Philadelphia relative, moves into their Bel-Air mansion. None of that worked. After his death, the whole cast got together to grieve over the loss of the man they loved like family. Geoffrey can't handle a car, while Ashley, although 13, knows how to drive. What was so special about it was how they took real-life rapper Will Smith and made him the star of his own show – but the cast of pro actors surrounding him didn’t hurt any! The pair won a Grammy for Best Rap Performance in 1989 for their hit song “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”. After getting fired from the highly successful show, the actress held a grudge. And it … A high-powered judge, he is known for getting easily annoyed by all the children in the house, and Vivian is the only one who knows how to calm him down.