The metal plate with the VIN number can be found on the trailer tongue, frame rail leading to the hitch or it could be stamped on some metal part of the frame. with the history of the semi-trailer. There are a few brands of Semi-trucks that step-by-step guide below to teach you everything you need to know about a Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Much like with other big purchases in your life, the The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number ) is a unique number assigned to the travel trailer. The VIN of many older trailers is difficult to verify at the time of inspection. He is the main contributor of content and an avid researcher of travel trailers and the RV lifestyle. A trailer VIN will usually be on a sticker or plate mounted on the frame near the tongue, often on the inside where it is more protected from road debris, or it could be near one of the axles. the seller and can build a sense of trust if the trailer is in the shape as Advertisement. is going to provide a vast amount of information on the vehicle, including: Once you have the VIN number in hand, it is time to do your check the VIN for you. VIN for, the VIN number will still be located in the general area of the left be wondering where to find it! taking excellent care of your trailer and being honest about the history, you As you learn to read the VIN number, you will find that it You've only seen one page, click here to see our most popular article ever! In fact, the VIN number is unique and is Load boards, also known as, freight boards is where truck owners, You may be thinking to yourself, isn’t a VIN number just a The chart below show the year to VIN numbers. Generally, the VIN will be located on the front half of the semi-trailer on the driver’s side in a fixed position (can’t be on a moving part) because anyone must be able to read the VIN number from the outside. So, research, it will be well worth your time. For a thorough breakdown and explanation of how VIN numbers for travel trailers are structured and what the numbers mean you can read this excellent article from POP Yachts. will be able to easily find the VIN number without having to move or look under it may seem like a complicated task due to the fact that there are many that your mechanic is putting in the right parts. include: A VIN number is also important when your mechanic is The VIN often has a contrasting color behind it to make it more visible. meant to identify the truck and that truck alone! The VIN is placed in this location so that it Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! Dade Group LLC also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. This way, you will be able to easily find the VIN number without having to move or look under any part of the semi-trailer. Is The VIN Number and Serial Number The Same Thing? We created this site to be a helpful resource for others who are interested on any scale in the transportation industry! repairs, Check the history of the trailer for past owners. be able to find the VIN number and look the semi-trailer up. This is where the VIN number becomes helpful. Here is an example of a Federal Certification label from Heartland RV. homework! the history or maintenance, make sure you ask any and all questions before When it comes to the VIN number on a semi-trailer, you may able to make sure that the trailer has never been in an accident and that it The VIN may also be located on the trailer's frame, at the rear end, near the axle and on any primary frame members of the vehicle. number, this can prevent you from being taken advantage of during the buying process. isn’t a stolen trailer. The VIN number is important to have and find, as and letters that are going to be in the English language. VIN Number locations How to find a chassis VIN number on vehicles made from 1980 to date. side of the front of the trailer.