), Anyway, SPOILER ALERT: Turns out, April is not dead. If you saw the Grey's Anatomy preview for next week's episode, entitled "Cold As Ice," we bet you're still in shock. They didn't see her on the scene, but Owen has a sneaking suspicion they might've overlooked something, since she called it in and all, and gets them to transport him to the site of the accident. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! One of them is that writers have a really hard time creatively, thinking up new stories for all these characters. They're both heavily involved in missionary work and doctors-without-borders-type stuff, so maybe they'll head off and do that. Rhimes said: Grey's Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff said, "It has been a joy and a privilege to work with these phenomenally talented actresses." NOOOOO!! Grey's Anatomy bid farewell to fan favorites April Kepner and Arizona Robbins on Thursday night's season 14 finale. Though I'm a #Japril fan and always will be, it seems like April will get her happy ending with Matthew. Jackson and April had a whirlwind relationship many fans loved. In the O.R., the doctors continue their attempts at reviving April, Alex confesses he didn't really like her at first, but that's because he wanted to be more like her. - May 10, 2018 10:41 pm EDT. “It’s absolutely not true,” she said. I know you’re sad. Grey’s Anatomy bid farewell to April Kepner and Arizona Robbins on Thursday night’s season 14 finale. April Kepner is leaving Grey's Anatomy, but not in the way we all thought. Matthew was trapped in the car, but April got out to call 911, and she slipped and fell down an icy ravine. Trending Now. The Season 14 finale will focus on Alex Karev and Jo Wilson's wedding, so there's not a lot of room for drama there. The preview for next week's May 10th episode has people wondering does April Kepner Die On Grey's Anatomy. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. But just how did the ABC drama say goodbye to the fan favorite characters, and could they potentially return? The revelation made Meredith and the rest of the crew grow protective of April, and as she opened up more and more about her backstory, they all became friends. RELATED: Why Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew Were Written Off Grey’s Anatomy. popbuzz.co/34Xfhuj pic.twitter.com/G9OSRKbHPD, QUIZ: Can you name all 15 of these Grey's Anatomy, QUIZ: Only a Grey's Anatomy expert can score 15/17 in, Grey's Anatomy will focus on the coronavirus pandemic in, Ellen Pompeo slammed for victim shaming Harvey Weinstein, Is Harry Potter coming to Netflix? Speculation rose among viewers that April was dating her ex Matthew, or Dr. Thomas Koracik (Greg Germann), who she had hooked up with while he was in town helping Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Alex (Justin Chambers) treat a young patient. All rights reserved. In true Grey's Anatomy fashion, the moment when April lost her virginity was at the worst moment possible. When it comes to cast departures from Grey's Anatomy, if there's a grand design involved, that's when you know the actors have done nothing wrong. One of the hospitals his route serviced was Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which is how he and April met. It's been an honor and a privilege to watch Sarah Drew deliver powerhouse performances as April Kepner — from her beginnings as a naive new doctor who had never been kissed to her days fighting again to find her faith, April has been an integral part of the Grey's Anatomy cast. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Owen finds her slumped on a river bank, freezing cold and barely breathing. It was all a bit too much like that. Well, we don't know. — shows up badly injured from a car accident, he asks about April's condition, and none of Matt's EMT friends have a clue. April Kepner was born in Columbus, Ohio, on April 23, 1982. Hearing about all her progress gives Herman the hope that her teaching days aren't over. But yeah, these endings aren't tragic.". Grey Anatomy’s Trauma Surgeon. Whenever an announcement is made about an actor leaving Grey's Anatomy, the fandom immediately assumes the worse - which is exactly what happened when it was revealed that Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw, who play Dr. April Kepner and Dr. Arizona … At first, April was portrayed as an insecure yet-cunning student, often disliked by the other residents and interns in the hospital because of her personality. After putting us through all that drama in the penultimate episode, we're not sure Grey's would have the nerve to actually kill her off in the finale episode (...you never know, though) and judging by the promo trailer for the finale, she's up and loving life at Jo & Alex's wedding. 'The Conners': Darlene Makes a Big Career Decision, 'The Masked Singer' Eliminates the Squiggly Monster, and They're a 'Full House' Star, 'American Ninja Warrior' Season Finale Not on Tonight Due to NBC's Election Coverage, 'American Horror Story: 1984' Coming to Netflix in November, 'Castle Rock' Canceled: Hulu's Stephen King Show Not Returning for Season 3, 'SNL': Foo Fighters Join Dave Chappelle for Post-Election Episode, Ken Jennings Reveals Why He Thought He'd Lose 'Jeopardy!' I haven't cried this much at "Grey's Anatomy" since... last week. A worrisome fact when the promo for Thursday's episode teased the character's possible demise. Or will she take Dr. Herman (Geena Davis is back back back again) up on her whatever she's offering? Am sad she’s leaving but am glad she’ll ride off into the sunset alive. The trauma surgeon saw the return of her ex-fiance Matthew after his wife comes into the ER for the birth of her baby. She gave everybody so much notice. #greysanatomy pic.twitter.com/SvDAu5OaUj, APRIL KEPNER HAS BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH. Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic; John Shearer/Getty; Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic, Credit: Just like when fans were tricked into thinking Dr. Bailey was gonna kick the bucket half way through the season based on a terrifying promo trailer, this episode teaser could just be big ol' dramatic decoy. The day April and Jackson finalized their divorce, April shocked viewers by revealing she was pregnant again. Hurd's Lacey is athletic, polished and a former high school track and field champion. Did 'Grey's Anatomy' Kill off April Kepner? He finds her at the bottom of a nearby hill, frozen by water and showing no vital signs of life. (You will need tissues, fam.). So, for Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw to each earn a send-off that doesn't involve, say, being rolled over and rendered unrecognizable by a bus (hi, 007!) You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. But what is her next step? Kepner is first shown to possess a red diary, in which she … That’s how much I love April Kepner. And there's no way Jackson (or his mother) would allow April to move away with her either, riiiiight? I haven’t really had the time to process this information.”, “I’ve been with it for less than 48 hours, so I’m not ready to say my thank yous and give an all encompassing statement about my 9 years here,” she continued. The hospital is rocked when Matthew Taylor (Justin Bruening) comes in after his car was in an accident. Meanwhile, Arizona turns in her notice to Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and although the chief is disappointed, she's quick with the wise and kind words and gives her a pretty gutting little goodbye speech like so: There's not much time for sappy business right now, though, because Arizona's got a very special consult to attend to today alongside Amelia (Catarina Scorsone) — who's bringing the now-returned Betty (Peyton Kennedy) along to keep tabs on the supposedly-sober teen throughout the day, workplace protocol be darned. April accepts and marries him right then, with Arizona and Jackson serving as their witnesses. "She's not dead until she's warm and dead," Meredith says. Even Meredith knows a body with no cranial activity is worthless. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Jackson tells April he'll believe in God if she wakes up, begging for the life of the woman he once loved. At the hospital, Meredith tries to tell Jackson (Jesse Williams) about it once he knows for sure. After putting us through all that drama in the penultimate episode, we're not sure Grey's would have the nerve to actually kill her off in the finale episode (...you never know, though) and judging by the promo trailer for the finale, she's up and loving life at Jo & Alex's wedding. As Maggie checks on April, Bailey wheels Matthew in and the couple share a sweet moment as they both celebrate being alive and back together. Thankfully, her end is near, but it's not here. 1 Scarlett Johansson; 2 Katie Holmes; 3 Coronavirus; 4 Kristin Cavallari; 5 Online Divorce; 6 2020 Mattress Ratings; 7 Chris Wallace; 8 Volkswagen SUV; 9 Irina Shayk; The new man was revealed during Thursday's episode to be Matthew. April leaves Matthew at the altar and marries Jackson. While a monumental plot point for the series, kickstarting the couple's epic relationship, April later reveals the hook up made her break her promise to God about waiting until marriage and the emotional toll causes her to fail her boards.