"How do you click in the stupid carseat? To keep his daughter safe (formerly; 1st film) To bring Johnny back to the hotel so Mavis can be happy (succeeded)To bring the vampire out of Dennis (succeeded; 2nd film) After Johnny is unable to scare Esmeralda Quasimodo screams in anger that Dracula has brought a human into the hotel. Related to Fake Russian. Ditto with Oblansk, the Bulgarian Minister for Magic: Attilla Dorn, the singer of the German Power Metal Band. They all get out of the hearse and notice Johnny dropped a piece of clothing. The phone was given to him by Jonathan. While Moist von Lipwig does not have the accent, he explains to Mr. Pump, his golem parole officer, that the W in his name is properly pronounced like a V. At which point Mr. Pump starts speaking in that accent in an attempt to correct itself. He also has quite a long face. He believes that humans and monsters shouldn't communicate together, see each other, or be with each other. The party begins, and all the monsters of the hotel come to attend. Quasimodo Wilson, Esmeralda, humans (formerly), Bela, Bat Cronies, Abraham Van Helsing (formerly), Unnamed Holiday Inn (Commercial Rival), Vlad (formerly), Johnny (formerly) Dracula thanks them, and takes off under the capes toward the airport. Images of the Dracula voice actors from the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Murray although hesitant agrees to do it despite it being so long since he's summoned anything. the original "atomic supermen" speech in ''Bride of the Monster'', don't keep large supplies of blood on hand, even though the typical Bulgarian accent doesn't feature this trope, being based on recorded pronunciation in Cyrillic rather than reading the Latin alphabet differently. As Johnny leaves, Dracula attempts to comfort Mavis, but Mavis turns to Dracula saying that this is all his fault and she flew away in anger. After the hotel was finished being built, Dracula took Mavis to live there where he intended to have her live there for the rest of her life. Given that Meet the Monsters mentions he hasn't seen his dad in 600 years, he is implied to be older than that. The human introduces himself as Jonathan, and tells Dracula that he was mountain climbing and heard a story about an ancient castle. These include the Old Princely Court in Bucharest. It should be noted that there are many non-vampire Uberwald natives (Sgt. Vlad laughs and apologizes to Dennis for putting him under all that pressure for forcing his fangs to come out and Vlad says who cares and says his fangs came out years ago and he takes out his fangs to show Dennis, which causes Dennis to laugh and Dracula tells his father to put his fangs back in his mouth before they all barf and Johnny says to Dennis "isn't it still somebody's birthday?". The phone’s only appearance is in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation. (voice) (as Judy Sandler), Additional Voices As Dracula eagerly says "Oh this is going to be fun," Dracula rushes in to fight the bat cronies and kicks the bat cronies in a zigzag motion, punches them in the face and freezes them in the air, finally walking away and unfreezing the bat cronies to make them crash into each other. She’s mostly seen in her white captain's suit with gold accents and white heeled boots. They knew right then they would be husband and wife, for a Zing only happens once in your life. Can't spend 270 minutes on this. Dracula lowers his head in sadness as Mavis and Johnny walk away with Dennis. Just then, Dennis senses Bela's gang was coming and Dennis quickly transforms back into his bat form and starts to fight off the bat cronies off one by one, which encourages Dracula and Mavis to fight the bat cronies. Dislikes The bat Dracula knocked into turned out to be another vampire named Martha. You’ll also want to see the city of Brasov, where Vlad led raids against the Saxons. Johnny's mother Linda now comes over to Dracula and questions whether Dennis really is a vampire because of his lack of vampire traits. He goes over to where he thinks Johnny is, but sees that he is missing. A case of Small Reference Pools with regards to vampires, and a Dead Horse Trope. When Dracula and the others take Dennis to Camp Winnepacaca, they find out that it is under new management and Dracula is not pleased with all the changes done. Mavis begins to take on a protective role on Drac by Hotel Transylvania 3: Monster Vacation, and worries about him working too much and then for his safety with the captain of the cruise ship. Occupation Drac helps her and Johnathan raise Dennis, even though he and Mavis do not agree at first how he should be brought up. Wwwwhile, conversely, there are also reformed vampires wwwwho, In fact, Vimes thinks that "it shouldn't be possible to roll your doubleyous, but he did it anyway." Dracula greets wedding guests to Mavis' and Johnny's wedding. Wanting to keep Mavis safe, Dracula began the construction of a large castle where he intended to live there with his daughter. Dracula eventually forgot about Abraham as the decades went by. Love, Mommy." Enemies Full name (voice) (as Dave Zyler), Additional Voices A later book suggests that Otto exaggerates his native accent deliberately in public; if he acts like a music-hall vampire he's seen as a joke rather than a bloodsucking monster. The crew travel deeper into the forest to begin the next phase of their training. "#Dracula's accent keeps slipping into Alexander Meerkat," someone else noted. Frank, Murray, Wayne and Griffin all join Dracula as they rush out of the hotel into a hearse, and drive away. He opened up the castle as a Hotel for all monsters to be safe from humankind. Johnny agrees, apologizing to Drac, never intending to hurt Mavis. Dracula and Wanda have an OK friendship, but not much is shown of them. Dracula has pale skin, blue eyes, pointy ears, pointy teeth and short black hair that is slicked back on his head. Dracula and the group spend the rest of Mavis' birthday celebrating by dancing, and singing a song about zing. The two crash, and Dracula jumps up with excitement. After a series of obstacles Dracula, Dennis, and the others arrive at the hotel right after Mavis and Johnny returned. So Dracula on the BBC. Like when she asked him if Aunt Lydia had any friends or if there is a mirror for vampires, even when she rushes out of the room before he tells her the down side of his advice. Dracula rushes to the Hotel's front desk where all the monsters are trying to check out. Bela is the main antagonist of Hotel Transylvania 2. Compare The Coconut Effect. Later, as Dennis comes into two years of age one night Dracula and Johnny hear Mavis shouting. After arriving at Hotel Transylvania (and while getting the Instrument of Destruction), her outfit changed slightly; a white collared shirt replacing her captain's jacket. Register Start a Wiki. Dracula gives Mavis a bowl of monster ball soup which is a recipe from her mother, Mavis happily takes the bowl of soup and thanks her dad for it. Frank pleads with Dracula that it is a bad idea, however Dracula ignores him insisting Dennis needs time to learn to fly. Mavis, Jonathan Loughran, Dennis, Frankenstein, Murray, Wayne, Griffin, Wanda, Eunice, Vlad, Mike and Linda, Ericka Van Helsing, monsters They didn't want to answer it and the person kept knocking for a long time. Dracula continues to listen to Johnny, but tells him that the legend is wrong. She often asks him for advice when confronted with certain problems about her aunt or other things and he readily provides her with information. Voice (voice) (uncredited), associate production manager (uncredited), production infrastructure: Sony Picture Animation, senior cloth/hair technical director: SPI, look development artist / senior technical director: lighting and compositing, SPI, character setup td / senior rigger, lighter, and compositor, development support / technical production coordinator: SPI, senior lighting and compositing technical director, look development artist (as Timothy Brandt), training & artist development (as Samantha Brown), rough layout artist (as Thomas Bruno) / senior character animator: SPI / senior layout artist: SPI, lead lighting artist (as Alan Zhongnan Chen), character effects technical director / cloth and hair artist / layout/visual effects technical director, character setup supervisor (as Timothy Coleman), texture painter (as Nicolle Cornute-Sutton), rough layout artist (as Stephane Couture), lighting and compositing technical director, software engineer (as Steven Peter Dugaro), lighting & compositing artist (as Angela Eliasz), stereo 3D technical director / stereo layout artist, training & artist development (as Daniel Gutierrez), lighting & compositing technical director, lighting & compositing artist (as Melvin L. 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