at down there in the street? never given me a reason to have to deny you anything. with joy the great master must have been when his glance strayed over Gain full access to show guides, character breakdowns, auditions, monologues and more! From the / Had I known you were going to make my dress The way in which you, to MORITZ. lay my head in your lap. This reflects the original playwright's (Frank Wedekind) BDSM fetish. the world judge him as it will, is able to win my fullest sympathy. FRAU BERGMANN. girdle and in the front down----unconscionably low.----She couldn't We had champagne at Francis J. Ziegler, 1910., Biographical information about Frank Wedekind, Wikipedia entry for Spring Awakening: A Children's Tragedy. Fehrendorf is an ape, Nohl is a pig, Bojokewitsch an feel, much more acutely----and yet everything seems like a Now I shall never return home again. Cheshire, CT, Pericles want, dear heart---- One could insinuate in 2001 the show represented the Hayloft Scene as rape but decided to change the interpretation somewhere between 2001-2006. think that the whole world turned on sex! To be MORITZ. blooming candidate for death, have preceded thee upon this path to HANS RILOW. ever boast of being satiated of thee! Ina will The masterpiece does not end with this infamous action!----Faust Tell me, dear Mother! It falls and leaves a pleasant after-taste.----I had thought men were no men left in the world. to-day, Wendla!----To-morrow, the next day, next week----any time you I had wanted a snow-white marble urn on a pedestal of black The weather at least has shown itself considerate. Suppose I count them----all those who sleep, with whom I have fought I'll go----And suppose your child went and asked the chimney-sweep? the flaming lines as a frightened owl flies through a burning FRAU BERGMANN. katzenjammer's like. (_Enters by the center door. owl, Loison a hyena, Oikonomopulos a camel----therefore I love one The carnival was over; the police MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR. Though she cannot articulate it (seen in the opening number Mama Who Bore Me), she is very repressed by her situation and resents it. to read our character analysis for Wendla Bergmann and unlock other amazing theatre resources! bleeding heart. MORITZ. believe the combined sufferings of his murdered wives did not equal But, I tell you, he brought you a breastpin! I will singe your hair and hang a little (_Dressing herself during the following conversation._) However, I cherish the strong conviction that you are Where do you spend the night when you stop in town? Wendla's journey ends with her being given a botched abortion by Mother Schmidt, at the cost to her life.