Because this Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources, Combined Volume is an unordinary book that the inside of the book waiting for you to snap that but latter it will surprise you with the secret this inside. THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: Life and Travel on the Silk Roads, Source 7.1: Dangers and Assistance on the Silk Roads: Cave Painting of Silk Road Merchants Encountering Bandits, Eighth Century, Source 7.2: Travel on the Silk Roads: Francesco Pegolotti: Advice for European Merchants Traveling to China, ca. These materials are owned by Macmillan Learning or its licensors and are protected by copyright laws in the United States and other jurisdictions. Fifth to Second Century B.C.E. Following each chapter's narrative are collections of primary written and visual sources organized around a particular theme, issue, or question so that students can consider the evidence the way historians do. 474 c.e. 200 B.C.E. One "Zooming In" feature in every chapter calls attention to particular people, places, and events, situating them in a larger global context. Source 2.2 A Seal from the Indus Valley: A Humped Cattle Seal from Mohenjo Daro, 19th century b.c.e. THINKING THROUGH SOURCES: Art and the Maya Elite. Source 9.6 Governing an Empire: Caliph Ali, Letter to Malik Ashtar, 658 c.e. Instructors can set due dates for reading assignments and LearningCurve quizzes in just a few clicks, making it an effective option for a simple and affordable way to engage students with the narrative. Textbook Solutions: High quality step-by-step solutions for thousands of textbooks. And in LaunchPad, students benefit from LearningCurve, which directs them to specific page numbers if they get stuck, and from map quizzes that connect historical geography to the narrative. ; From an Abandoned Wife, Early Fourth Century C.E. THE WORLDS OF ISLAM: AFRO-EURASIAN CONNECTIONS, 600–1450, Islam and Cultural Encounter: A Four-Way Comparison, Reflections: Past and Present: Choosing Our History, ZOOMING IN: Mullah Nasruddin, the Wise Fool of Islam, WORKING WITH EVIDENCE: The Islamic World in the Seventh Century, Source 9.1 Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel: Muhammad and the Archangel Gabriel, ca. Rent Ways of the World: A Brief Global History, Value Edition, Volume I 4th edition (978-1319113230) today, or search our site for other textbooks by Robert W. Strayer. and any other reproduction or distribution is illegal. Because if you find yourself reading a book mainly book entitled Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources, Combined Volume your brain will drift away trough every dimension, wandering in each aspect that maybe unknown for but surely will become your mind friends. Source 1.5: Monumental Stone Construction in the Neolithic Era: Stonehenge, ca. This combination of textbook and source book teaches historical thinking and analysis through the inclusion of related written and visual primary and secondary source projects at the end of each chapter. A range of options offers convenience and value. Source 4.3 The Reputation of the Buddha in Ancient Buddhist Stories: The Greater Discourse to Sakuludayin, ca. Assign LearningCurve, the adaptive learning tool created for your survey textbook in LaunchPad, and the system’s analytics will show how your students are doing with the reading so that you can adapt your class as needed. Each chapter in LaunchPad also comes with a wealth of additional documents, key terms flashcards, map quizzes, and much more, all of which can be easily integrated and assigned. Every textbook comes with a 21-day "Any Reason" guarantee. LaunchPad Demo. We appreciate your patience while we process your request. THE BIG PICTURE Turning Points in Early World History, LANDMARKS IN WORLD HISTORY (to ca. If their teacher questioned them to go to the library or to make summary for some reserve, they are complained.