Contact me for details. | Trustworthy Moderators and Staff | Allied with The Study Corner | Anti-Raid Task Force which helps other servers prevent raiding | Very own server bot | Invite ranks | Houses ‍| Run by experienced server creator | Allowed to advertise your servers in advertising channels, Join for fun, games and a lot more! If you apply with my ref link, we still both get $40, but if you get approved to tutor in "high-demand subjects"--specifically, SAT, ACT, Algebra 1, Calculus 1, or Statistics--then you and I will both get $80 instead! My friends and I are doing review sessions for the upcoming AP exams for free. Please Apply Here to Become a Tutor on W Tutors. I am moving in 2 months to a different state that is employee versus IC anyway, so I probably would have had to quit, but also I am so burned out with the "quality" of student we get. My exam is tomorrow , I will copy and paste the questions. Blog; FAQs; Video Guide; Apply to Teach; Learning Resources; Tutors. I'm wondering if there are 2 different manuals for employees and contractors. No specialized software required. r/Tutoring: Formerly a banned subreddit for a tutoring company, now a relatively inactive sub about tutoring. Customized your needs with your tutor to improve your grades, Browse and contact tutors for the subject you want, Choose a time slot and book lessons with your tutor. I am so done with tutoring through this service. Contractor folks, what is your tutor manual file called? So I worry about sending tutors who are contractors misleading info. I just noticed my pdf resource manual has "PTE" in the title. I offer tutoring and homework help in Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus I-III, Differential Equations, Optimization, Probability theory, Statistics and other subjects. English Tutors; English Literature Tutors; Mathematics Tutors; Further Maths Tutors; STEP/MAT/TMUA Tutors; All Tutors; More Links. When tutors log into the Classroom sometime next week, they will be presented with a window where they can enter their acknowledgement that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Reporting Guidelines policy. Social. preferably someone with CFA And I will send you 20 sample questionsYou have to get get most of them right in half an hour That shows me you are capable Will pay accordingly. The courses that will be offered cover the majority of the AP courses such as AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, and AP Physics. Log in and start the online lesson with your tutor right here at W Tutors! A subreddit to discuss working at I worked for 1 year teaching High School Math and have been a University math professor since 2014. The sessions will be at 4 pm a week before the scheduled exam. I have worked on the site only since May and I have seen it gone downhill myself. That's $40 extra just by passing a short 10-question test for any of the mentioned subjects. Thank you! Edited to add: And I have had more technical issues in the last 2 days than my whole time on the platform! All tutors are manually vetted and selected to join our roster. Varsity tutors has just announced a new referral program. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If any of you are interested, please fill out the google form to join the GroupMe. We know that many of you guys are unfamiliar with the new format, but we hope to help out with that. I'm just worried because the same announcement says that those who do not complete this training will be subjected to … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The occasional good student helps with the slog, but it is devolving before even my eyes. Good luck to you all! 1 to 1 private tutoring for any subject or language with the tutor you pick to guide you on your learning journey, Choose tutors from all over the world for all your learning needs. The last 2 shifts I've had have been the worst on average. Tutoring in person was always so much better for me, I thought this wouldn't be that much harder, but it really is! I don't know how you long term tutors do it!, Hello, fellow students that will soon take one question tests that determine if we get college credit or not! Press J to jump to the feed. W Tutors. And you help me to answer them . I have a PhD and enjoy helping students to achieve their goals. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Voice disconnecting, students not being able to paste images, it really makes my job so much harder when the software doesn't function properly! Formerly a banned subreddit for a tutoring company, now a relatively inactive sub about tutoring. Apply To Be A Tutor. 1-1 Online Lessons For All Subjects with Qualified Tutors from Top Universities Worldwide.