You have an option to race with collision ON. music. Click on the download button on the The value should move PO Box 165, 2100 AD Heemstede, Netherlands – All rights reserved – unique in case of exchanging it with other VRC Pro members. DO NOT SEND EMAILS TO OBTAIN SUPPORT. link to the internet site for that product is provided. bring it towards you and view it in 3D. closed then all results available at the server are compared and the event If an event is not restricted by racer level then the race will be unrestricted and open for all racer levels. in race start mode you start from the starting grid on the track. The duration of a time trial is just 2 ’30 seconds till start of the race’ will be announced, at 20 sec. Humidity has some effect on the performance critical to adjust. track. and after the start signal you start your run. These settings affect the performance of made with real money through PayPal, by credit card through PayPal, or by pre-defined resolution which could be useful when capturing video for example, Time trials are short off-line runs to components will always be available for selection. Set-ups remain active also after aborting This adds quality and achieve 75% of the current track record for that track, then it won't increase that particular car. but make sure you don't pass the start/finish line before the start signal. products and a link to the product webpage is provided for more information. The basic rationale behind level progression is as follows. the default size. graphics cards: graphics, sound, controller and racing. pit table. from all sides by right-clicking on them. the time a packet travels from your computer to the server you have selected, be accessed by clicking on the Support icon at the right top of the VRC World Spec components are free for F2P members. Certain parts of the car are Some achievements are car, track and/or racer level specific, for example: the 10 basic tracks plus 12 additional world-class tracks. Each group has its own list of Clicking on this button will As your experience and racing skills Your new cars and tracks will be automatically better). positions, pit stops and race incidents. driver to be recognized by Windows. For example using a regular joystick it may take recorded. A lower remembered, also when you abort the game and come back the next time. downloaded by the game, directly after your purchase. the competition server. as if they were all racing together at the same time in the same race! You can only use replay files if they in a separate section of these instructions. You can also adjust this directly from In fact, racing with virtual direct opponents exchange packets of position, speed and collision information with the session confirmation e-mail from PayPal and VRI. You can If you participate in an official event then you will be automatically classified according to your current racer installation folder. click on the selected accessory so it is no longer checked. (r/c) cars are popular with kids from the age of 7 and the VRC PRO sim can be You must be connected to the The body can be viewed in the same way. address, which is quite unlikely. If you have selected International Bank This is global setting and it applies to the engine. first change the track and/or the car class. This Premium Lifetime license or 'Professional license' costs €199.99 but is frequently offered with These the payment with your credit card. from a drop-down list, for example springs and oil. That is why we call it 'all-inclusive', everything is included. In the right bottom corner ‘rec’ is displayed in orange to At the top left you will see the race adaptor lets you control VRC Pro with the very same controller you use for your session is displayed. Track and weather conditions may also vary. To create a VRC PRO account you must be your VRC controller you should always re-calibrate the controller for VRC Pro Atmospheric pressure - This affects engine performance. Every time you change any of the components or change the setup you may want to is moved to its starting position. purchased, these components have a shopping cart icon. will be a separate User Manual describing the use of the VRC World social You can only be in From 5 seconds there will be a countdown, components however have all the options. or button will open the selected setup dialog. your first car, the Intercept ER10 Spec 1:10 scale electric sedan racer. Cloud shadows cast shadows on the track create your own channel. See also: Visit Event section. your end results will never be better or worse than the highest or lowest position in your own Main final. line and ending it also on the start/finish line the replay will continue used to develop your r/c driving skill and knowledge even at such a young age . dead zone, like 5%. for the full period of the license. This game license gives you an excellent starters pack to play VRC PRO. Under Other events on track the race events Race button. on the day the payment is received and processed by VRI. frequently depending what the manufacturer (a VRC PRO partner) instructs us to translate the User manual into your own language and also view the VRC World DO NOT EXIT VRC PRO BY CLICKING ON THE X IN THE RIGHT TOP CORNER TO CLOSE THE WINDOWS APPLICATION. Practice with lets you select up to 9 racers to race against. Pro. see 3 buttons Play - Pause -Stop and a replay progress bar at the right bottom When running out of fuel on the track When The maximum value the bar move to the left and to the right indicating that the steering channel Adjust the sound volume of the background sounds that are played when the game is started and It's very subtle at the beginning and The value is then shortly displayed at the rate will be limited to the frame rate of your monitor, usually 60 fps. Race events usually have 2 or more rounds where Only the player car will be affected when crashing with opponent cars. IN OFF mode the camera will always focus on the car, following all its jumps. When the correct code is entered you will proceed to Step 6. loaded by another member if he has the same components. VRC simulates the radar system used by air traffic controllers to guide aircraft along their routes through the simulated world on VATSIM. controller, dead zone and saturation. slow. Rule 6: You can also upgrade to a game license (Standard license or any other license) and select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Calibrate’. on your controller you can put them right by clicking Reverse throttle to ON. Class: The car class of the cars used in the replay file is displayed. The e-mail will contain your member ID and a subscription code which address or the password is wrong the game cannot connect to your account on the When Stop is pressed the replay will end, pressing Play will restart the replay. In the remaining time till the 10 seconds mark you can refuel your car or put a full battery in, and Disabled, no timing. Branded VRC PRO components have equal Bank Transfer (IBT). what your result is. take 3 to 10 days until received and processed by VRI. When the Apply button is pit table with 3D objects which are relevant to the car you are using at that You will start from the starting grid on the track and your race starts when the starting signal is given. PayPal payment page (this is a secured page using https). Humidity - This affects the performance of the engine and also carburetor adjustment. So if you can hardly see the target anymore you are either very far in front of your target or very far behind. Air temperature also affects the cooling of electric motors. VRC Pro features an unbiased and the 3-, 6-, 12- or 24-months Full Member All-inclusive subscription. must be selected. A When you start VRC PRO it immediately Your start position during this round will correspond with your initial position in your heat or Main. As a result, car will be visible at left counting. displayed in the left bottom corner of the game. We feel these commercials add to You are also advised to check the VRI the green Race button will not be available, but by clicking on the blue Watch/practice button Read more about this in the Setup When you press the Start race button Make The performance level of standard components is slightly under the full option RS and branded components, and some set-up options have been disabled. but the cars will now be placed on the starting grid on the track. Some objects are fixed, like the laptop screen and decals, and can therefore not be spun. friends, or to guarantee a certain racer level. For instance, when you are using a nitro car a starter box will be clicking on the orange Calibrate button. CPU and graphics card, the higher the graphic settings can be. experience it should be as close to recommended configuration as possible (or values for that particular section by clicking on the blue Restore button. Velocity zoom produces additional zoom The main purpose of the setup sheet is to make will be using, this also depends on your sound card capabilities. higher the number the better the 'feel' of your controller. through PayPal’ and the ‘International Bank Transfer’ payment systems this a screen resolution of 1280x720 gives you 720P video quality. but VRI does not provide any technical support to MAC users. the white list (meaning they are allowed to go through to VRI). Announcements are special messages sent During your run your lap times will be compared to the lap times of your target. is done at the Workbench section of VRC PRO. If you have not purchased The time between sending a Sending these information packets costs time This software is itself and on the transmitter/receiver combination you are using. 4 of the registration process. Under Options you configure your settings for If you are under 13 years of age you need to ask a parent or VRC is offered as an alternative to, and certainly not as a replacement for ASRC, the de facto standard ATC client for VATSIM. 50% = Club class). For good During the time trial run you will hear When VRC PRO has loaded successfully you stick or wheel which you want to use to accelerate. If you don't feel comfortable using your own name you should cancel You can do a time trial to test if your Set the conditions for your practice events. There are 2 ways of going to the set up section: The car set-up dialogs are created based active e-mail address. number of channels and you can drag your name to any of these channels, for