For more about our endless efforts to pursue the truth about what’s out there check out our otherworldy coverage…. “Fear is the populist’s tools,” she wrote. MAN KILLED BY POLAR BEAR AT LONGYEARBYEN CAMPING: Attack shortly before 4 a.m. is Svalbard's first such fatality since 2011, COLD CASHLESS: Sparebank NordNorge closing half of its branches, including Svalbard's only physical bank outlet. The same concerns are being seen and battled by Buø’s parents, Einar and Laila, who a few years after the attack returned to their mainland hometown of Mandal. A space object that may or may not be the Death Star or some other alien craft cast a light ray on Longyearbyen last week (see photo above). And that meant Johannes as well.”, Exclusive: A seven-part series about the drastic and recent effect of climate change on virtually all aspects of life in Longyearbyen, 1. 2. Jonas Strand Gravli and Isak Bakli Aglen star as former Longyearbyen residents Viljar and Torje Hansen in the movie “22 July,” released last year. His notoriety expanded immensely worldwide as he and his younger brother, Torje, were primary figures in the feature film “22 July” released last fall (now available on Netflix). Viljar and Torje Hanssen, survivors of the mass shooting at Utøya that killed 69 people, are once again finding themselves in the spotlight this week as they’re sharing their struggles and experiences since that date with numerous media organizations. viljar hanssen wikipedia. Photo by Anne Lise Klungseth Sandvik. Original contents of this publication can be reproduced for non-commercial purposes free of charge if Icepeople is credited as the source. He learns to walk again, but is haunted by memories of the attack. Alien sightings are reported regularly in Svalbard, including people claiming a spaceship spent a year or so on the town’s beachfront and a UFO that crashed in the mountains is now hiding with the zombies in the Doomsday Vault. The physical and mental scars may get more distant every year, but for two Longyearbyen families victimized by Norway’s deadliest terrorist attack the pleas to “never forget” continue to grow as they see the fear and hatred that traumatized their lives expanding in a global community struggling due to suffering and change. Breivik arrives at the ferry landing and informs staff that he is a police officer, sent to secure the island following the attack in Oslo. Politics Durante il suo interrogatorio iniziale, Breivik afferma che ci sarà un terzo attacco al suo segnale, e che ce ne sono altri nella sua organizzazione, ma gli agenti si rendono subito conto che è un "lupo solitario". Harassment and exclusion – and worse – leads us as individuals and societies astray. agosto 4, 2020; tanzverbot online shop; was bedeutet beachtlich; Kopioi linkki. MAN KILLED BY POLAR BEAR AT LONGYEARBYEN CAMPING: Attack shortly before 4 a.m. is Svalbard's first such fatality since 2011, COLD CASHLESS: Sparebank NordNorge closing half of its branches, including Svalbard's only physical bank outlet. Donating to the fundraiser started by Icepeople and Svalbard superfan 13-year-old Rishi Gokhale will ensure the coolest newspaper on Earth can keep reaching locals plus more than 50,ooo unique online visitors a month worldwide. 'DOOMSDAY VAULT' FOR OREOS?! The camp director transports him to the island by boat. 3. The children flee as Breivik opens fire, murdering dozens. That upsets Viljar Hanssen, who was a 17-year-old Longyearbyen student when he was nearly killed after being shot five times by Breivik at the Utøya youth camp where 69 people died. [4][5][6] The film was written, directed and produced by Paul Greengrass and features a Norwegian cast and crew. 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AND THANKS FOR READING AND ALL THE SUPPORT!!! [13] The production began at the end of 2017. [20] It was originally scheduled to be released on 2 November 2018, under the title Norway. Rishi’s father transfers the donations – all of them – to me when they are paid out on the first of the month.). Hanssen, who was shot five times and hospitalized for three months, gained notoriety for being the youngest person ever elected to Longyearbyen’s Community Council that fall and has remained active in politics ever since. Media.