Creative pursuits, sports, and games can also be tolerated for only so long. Complete devotion to his mother, family and children. With so much of your enthusiasm directed toward work and career, make sure you allow enough time for your personal life and the loved ones who depend upon you. thanks Chrispy… it’s nice when something I’m interested in strikes a chord with others as well! Transiting Vesta quincunx Natal Midheaven. lol. However, no matter how strong your ambitions are there may be a price to pay in your primary relationships. Vesta in Cancer: focuses on home and domestic matters. For example, the dedication you have shown toward your work-related goals is met with indifference from superiors or those in authority. You may need to work extra hard to outline the ideas, plans and goals you have formulated in your mind. Greater responsibility or working unusual or long hours is possible, especially if you are involved in the process of the planning, organization and restructuring of your place of employment. I do everything in very concentrated bursts, inc work (or sex!) I’m loving these asteroid articles; they are so succinct and I feel like I finally “get” what these various lil’ hunks of rocks signify! In the area of work, you will likely leave no stone unturned until you have thoroughly completed your objectives and goals. This is a good time to work on getting in touch with your inner feelings and to contemplate making changes to improve emotional connections with the people you care about. It may be best to work alone at this time, distancing yourself from chaotic conditions in order to concentrate on original and inventive ways to handle problems and target new and purposeful solutions. Good for projects where something is either transformed or eliminated, or where something hidden must be investigated. Mostly homegrown ritual and worship of source. The men in your life, superiors, or authority figures may be of benefit to you in certain ways, mostly by providing you with further encouragement and support for your efforts. If anyone knows anything about this or how any other astroid reflects the physical features of a person please do message me! It sounds like it’s the most “public” placement ever, showy even . But it still confounds me. Chart Rectification, Horoscope Forecast – 6 Months Daily Transits, Horoscope Forecast – 1 Year Major Planet Transits, Horoscope Forecast Daily Transits Form Completed, Horoscope Forecast Major Transit Form Completed, Ellen Degeneres Naughty Natal Birth Chart Interpretation, Donald Trump Natal Birth Chart Interpretation, Romance Compatibility Report Form Completed, Beyonce & Jay-Z Romantic Compatibility Report, Donald Trump Progressed Chart Interpretation 20 Jan 2017, Donald Trump Progressed Chart Interpretation 16 June 2015. home is where the friends are. If you are overly eager or zealous in your attempts to establish your career and work objectives, you may lose sight of your personal affairs and thus sacrifice important areas that need your attention. You are aware of your personal power but understand when it is appropriate to compromise and let others share the role of leadership or control. thank you, amandapm, that’s a valuable compliment. Think of the surrogate mother who carries a baby for a woman who is infertile. However, it is important that you discern between fact and fiction in your dealings with others. Explain to your spouse that every now and then, THEY have to watch the little darlings because you get too drained. You may separate yourself from intimate involvements in order to pursue career and work ambitions. Yes, I would have to say a strong sense of what is sacred. [IMG][/IMG]. ), I dont even have to check my chart. It seems very immature. In the fourth house this might be a private, inward devotion, someone who focuses on the homefront, as opposed to the Cancer Vesta in the tenth house who might make a career of these types of things, like a Martha Stewart. Vertex, too. Whether your work is already established or just beginning, this period may give you an opportunity to discover new options and techniques, as well as meeting innovative people who inspire you with their unique and original insights. Thoroughly investigate the true intentions of people who try to exert pressure or influence over you. No matter how much you love them, you have to get away for a while every now and then. Thanks Satori, this is great!!! If you choose to work alone, then you must pay careful attention to other individuals in your work environment, as you may be too trusting of their intentions or unaware of behind-the-scene activities. I might have known…. picks up squares to uranus, chiron and pluto. Talk about a handful. You might leap into a project in which you are only interested in the final results and neglect the necessary phases of its proper development. I have Vesta in Virgo conjunct Sun, in the 5th. You can intensely focus and concentrate on your work responsibilities and are motivated to take on challenging and competitive activities. You may feel like rolling up your sleeves and getting some important work accomplished now. (Do you know whats in that!? Thank you for your interpretation. Fortunately, if you use this time to re-examine your goals and objectives, you may effectively release outdated concepts or work habits which no longer serve a purpose. Interesting sidenote – Vesta rules sisterhood and financial investments. In my case, although my Aquarian Sun’s drive to make a special contribution to humanity and my Pisces 6th Moon’s need to humbly serve are sure important and huge in my life, what keeps me going when times get tough is the knowledge that what I do with my self is my responsibility; it has to be me. I can’t see the chart either. My Ceres is 14°28′ 6″ and my ASC is 16°15′ 4″. The reverse is also likely, as you might choose to retreat from heavy responsibilities and commitments and take a more emotionally detached or aloof approach to your work or personal relationships. My vesta is cj my midheaven in my 10th house. As the Pluto/Sun and Saturn/SN placements attest, I’ve had a challenging life thus far (including among other things debilitating black depression, poverty, and isolation), but I’ve always believed in myself and my ability to pull through. If the plans and designs of other individuals are based in reality, you can benefit now from their inspirations. You can still do personal tasks around the house. Some times the sacred and or devotional side can be so intensly and personally meaningful, it can be tricky to put into words. You are attracted to work assignments or duties which are unique, different, or progressive.