Also george10e (AT) Finally, on 12 December, the destroyer received orders directing her around the Cape of Good Hope to Norfolk, where she tied up on 5 February 1957. After a short repair period at Yokosuka (25–31 August), she returned to Korean waters. She operated along the west coast until June 1946, when she departed Oakland for Bikini Atoll, where she participated in Operation Crossroads (15 June – 10 August). Would like to hear from guys that were on the Barton. Are there any surviving crew members? Had a great time in the Navy especially aboard a Tin Can. - loved every minute . This is his son, George is deceased. At approximately 01:30hrs (1:30am), both sides finally made visual contact with each other as the first Japanese ships emerged from the squall line only 3000 yards away from the entire US formation. He would like to hear from fellow shipmates. Does anyone know of the where abouts of CMDR Traynor, Daughter's email PO Box 177, Rosedale, WV 26636, 2 Med cru,Cub Crisis,Gitmo-loaded 5in projectiles,bridge wat,great liberty in Med & Carib-did we have fun, My Uncle (niece Susan) killed 9/16/52 when ship hit a floating mine-made ultimate sacrifice at only 19 yrs old. To date the stern section of the Barton has not been located. On 11 April 1949, Barton was recommissioned and joined Destroyer Division 201 (DesDiv 201). In August 1968, a board of inspection and survey determined the destroyer to be beyond economical repair. Fox division. On 29 October she successfully rescued 17 survivors of two downed air transports near Fabre Island. Late in October, the other units of the Atlantic Fleet and she stood to as support for the warships engaged in the quarantine of Cuba called for by President John F. Kennedy in response to the siting of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. Barton departed the east coast 23 August 1942 and steamed to the Pacific, arriving at Tongatapu, Tonga Islands, 14 September 1942. Bill Marshman was my grandfather KIA 11/13/42, Eugene was my brother. Barton was launched 31 January 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Quincy, Massachusetts; sponsored by Miss Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton; and commissioned 29 May 1942, Lieutenant Commander D. H. Fox in command. She moored in Norfolk on 10 August. From 3-26, June she carried out screening, patrol, and bombardment duties in support of the invasion of Normandy. The second Barton (DD-722) was launched on 10 October 1943 by Bath Iron Works Corp., Bath, Maine, sponsored by Ms. Barbara Dean Barton, granddaughter of Admiral Barton. Repairs completed on 15 August 1953, Barton spent the remainder of the year operating along the east coast and in the Caribbean. My father-19 yrs old when she was sunk-dad assisted an injured shipmate to swim to an island-MIA for sev days. Walton. Barton exited Chesapeake Bay on 1 July and set out for yet another Mediterranean cruise. Does anyone know where Ben Julian Diego RMSN is? William M. Wood and she received orders to escort the cruiser Canberra as she carried President Eisenhower to Bermuda to confer with British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan. Two men were wounded. [1] Repair party member MMFN Anthony Palm (Johnstown, PA) was dispatched to assess the extent of damage caused by the incoming round. We are and always will be very, KIA 11/13/42. Samson,Al.36477, served on her when she was in the SelRes fleet in Philly until we decommisioned her, Hi Guys, It's been a lifetime--WWll seems sooo long ago.