James Bailey was last seen in the Reno area in 1999. The protocol was different back then. These people need a voice.”. In the early 1990s, Parks worked as a prostitute for Mack in downtown Reno. He was also accused of raping two UNR students. They arrested Daniel Pancake, then 78, on an open murder charge for the death of his 54-year-old wife, Janice Gannon. He then left with a friend and later returned with a .22-caliber pistol. Zosia Seweryniak is still listed in NCIC as a Missing Juvenile (Kidnapped). “But every case since then the suspect has known the victim in Lyon County.”. Information on Lyon County’s cold cases is limited, but what the sheriff’s office knows is: Shantelle Hudson is Lyon County’s oldest missing person case. While on the phone with a dispatcher, he relayed that his father grabbed a knife and stabbed his mother during a fight. The window directly over Monica’s bed was open and the screen had been removed. After the movie, he was seen by a friend at the corner of Sierra and Court Street. A backup officer talked with Sullivan briefly and then left. Detectives received a tip suggesting that Hamilton was responsible for Holly’s death. On Nov. 12, 1988, Hudson had an argument with her mom, Lenan Garner. Eventually, he made his way to El Salvador where he was later arrested. He was charged with the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Cody Devine and attempted murder of then 30-year-old Janai Wilson. One witness, then 17, told jurors that Menendez-Cordero had turned to him, pointed the gun, pulled the trigger and heard a clicking sound. The sentencing judge gave Sullivan three years, 8 months in prison, the maximum amount for the crimes for which he was convicted. Vanisi’s cousin had turned him in. Forensic investigators also found sperm cells on Quick’s body and on a pair of boxer shorts retrieved from Hamilton’s trash. He then moved to Michigan with his family, according to his aunt Cyndy Brower. “No, no, that’s too sick,” Sechrest told police, according to a previous report from the Reno Gazette Journal. But, after they went unsolved for more than a year, they moved into the department’s cold cases file. They had inspected the home and declared it vacant so she could safely pack her belongings to move away from the man she feared. Sullivan, 43, was last seen making a traffic stop on Ninth and Center streets early that morning. Mack was reportedly helping Parks move from hotel to hotel and expected compensation. Tragically, however, there has been a string of unsolved murders and disappearances along this Nevada highway which lead some to wonder whether a sinister serial killer—or killers—is the culprit. It was until nearly a year after their disappearance Detective Ron Dreher and his partner in the Major Crimes Division got the case. Prosecutors were forced to take the death penalty off the table before authorities in El Salvador would agree to extradite him to Northern Nevada. Her vehicle, which contained all of her personal belongings, was later found abandoned at Reno/Tahoe International Airport. If you have any information on Star Palumbo, please contact the Reno Police Department. He also reported seeing bugs and spiders and tried to cut them out from under his skin, according to an RGJ report. ... Reno, NV 89502 (775) 351-0214; Public Inspection File. "But one of the benefits you have with cold cases is time. Luis Alejandro Menendez-Cordero, a known MS-13 gang member, was sent to life in prison without parole for both murders. According to court testimony, Devine and Wilson met at a casino the night of the shooting. His gold 1995 Saturn 2 door was located parked at the trailhead of Boundry Peak in Esmeralda County, Goldfield, NV. The justices ordered a new trial based partly on the district judge’s faulty instructions to the jury, which had found him guilty of the murder. Tamir Hamilton was sentenced to death for raping and murdering 16-year-old Holly Quick, whose body was found by her mother in her bed. A month later, he was sentenced to death. In 2014, Pattison found a lead on the case, two witnesses who had never been interviewed, but they didn’t result in any arrests. On Jan. 13, 1998, a passerby found University of Nevada, Reno police Sgt. He told police he was drunk and high when he saw Holly that night but remembered nothing else. They were severely beaten, and Maggie was found wearing only underwear. Reno has seen its fair share of murder cases over the past four decades that have left permanent marks in local history. The case had been assigned to the Juvenile Division. Charles Gary Sullivan, 73, is charged with open murder in the death of Julia Woodward, 21, of San Rafael, Calif. Devine was shot five times, forensic specialists testified during the trial. Her throat was slashed. The also learned Vanisi used the stolen gun to rob two convenience stores in Reno. Soon after, detectives with the Reno Police Department received a tip from Secret Witness. The … A friend dropped her off at the airport. The only identifying information provided on the van was that it had a Miller gear shift knob. She pleaded and he threatened to knock her out, the documents said. Two months later, her body was found in Hungry Valley’s Eagle Canyon. “We’ve got no tips. The missing appendages could have been removed by the killer to hinder identification of the body, Pattison said, or they could have been eaten by wildlife. The defense argued Rudnick’s testimony was fabricated so he could receive a plea deal and a favorable sentence. Star has a history of drug abuse and was behaving paranoid prior to her disappearance. The sheriff’s office has six unsolved missing person cases, one unsolved homicide and one unidentified body from an unsolved homicide. They got off and walked toward their home a short distance away. A cold case is a case “where all leads have been exhausted, all witnesses have been interviewed and all evidence has been tested and there is nowhere else to go,” Pattison said. “She’s another one who vanished without a trace,” Pattison said. According to court testimony, Hamilton was at high risk for schizophrenia because his mother was institutionalized with the disease. In June 2017, 23 Vagos leaders, members and associates were arrested in three states on charges including racketeering, murder, kidnapping, robbery and assault. Wilson said the shooter had a gun in each hand. They arrested James Biela nine months later. Gonzalez was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of 51-year-old Jeffery “Jethro” Pettigrew — the former president of the Hells Angels in San Jose, Calif. More:23 arrested in 3 states in Vagos motorcycle gang crime case linked to 2011 Nugget shooting, More:Witness: I lied about Sparks Nugget gang killing. It was higher than in 84.5% U.S. cities. Seweryniak was ordered by the Judge to return Zosia to Reno, Nv on Sept 25, 2009 which he did not comply with and an FTC warrant was issued for his arrest (still active). Middleton’s six-week murder trial began on Aug. 15, 1997. He was removed from death row in 2008 after the 9th U.S. In 2017, Sechrest died in prison at the age of 56. According to witnesses’ testimonies, another Vagos member instigated the fight. A three-justice panel found the prosecutor violated Sechrest’s constitutional right to a fair trial by claiming the jurors would be risking the lives of other children if they didn’t sentence him to death. ?…I’ve been looking at the Snake Slayer thing for awhile now…I wondered if Zodiac’s doubling up of some of his “ss” at times as in “Christmass, and bussy” may not have been another one of those “close to the vest clues”..Or vice versa? Classification: Missing Adult - Suspicious, Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair-long, brown eyes. Ernesto Gonzalez, 59, was convicted of seven felony counts, including murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder and challenging someone to a fight resulting in death. On June 15, 2014, Reno police dispatchers received a call from a cellphone and heard a woman yelling in the background. Lyle Montgomery, Jeanette's husband, is responsible for Jonathan's abandonment. “By the truest definition of a cold case, they are not technically cold,” he said of Lyon County’s cold cases. People die, people move away, people forget," Pattison said. The shooting stemmed from a fight between members of the Vagos and Hells Angels at the Nugget Casino Resort, formerly known as the John Ascuaga’s Nugget. In 2010, the Nevada Supreme Court upheld his death sentence. This is an updated list of people missing from in and around Nevada. Hudson and her mom had moved to Dayton from the South Lake Tahoe/Meyers area just a few weeks before her disappearance, Pattison said. “We do have a person of interest in here, but he’s not local. His gold 1995 Saturn 2 door was located parked at the trailhead of Boundry Peak in Esmeralda County, Goldfield, NV. Thirty years ago today some of those students rode a school bus with Charles and Jennifer to a south Reno neighborhood at Talbot and Redfield, behind a present day Sam's Club. On September 23, 1990, 7 year old Monica DaSilva was kidnapped from her parent’s ground-level apartment near Idlewild Park, in Reno, NV, while her brother, James, 5, was sleeping. Since then, Pattison has been digging into the eight unsolved mysteries. But her murder remained unsolved for 12 years. Jill Beaty was last seen leaving her apartment on Wells Ave in Reno. According to a police report, the officers found blood in the entryway of the dining room, which trailed upstairs to where Gannon’s body was discovered with a deep cut to the neck. Change ). Howard and Fuentes held Galleron at his south Reno home while Hillman cashed the checks. Seweryniak contacted his lawyer with the news that he had moved to Poland with Zosia under the pretense of visiting a sick relative. On March 12, 1992, Lyon County dispatch received an anonymous call – a body had been found in the Sand Canyon area of Wellington. Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair/ Brown eyes, scar on right elbow, deaf. The RGJ archives and the Associated Press both contributed to this story. But Burgarello’s attorney Theresa Ristenpart said she believed he mistook a flashlight – found underneath Devine’s body — for a firearm. The cases span from 1988 to 2013. She said she felt herself get shot on her leg, stomach and arm. Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair/Blue eyes, scar on right finger. It’s been more than 30 years since 16-year-old Shantelle Hudson went missing from Dayton. It's very solvable. Rudnick approached Pettigrew and asked if they were “cool.” He claimed Pettigrew then took a swing at him and pulled out a gun. A man charged in a 40-year-old murder case has been extradited to Reno and is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Washoe District Court. The case captured national attention and was featured on a one-hour episode of “Dateline NBC” in 2010. Officers were standing outside Griffin’s home when he attacked her. Her brother was still asleep at the time his parent’s discovered Monica missing. Wilson was starting to fall asleep when she heard someone break through the front door, according to court testimony. During Gonzalez’s murder trial, several witnesses testified the two gangs already had tensions building between them before arriving to Reno-Sparks. He returned to his minivan and she escaped and ran in the other direction and came to two men in an all-terrain vehicle and was rescued. Fuentes also died in prison in 1994. “He’ll start out the day well, and then he’ll have a breakdown.”. “You kind of go with the ones you know you can get something out of and maybe even solve,” he said. Pattison says a case of note from around the same period is that of Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped as an 11-year-old when she was walking to school in Meyers, Calif., and held as a sex slave for 18 years before she was found.