The activists at Radio Freedom, now recording and assembling their shows at a farmhouse outside Lusaka, kept up the pressure. “Pretoria has carried its murderous campaign to extremes. I work with filmmaker Cass Plaey, who is putting together a film about KPPC. Low copper prices and economic mismanagement had thrown Zambia into crisis by the 1970s, and resources were scarce. KPPC-FM 99 South Chester Pasadena CA 91106. They listened with the lights off, making sure that nobody had followed them. Went virtually every weekend to the Rose Palace to rock out with MAJOR r&r bands. Its microphones and mixing boards were packed up and shipped home to Johannesburg. Larry Waldbillig Sunday, May 24, 2015. In one song, as gunfire crackles and women shout, a male voice recites a single refrain, over and over: “We are thinking (of South Africa) / We will come running back with the sound of boots.”. I worked there as a teenager answering phones for their “Duck Rush” – the chief engineer was my neighbor – it was some call in promo, although I can’t remember what it was about! What was left of the leadership, meanwhile, settled into a long exile. I am asking for a friend. Chances are, the men and women of Radio Freedom were in the crowd that day. The Real Underground Is an online radio station powered by the A-Team DJ Coalition based in Little Rock, AR. Campus-Collège. Elton John came there for an interview – he was having his first concert in LA at the Troubadour. What is the title? 50+ videos Play all Mix - Underground History # 1 | A história do Radio Birdman YouTube RADIO BIRDMAN - 2007 ARIA INDUCTION - Duration: 10:48. Birth of Community Rock Radio: A brief history of KMPX and KSAN-FM. What’s more, he added, Radio Freedom “could provide truth that was absent from most of the legal media in apartheid South Africa.”, 1985 AMR poster. Rock music on the radio? KPPC was ahead of it’s time and what a flux it even happened, or was it a god send for all of us wanders seeking intelligent input. For roughly three decades, Radio Freedom was the voice in exile of Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress, the longtime resistance movement that took power in 1994 after the collapse of apartheid. Taking its cues from Gamel Abdel Nasser’s Radio Cairo and other anti-colonial stations run by newly independent nations across the continent, Radio Freedom’s mere existence suggested that South Africa, too, could shake off white rule. In June 1963, the station’s first transmission went out from the armed wing’s hideout on a farm north of Johannesburg. ... Loxy, and MC DT, the ingredients were in place to revolutionize pirate radio in London. By Chris A. Smith – He was a good friend of John Lennon. LONG LIVE ROCK & the late 60’s in Pasadena!!!