I think with covid 19 and unsure about schools opening in fall it may not be a bad option. So, what's up with Tulane's early decision/action admit rate? My son got into the guaranteed transfer program for fall 2021 with 3.0 GPA at regional college. I mean take some time to purposefully research Tulane to find out if we are a good fit for you. I'm so sorry for those of you whose kids are disappointed but it's the usual story for schools with this small a acceptance rate - FAR too many outstanding kids who would be great than they can take. TLDR: optional statements are anything but optional. That said, I find that Long Island is so great that sometimes students from that region go to college elsewhere, but never "leave" Long Island — they seek out friends who are from the same area high schools they came from and share many of their same identities, backgrounds and beliefs. I've said this before many times in this blog; we never want for our applicants, especially in the Corona era, is to participate in specific activities, write about essay topics or in general just do specific things because they think its what colleges "want to see." And guess what? Be yourself and concern yourself less with what you think we are "looking for." Meet Kai Skip for Now × Chat with Kai here, 24/7! It takes a specific type of kid to want to go to college in New Orleans. Residents of La have a few specific paths offered to La residents only, so we are HOPING she didn't receive merit because of she's being considered in these other paths. Pick a few informed people (hint: your school or CBO counselor)  and seek their advice. Those who thrive here are the ones who are the most curious to discover all the incredible thing this town's got to offer. For some students, submitting a 31ACT makes sense, for others it does not. Now, with all that said, do not take this as the gospel. Read up on it and get to know your resources. Happy hour is every weekday from 3-5. Submit your application (with or without scores) and then trust the process and know that you'll land exactly where you were supposed to. Concern about Tulane with all the hurricanes? I surveyed our student interns and a few staff members and here's what we recommend. Am I using it for good? We cover Capital & Celeb News within the sections Markets, Business, Showbiz, Gaming, and Sports. The most important thing to keep in mind is be purposeful in your interactions with colleges. Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04, http://tuadmissionjeff.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-optional-statment.html, https://tulanehullabaloo.com/52011/news/spring-scholars-encouraged-to-go-abroad-cannot-attend-loyola/. Tulane is going to throw A LOT at you if you come here and it isn't always easy to balance it all — and that's OK! But do use this as some light guidance for what we aspire our undergraduate population to be comprised of. I am a junior right now. It is too early to tell. This does not mean that you should not submit a score below that range. All rights reserved. Happy First Day of Classes, Tulane Students. I'll answer the last question too- my advice is pretty simple. @TheFAFSAGuru, has spent 30+ years working in higher education, helping thousands of students find the financial aid they need to…, College Confidential. Because at the end of the day, we're looking for you... to be you. This is Pre-COVID, so I'm pretty sure what they recommend for Spring Scholars will change, but they did discourage using Loyola for the interim semester. 4) Less is More: Tulane will likely see over 45,000 applications this year. Here's Sam Reich's suggestion. If there isn't a question like this on the application, then send in a short paragraph as if this question was asked. Lebanon Cafe: The best affordable and delicious Mediterranean food in the city, hands down. As weird as that may sound, think about it like this: when we tell our family and/or best friends about our experiences, it's probably the most authentic that we are in telling that story. There is almost nothing, literally, in this entire process that every university you are applying to is searching for in your application. They spend 20 hours a week volunteering, they're student body president and treasurer of the theatre club, they spend every summer building homes with Habitat for Humanity, they play six instruments, AND they have a part time job at the local pizza joint on the weekends. 9) Do an Interview: With so many schools going test optional and many high schools going Pass/Fail, many colleges and universities have introduced interviews this fall. Especially since he couldn't "holler at hookups" But, I didn't think anyone can deny that what we see on this thread is a lot of kids with SATs in the 1400s or so and a GPA of 3.75UW or so being waitlisted regardless of whether they wrote that essay or not. A good score will never hurt you. Some of these things might come naturally to you and if they do, we'll get a sense of it without you even having to try, just by reading your application. There are a lot of kids from some states that apply but not as many from our state. I think his stats helped but they're certainly on par with a lot of stats I see getting waitlisted. One of the biggest challenges first year students face, at any institution, is the ability to balance the academic rigor of college with the abundance of interest clubs and social activities. Want to see how it looks before the big move? Uw college confidential class of 2024 Tulane University Admission, New Orleans, LA. Are genuine and not necessarily well-rounded. I have decent scores, but I am really struggling to decide if I should submit them. Decide where each "piece" of your application should fall and where your stories, passions and strengths will be shared. Do it, even if it's not the easiest thing or most comfortable thing to do. @TheFAFSAGuru, has spent 30+ years working in higher education, helping thousands of students find the financial aid they need to…, College Confidential. I could tell that language was her passion and seeing that dedication to one particular area allowed me to learn so much more about her than if she had 16 different activities on her application. Today is part one of a three part blog about how you can enjoy NOLA for very little — or any — money. I've mentioned this in my previous blog about your college essay. If you're a high school student, current college student looking for a change, or a parent seeking information about the college search and admission process, consider joining our undergraduate mailing list by filling out the form below. Experience, Accepted! Happy First Day of Classes, Tulane Students. Remember this: you are competing for your spot in the class. A.k.a., as we said in summer camp, it's OK to leave your "cool hat" at home. Singleton's Mini Mart: A lesser known spot for the Tulane crowd, Singleton's is just a few blocks off Audubon Park in the Black Peral neighborhood. Click here for information. Schools like UCLA and NYU get 75,000+ applicants. Say it nicely or don't say it at all. Show you have done a little research, and really make your case as to why you think said school would be a good fit for you. A common question, but in my many years in this profession, it's always been the hardest one for me to answer. El Taco Loca has great Al Pastor tacos. I have stayed in touch with him and he mentioned that he was able to help his roommate balance his interests during their first year! Tulane students are pretty much all capable of getting a 4.0, but they won't ruin their life to do so. If you think your scores make your application stronger, send them. ), or checking if we'll be at virtually visiting your high school or Community Based Organization this fall. Is there a general range you’d recommend we submit? Let's turn it over to Dean Satyajit Dattagupta for the rest of his answers. Bonds with peers are typical, but connecting with someone who is in a different stage of their life requires an open-mind and develops empathy. And certainly don't go chatting up your school's custodian just cuz you want a teacher to see you and write about it (talk about inauthentic…). None of these character traits are things that you can force upon yourself, but perhaps they are things that you can aspire to have. With the added …, Tina Steele, a.k.a. (Tara, '22). I am going to pick on Long Island for a moment. 2) If we see something, say something: If you had a real tough semester in your personal life during your sophomore year, and we see a strange dip in grades, let us know. (w/$24,000 merit scholarship + invitation to Honors Program). We need to do a better job here about making sure our students are aware of the socioeconomic diversity that Tulane has. Pizza Domenica: In the pizza wars, Domenica might be the best. You can also learn how to combine this tip and the one before it to stand out for the right reasons in the activities section. Here's the good news: NOLA is pretty cheap, relatively speaking! (Didi '21) I'll add that this places has the best Bahn mi po boys in the city, for $8! I'll bet acceptance rates from our midwest state is higher than an east coast state. Stay on top of the information you need to navigate the admissions process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Oftentimes the college application process can leave students feeling like they need to be perfect, and we’re human and it’s okay not to be. 7) Be self-aware when using the COVID-19 prompt: Rather than re-litigating my thoughts on this new prompt here, I recommend you head straight to my blog written about this very topic. The process is layered and holistic. Then, most importantly, trust us. Not one. Today's blog is going to give you the most candid answer we can give, straight from the Dean of Admission. And remember, sometimes the best essays are the simplest ones — a slice of life or a moment in time. We can't wait to share it with you soon. Am I the only one who got accepted with an ACT<30?! In reading applications, I try to get a sense if the applicant is aware of their privilege, if they come from it. We've got articles, videos and forum discussions that provide answers to all of your test prep, admissions and college search questions. That said, don't feel like you have to relive any challenging experiences or share a tough personal story for the benefit of colleges. 15, and the EDII deadline is Jan. Uw college confidential class of 2024 Tulane University Admission, New Orleans, LA. Explore which educational path will help you work toward your dream career. The college provides academic services for students, including advising, honors, study abroad, and a range of academic student programs. This goes especially for TikTok, Snapchat, Insta, Twitter — we don't check your social media platforms here at Tulane, but every year, we'll get screenshots of dumb things students put on Snapchat or Twitter.