25 comments. Grab all trade routes for which you produce, only with the major powers. Hi! The more clever your plantation placement (i.e., skirting the edges with pineapple and getting as much as 30% from each of those upgrades, or ensuring 30% sugar efficiency by block placement), the more you can cheat the ratios with more industry buildings. -Going for Rum distilleries early and other industrial buildings, usually having 2 at early stage with thee 5000 distillery upgraded for each. For the past few days I've been trying to generate a decent looking map to no avail. WHY does it always create rocky shores???? Save the food for the people edict for when you advance eras. Genereated a few and I can't stand to use any of them because of how ugly the edges are. Tropico 6 - Critique (VOTEZ EL PRESIDENTE !!! Ideally, you want to keep the Axis above the point of attack (around 50), and get the allies to ally with you. 3. If people wanted to play random maps they would set their own random settings and play one. COLONIAL: This era is fairly straightforward; no one seems to have trouble with it, excepting "converting revolutionaries." Each plantation can support 1-2 production buildings of each kind, roughly. So if a guy with 20 food happiness is eating in a place with quality 40, what's the (2) outcome? Any helpful advice or actual list of seeds would be appriciated. Had no luck with tourism or any plantation based industry on hard. Viva Tropico! This is necessary. Take a minute and crack your fingers; you did it. Leaving the colonial era with 500k? - maxing out payment for teamsters. Run the agricultural subsidies edict while you're at it. There's no one going to sift through 1000+ pregenerated randoms Have been reading the guides You'll need them. Works fine.) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The reason you are placing the block in a corner is so you can line the edge of your flattest island with these plantations, using the center as a residential district. Direct X 11 (Note: you can use penal colony to get your population up to where it needs to be to man the plantations, but I find the crime reduction to budget to be as useless as food for the people pre-WW era.) :(. So does it have co-op? Use well-placed military buildings to deal with it (I put them on the outskirts of the plantation blocks). -Notes on debate in comment threads of this post: Plantation placement: land efficiency ("blocking") vs. labor efficiency (standard placement). Why such specific reductions in space/placement? Sail up, build a few mines, and watch the cash flow in. Do you know where I can find some atractive map seeds, I like to begin from continental era but from the moment I begin to play I can already see that I will have problem with separating tourism and residential areas from industrial since mines are all over the place, nor that I can connect the islands with bridges since they are far apart from each other. You can optionally use tax cut to make elections a bit easier. Large starting island with some elevation changes, two easily bridgable islands, easily touristable island. You didn't understand my question and not helping here. It should be financially doable at this point. El Presidente is back! Immigrants isn't even hard to get since they just join automatically over time. Is this (1) the only effect? If placed correctly, (preferring green fertility in this era), you should see 50-80% efficiency per plantation. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Tropico 6 offers completely new transportation and infrastructure possibilities.Customize the looks of your palace at will and choose from various extras.Tropico 6 features a revised research system focusing on the political aspects of being the world’s greatest dictator.Election speeches are back! A disclaimer before I begin: this guide utilizes some buggy behavior and attempts to avoid others.