Solve for your Transmission Ratio. While a larger (deeper) gear ratio than I have will make for more spirited and torquier driving around town and on the trail, it will also push my RPM’s up on the highway at a given ratio/tire size combo. For me I want to compare the OEM differential gearing (3.36) and current tire size (33’s) combination vs a potential future setup with 4.10’s on 35’s. In my case my big concern is selecting a gear ratio that is too large. Around town the 4.10’s give my Xterra the pep it lost when I went to bigger mud terrains and and added all the armor. Gear Design Equations Calculator Automobile Car Truck Formulas. Nothing you do is tracked on the grimmjeeper server. within operating ranges of the vehicle. Quick Change Without Rears Transfer Ratio; Gear Ratio Tooth Count UNDERDRIVE OVERDRIVE; 1.000 32/32 1.032 31/32 1.065 31/33 To find the street legal laws for your state including maximum suspension lift heights and tire size rules visit, Copyright © 2019 Crawlpedia All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. If your tires are bigger than stock you probably, like myself, have spend a lot of time trying to WAG (wild ass guess) your actual MPH when going down the road. It calculates total gear ratio in 1st gear in 4-Low (Off Road “Crawling”), 1st gear in 4-Hi (general use off roading), and Overdrive gear in 2-Hi (Highway driving). The high-range is most often a 1:1 ratio. At the end of the day our vehicles are never actually finished, right?! Metric. Gear calculator solving for crawl ratio given rear axle differential, transfer case, ... gear ratio = if ring and pinion ratio is 4.10:1 use 4.10: rotation velocity = RPM - revolutions per minute: effective gear ratio = determine new gear ratio after a tire size change:     layout by colorlib, These calculators are color coded by function. Since I was considering upgrading my 3.36 factory differential gear ratio up to either 4.10 or 4.56 I made two new rows for my vehicle with everything the same except the diff gears. These ratios are the transmission gear in use, the transfer case gear in use, and the differential gear. I made the spreadsheet below to allow me to quickly and easily compare total gear ratios of several of my friends vehicles with my own taking into account differences in tire size as well. The following chart lists the crawl speed you will be going while the engine is at a given RPM. Solve for your Crawl Ratio. Choose between SAE (feet/miles) and Metric (meters/kilometers) transmission low gear ratio. The lists of available equipment will Solve for your Transfer Case Ratio. Home; About Us; Photos / Videos; Gear Calculators. Select Lower Set Ratio. Since I drive on the highway frequently this is a big deal. Because changing the transmission and transfer case gears is often more involved and expensive most users first consider changing the differential gears if they want to change the overall gear ratio of their drivetrain. Solve for your Transmission Ratio. Last Updated: Feb 09, 2008. See Our Blog. It's a simple formula. Enter your values on the left side, press Compute and your answer will be on the right. Using the website I was also able to fill in the specs for friends vehicles to compare to. Want to see your banners and links on Crawlpedia? Crawlpedia is proudly supported by Filthy Motorsports, a specialty off-road racing and 4x4 parts shop in Boulder, Colorado. Off-road drivers and rock crawlers build their vehicles with low (numerically high) crawl ratios because not only does that increase torque at the wheels, it allows for better throttle response for low speed, technical driving. This calc can be used to find any (one) missing value. The lists of available equipment will probably never be complete. Next we’ll add information about what size tires and speeds you’re interested in seeing performance around. Here is how to calculate your overall crawl ratio. By Jimmy Raymond It was made by GM in what I can only assume was the 40’s or 50’s. Enter your transmission, transfer case, and axle gear ratios into the left side of the form below and press the calculate button to find your final crawl ratio. Note: This calculator is continually being updated. However, as soon as you start swapping out or adding aftermarket parts you might see a decrease in performance. Crawl speed Changing cells that are any other color could break the functionality of the calculator! To find the street legal laws for your state including maximum suspension lift heights and tire size rules visit, Copyright © 2019 Crawlpedia All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Before the gearing upgrade I just didn’t feel like I had any torque on the highway, and struggled to accelerate up long hills without just flooring it. Visit Our Site For More Information. Honda Transmission Gear Ratio Calculator. Note that as you start modifying the spreadsheet, only change the values of cells with orange text! transfer case, enter them below. I also was interested in seeing performance at 3mph for the off road situations as well as highway driving performance at 70mph. Here is where you put in that info to match the tire size and speed ranges that encompass the performance envelope and possible upgrade path for your vehicle. This form allows you to calculate final drive ratios as well as see a comparison of speeds and RPMs transfer case low range ratio. Multiply your first gear, times your low range transfer case gear, times your differential gear. The differential gear ratio can only be changed by physically installing different gears before you hit the trail. The following chart lists the final drive ratio of all combined gears (transmission, transfer case, underdrive, axle) in all possible combinations Final Drive Ratio Gear Start adding other things like extra weight from skid plates and heavy bumpers and you’ll really notice a difference in performance. The following chart lists the RPMs your engine will be turning while driving at a given speed. Shock Oil Volume Calculator. As an example let’s run through two of these. Honda / Acura Transmission Calculator v.15 BETA . Using this table and looking at the column for 33in tires which I currently have installed (in the cells colored orange) I can see that by increasing my gear ratio to 4.10 or 4.56 I will increase my RPM’s on the highway about 450 or over 700 RPMs respectively! Aisin AR5Aisin AS69RCAisin Warner AW30-40Aisin Warner AW4Aisin Warner AX-4Aisin Warner AX-5Aisin Warner AX-15Allison 545 (4 speed)Allison 1000 (5 speed)Allison 1000 (6 speed)Borg Warner AS-8Borg Warner SR4Borg Warner T4Borg Warner T5Clark 261FClark 264VOClark 267VClark 269VClark 305VClark 307VClark 385VClark 387VClark 401VClark 406VClark 407VClark 408VClark 2653Dodge TF727Dodge TF904Dodge TF909Dodge TF999Dodge 30RHDodge 32REDodge 32RHDodge 42REDodge 42RLEDodge 44REDodge 45RFEDodge 46REDodge 47REDodge 48REDodge 545RFE (2003-2005)Dodge 545RFE (2006-)Dodge 68RFEDodge 845REDodge 948TEDodge G56 (2005-2007)Dodge G56 (2008-)Dodge WA580/NAG1Eaton-Fuller FS-4205AEaton-Fuller FS-4205BEaton-Fuller FS-6305AEaton-Fuller FS-6305BEaton-Fuller FS-5406AEaton-Fuller FS-5406BEaton-Fuller FSO-6406AEaton-Fuller FSO-8406AEaton-Fuller RT-6610Eaton-Fuller RTO-6610Eaton-Fuller RTO-910Ford C-4Ford C-5Ford C-6Ford 4R44EFord 4R55EFord 4R70EFord 4R70WFord 4R75EFord 4R75WFord 4R100Ford 5R55EFord 5R55NFord 5R55SFord 5R55WFord 5R110Ford 5R110WFord 6HP26Ford 6R60Ford 6R75Ford 6R80Ford A4LDFord A4LDEFord A5LDEFord AODFord AOD-EFord AODEFord AODEWFord AXOD-EFord E4ODFord TorqshiftFord M1HDFord M5HDFord M5HD-WFord M5R2Ford M5R2-CFord M6HD-6Ford M50D (2.3)Ford M50D (5.0)Ford M50D-R1 (2.3/3.0)Ford M50D-R1 (4.0)Ford M50D-R2Ford M50D-R4Ford Ricardo 6Ford T45Ford T5OD (92-98)Ford T5OD (99-05)Fuller Roadranger R-46Fuller Roadranger R-96TFuller Roadranger RT-510Fuller Roadranger RT-910Fuller Roadranger RTO-915Fuller Roadranger RTO-915 Deep LowGeo TrackerGetrag 238Getrag 260Getrag 260 (CTS 03-04)Getrag 360Getrag F234GM TH200-4RGM TH350GM TH400GM TH700R4GM 4L60/4L60EGM 4L80/4L80EGM 5L40GM 5L50GM 6L80GM Allison 1000 (5 speed)GM Allison 1000 (6 speed)Land Rover R380Land Rover R380 (94-97 Disco, 94-95 D90)Muncie SM318Muncie SM420Muncie SM465Mitsubishi FM145Nissan FS5R30ANissan FS5R50ANissan FS5W71C (2WD)Nissan FS5W71C (4WD)Nissan FS6R31ANissan FS6R31A (350Z)Nissan KA24DENissan RE24DENissan RE4F03BNissan RE4F04ANissan RE4F04BNissan RE4F04VNissan RE4F04WNissan RE4R01ANissan RE4R03ANissan RE4R04ANissan RE5F22ANissan RE5R05ANissan RE5R05A (350Z)Nissan RL4F03ANissan RL4F03VNissan RL4F04BNissan RL4R01ANissan RL4R03ANissan RS5F31ANissan RS5F32ANissan RS5F32VNissan RS5F50A (1997-1999)Nissan RS5F50A (2000-2001)Nissan RS5F50VNissan RS5F51A (2.5)Nissan RS5F51A (3.5)Nissan RS5F70A (1.8)Nissan RS5F70A (2.0)Nissan RS6F51ANissan RS6F51HNissan RS6F52A (2.5)Nissan RS6F52A (3.5)Nissan RS6F594RNP260NP433G21NP433G22NP434G22NP435 Close RatioNP435 Wide RatioNP435GANP435GDNP435GLNP540GDNP540GLNP540GO14NP541GDNP541GLNSG370 Close RatioNSG370 Close Ratio (2012+ Jeep Wrangler)NSG370 Wide RatioNV1500NV2550NV3500 Close RatioNV3500 Wide RatioNV3500HDNV3550 Close RatioNV3550 Wide RatioNV4500 (93-94 GM)NV4500NV4500HDNV5600Peugeot BA-10Spicer 3053/3053ASpicer 3152ASpicer 3153CSpicer 5252ASpicer 5652Spicer 5752CSpicer 6852GSpicer 6852KSpicer 6852SSpicer 6853CSpicer 8045Spicer 8052Spicer 8052BSpicer 8052DSuzuki Samurai (to 1989)Suzuki Samurai (1990 and later)Suzuki Sidekick (3 speed auto)Suzuki Sidekick (4 speed auto)Suzuki Sidekick (5 speed manual)Toyota A43DToyota A44DToyota A340EToyota A340FToyota A340HToyota A341FToyota A343FToyota A440FToyota A750EToyota A750FToyota A760EToyota A760FToyota AB60EToyota AB60FToyota C50Toyota C52Toyota C56Toyota C59Toyota C60Toyota C65MToyota C150Toyota C151Toyota E153Toyota E350Toyota E351Toyota G40Toyota G52Toyota G54Toyota G57Toyota G58Toyota H41Toyota H42Toyota H55FToyota H150FToyota H151FToyota J30Toyota L43Toyota L45Toyota L50Toyota L52Toyota R150Toyota R150FToyota R151FToyota R154Toyota R155Toyota R155FToyota RA60Toyota RA60FToyota RA61FToyota T40Toyota T50Toyota T50 (TRD Package #1)Toyota T50 (TRD Package #2)Toyota T50 (Quaife Gears)Toyota U140EToyota U140FToyota V160Toyota V161Toyota W40Toyota W42Toyota W45Toyota W46Toyota W50Toyota W51Toyota W52Toyota W55Toyota W56Toyota W57Toyota W58Toyota W59Tremec 109mmTremec T-5 Close RatioTremec T-5 Medium RatioTremec T-5 Wide RatioTremec T56 Close RatioTremec T56 Wide RatioTremec T150Tremec T176Tremec T177Tremec T178TR-3450TR-3650 Close RatioTR-3650 Wide RatioTR-4050 Close RatioTR-4050 Wide RatioWarner T14Warner T15Warner T18 (Close Ratio)Warner T18a (Wide Ratio)Warner T19 Close RatioWarner T19 Medium RatioWarner T19 Wide RatioWarner T84Warner T85Warner T86Warner T90A1 (1946-1962 CJ)Warner T90C (1963-1971 CJ)Warner T90J (1952-1965 Willys Pickup)Warner T98ZF 8HP30ZF 8HP45ZF 8HP55ZF 8HP70ZF 8HP90ZF 9HP28ZF 9HP48ZF S5-42 (close ratio)ZF S5-42 (wide ratio)ZF S5-47 (close ratio)ZF S5-47 (mid ratio)ZF S5-47 (wide ratio)ZF S6-40ZF S6-650.