Do you have a preference between Traeger or REC TEC? We pressed him to find out if now, in fact, the Timberline and Ironwood will let you sear a steak, and he challenged us to test it ourselves. Or so they’d have us believe. Their current offering of grills numbers eight units, including a gas wok and two competition-grade smokers. I think that I am not alone in my assessment as I visited four specialty grill stores while researching this review. Traeger claims their grills use 1-3 pounds of pellets per hour, depending on the temperature. I still consider it one of my favorite purchases and get a ton of value from it even 5 years later. Think about it. This one is a little subjective, and it depends on your personal taste, but for me, the RT-700 is the better looking of the two grills. Update - The Traeger rep says they do make a front folding shelf that fits. Check your email, and click "Confirm" and well send you a copy of the smoking chart. I’d crank it to 500 and determine if you’re satisfied with the results.”. What does every company in the world have in common? Best Traeger Grill Reviews – The Original, and Still the Top Choice? The century 885 holds its temperature very steadily for all the times I have used it. They did not fit! The 40lb capacity pellet hopper means you can get nearly 40 hours of cooking time from the RT-700 before you need to do any refilling. A term that sounds unappetizing, to say the least. The Pro D2 Controller is easy to use and holds a consistent temperature while the Pro D2 Direct Drive and TurboTemp system get the grill heated quickly and claim to provide enough heat to sear a steak. With the shelter in place I’ve been able to use it a ton (usually 4-5 days a week) since then and I haven’t had a single issue with it. for better heat retention, Primary cooking surfaces are actually smaller than in the Ironwood grills. **Note** This email might be in your 'Promotions' folder. The good news is that the most recent generation of Traeger grills harks back to the old days in terms of their build quality, but come packed with all the modern technology you’d expect from a cutting-edge pellet grill. Pro & Ironwood Series vs. Silverton I’m trying to determine if the new Silverton is worth buying versus the Pro or Ironwood direct from Traeger. Easily save as PDF or print for future use. I second this. Powder-coated steel is rust-resistant, too, but if the coating starts to chip off, rust may become an issue. Takes like two minutes to install. Just throwing that out there. Sure, you could bring a torch with you, but then you’ve got one less hand available. The entire construction is stainless steel, including the cooking grates, bullhorn handles, and nose ring – I mean towel ring. I have the 885 and the reason I went with it over the pro series was tighter temp control and super smoke. By comparison, REC TEC uses stainless steel for every component on their full range, except the heating rod, which is ceramic – and good for 300 years, apparently. First, that it’s usually a feeble approximation of a sear. Conclusions On The Traeger Pro Series Gen 1 vs Gen 2. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Other than size there are no meaningful differences between the 850 and 1300. & 476 sq. . Up and seasoned without too much trouble, other than having to create a 2.4Ghz wifi that my phone will connect to. Once Traeger’s patent on pellet grill technology expired, several other companies hopped on board. The famous bowhunting couple will appear in federal court, where they face a laundry list of charges. Overall, I’d call REC TEC the winner, offering the best combination of features, quality, construction, and price. Get the latest Traeger news, share recipes/tips, ask questions, and join us in the wood-fired revolution! Based upon these differences, if I was in the market to buy a Traeger, then I suspect that I would buy an Ironwood. They claim their Smart Grill Technology and proprietary algorithm significantly reduce temperature fluctuations. However, for the price, the REC TEC is simply a better-made grill. The combination of sensitive digital temperature controls, wifi-enabled app compatibility, and a complicated pellet feeding system means there is a lot to go wrong. New Traeger grills claim higher temperatures and faster heating to help you sear your steak quicker. For example, the Pro Series 575 has roughly 575 square inches of cooking area between the top and upper grate compared with 650 square inches on the Ironwood 650. As with all grills in REC TECs range, the temperature range is 200°F to 500°F+, it has 2 meat probes, the PID and smart grill technology controller, and 4 wheels for easy moving around your yard. Here’s a brief look at each series to help you narrow down what’s best for you. Be sure to check out our other articles, reviews, and recipes to help further your journey to backyard cooking brilliance. Unlike other pellet grills that blow billowing white smoke when in “Smoke” mode, the Traeger produces more of the thin blue smoke that you want. This accuracy, coupled with the lowered heat-loss potential of its heavier stainless steel body, means the RT-700 is better able to maintain a consistent temperature than the Timberline. In the end, the edge goes to REC TEC, simply because you’ll have fewer partially full bags of pellets sitting around. Rec Tec Vs Traeger – Main Differences Between Them, best pellet smokers for different budgets, Traeger grills come with built in error reporting, Best Pellet Smokers and Grills in 2020 – From Affordable to High End. ], Rotisserie Eye of Round Roast Beef With Horseradish Cream Sauce. That being said, I wouldn’t buy one because you can get all of the really important features on the less expensive Ironwoods. By signing up, you agree to receive emails from GearJunkie and Aparso. The smallest of the three could take a full-size turkey, or three racks of ribs, or around a dozen burgers. REC TECs also feature Wi-Fi connectivity and an app for monitoring and adjusting your cook from anywhere you can connect to the internet. This size difference is irrelevant and is reflected in the fact that both grills can only handle five racks of ribs. Traeger grills are backed by a 3-year warranty. Turning to Traeger, the six units covered here run from an MSRP from approximately 800 dollars for the Pro Series 575, all the way up to roughly $2000 for the top-end Timberline 1300. The app lets you change temperature, set timers, and monitor food temps. It might not seem like much because you could always just bring a torch outside with you, but the fact that REC TEC bothered to include an interior light speaks volumes about the quality of their design process. REC TEC offers all those little bits and pieces, too, including apparel, rubs and sauces, pellets, and tools. Both of these grills are similar in size and features to the Silverton but I honestly think that the Silverton is the best buy of the bunch. All the REC TEC and Traeger grills are capable of producing hot enough temperatures to produce a sear – IF it was direct heat.