people use their ATVs. New 2020 Tracker Off Road 570. © 2020 TRACKER OFF ROAD, LLC. The digital gauge gives you a speedometer for how fast you're moving, an odometer for total miles on the unit, and 700EPS. The overall capacity is 515 pounds of load. goes considerably fast. In this scenario, you don't need to do anything with the throttle; simply let off and the compression of the engine will actually slow In our test, we found that on a fairly flat dirt road in controlled conditions, we could get up to about 50 mph with the Tracker 570. Compare this to other brands and it's 30 pounds more than the Polaris Now, you never want to overload these racks, and the 570 might not be right for you if you want to haul really heavy loads, so carefully consider what your needs are. The 570 is our top seller because it delivers class-leading front and rear suspension travel for a smoother ride while working or playing. Compare that to just 6 months from some manufacturers. The 4WD mode is nearly instantaneous, and you won't find that feature on every brand. But, as denoted by the EPS in the name, you also get electronic power steering for more control. This review would not be complete with a nod toward a feature you might have thought of—the warranty. And when you're ready to pick up the pace, just gently squeeze the throttle and you're on your way. And when the Tracker 570 is set to park, this also acts as a parking brake for the unit, so it won't roll away on unlevel ground. warranty on the Tracker 570. frame made of what's referred to as HSLA—high strength, low alloy steel. The CVT is also known as a "shiftless" transmission. engine limiter circuit and allows for full RPM. especially helpful in really dark conditions far from city lights when afield at night. The 570 is our top seller because it delivers class-leading front and rear suspension travel for a smoother ride while working or playing. On the other hand, when you consider the whole package, the Tracker 570 has a ton of features and still operator.,,, is great, because it slides in with ease and then you're ready to tow. Any quality ATV needs to be able to endure the tough, off-road conditions you’re probably used to trekking through. 570. There are faster ATVs out there, of course, so if pure speed is what you're looking for, this unit might not be right for you. Is this unit right for you? They also deflect rocks or sticks that might fly off the tires under the unit. First, Tracker tested out the 570 on steep conditions. EFI improves fuel economy, improves cold engine start, and even regulates fuel flow better at higher elevations. With the Tracker 570, just briefly let off the throttle, flick the 2WD to 4WD lever (conveniently located right next to the throttle), and get back on the gas. From steep, to slippery, wet, and rocky, and other obstacles, it's like punishment for ATVs. There is also a TrueTimber Strata Camouflage version available if you purchase the Woodsman Edition. If you are in reverse, the Tracker 570 typically limits the RPMs, but the Reverse Override button removes the This equates to an amazingly smooth ride. a trip meter that you can reset for each trip as desired. Previously, we provided some details about the Tracker 570’s frame, but there are several other features of the towing capacity. But as always, if you're not sure, The single cam design of this engine means the cam shaft is situated over the engine's cylinder. Then you would dial up the stiffness on the shocks using the provided tool. Tracker offers a Winter Package that comes with a Plow Push frame and frame mount, a 66-inch steel plow blade, a WARN 3000 wire winch, and a deluxe thumb and finger warmer kit for those cold winter days spent plowing. They built this track to test off-road vehicles in crazy-tough conditions, so they know they're ready for the real world. 90. (We'll explore more upgrades and accessories later in this There is The Tracker 570 has general-purpose ATV tires that were designed to offer a great balance of stability and smooth ride, but also a relatively aggressive bite into soft or slippery dirt, mud, and snow.