The training process for Russian Spetsnaz is a long and staggering 5 years. Served in the Air Force from 1955-1968. Coast Guard is America's oldest continuous seagoing service as the Continental Navy was disbanded before the US Navy was formed. Toughest mofo I ever met on the field. As a retired United States Airman...we take a back seat to NO ONE, even the Marines! I've watched the ROK Marines (Republic of Korea) in training, which lasts 3 years, also considering Korea is basically always at war. Park a carrier strike group outside their borders and remind them that that individual strike group has more firepower than their entire nation does (except Russia China or India), and that we have a dozen more just like it. I don't expect people from the US's other branches to understand, let alone other countries. We're the ones they call when they need bailing out! Just because our boot camp is only 8.5 weeks long...don't Be fooled, we can kick ass! In all seriousness, I'd put the USAF up against anyone! Between the airforce and the navy bombing and destroying everything in their path, there is little reason to send in ground troops besides showing the enemy civilian population mercy.Just look at the ending of world war 2. They go anywhere do anything and will kill anybody. There is always an emergency standby medical staff on the ground so, very few casualties are recorded. The naval warfare service branch of the United States armed forces, one of the largest in the world and it takes 7 to 9 weeks of basic training. I know...I was there! It just lacks the numbers. Trainers all have their various methods of toughening up recruits. This is where they excel. It is important to note that their boots and uniforms are purposely chosen to not be a good fit for them. I am only 14 now so there is still 2 years until I am allowed to earn my green lid and join the most elite fighting force ever! THE UNITED KINGDOM’S GURKHAS: For the people of Nepal who aspire to join this British military organization, the first set of punishing tests that qualify them for the actual military training are somewhat tame and involve having to do about 800 meters in 2 minutes or maybe 12 pull-ups. The Australian army is required to be able to in addition to basic military training to learn how to swim unlike the US army. Another Plus, all the other branches "were given birth" by the ARMY. ", Legionnaires are the toughest soldiers I've had the pleasure to exchange stories with. Certainly one of the Best. Best in the world. Under Transformation. Don't get me wrong, Marines are a great branch and are the most feared, but are no where near as strong as the Army. The actual training is much more difficult than anything dealt with by SAS trainees. We tried our best to end the game with ground troops in japan but realized quickly that we are just throwing our U.S lives away every time for barely any net gain. I was Army Infantry 99-03. Indian commandos regularly win international competition. Stuart Boner, in the year 2014, in collaboration with Robert Macklin, told the story of how he joined the Australian Special Air Service Regiment. From the densest forests to scorching deserts, from Siachen glaciers to the deep Indian ocean. They will beat any of the worlds special forces. No other service is tasked with as many different missions. This is as good as it gets. Its about quality and not quantity. The U.S. Air Force owns and operates more aircraft than the Navy and Marine Corps combined! American citizens pay the Coast Guard to perform missions they want them to do such as saving lives, performing law enforcement, ice breaking, aids to navigation, marine safety, pollution response, living marine resources, migrant interdiction, drug interdiction, port security and national defense amongst many of the other missions. Coming second on the list of hardest special forces training in the world – Those eligible for selection into the SSG must have first served in the regular army and afterward have to pass an aptitude test as well with a score of 100. The British army with 1 million men are unstoppable. You know they intend for you to be tough when they make you literally play with fire. ...more. Although not a massive army with 100's of thousands of troops, but the most well trained in all walks of a military career, whether its from logistics to field craft to shooting or discipline, or I could just take the easy way out and say The SAS which every other special forces around the world, yes including navy seals, training is based on the SAS, people don't think about this because the SAS's missions are rarely available to the public, you wonder why? One thing you would find common between these elite units is that their recruitment process usually involves making potential recruits pass through harsh, mostly unfamiliar territory and get to the base within a specified time, giving them a well-earned spot on among force with the hardest special forces training in the world. They know their surroundings and know the tactics. The Mexican Major, Major Campos said after the battle, "Is this all of them? I can't comment on The Royal Navy or the RAF, but the army is easily the best, train hard fight easy. Waffen SS were really good but still failed to project their power in many places. The Marines are ranked #1 here, but how would they be anything without a Navy to transport them everywhere? One of the worlds most elite amphibious forces, specializing in front line combat, 32 weeks of training in intense conditions and then 15 weeks as a recruit longest infantry training in NATO. That's the truth of it. Your email address will not be published. They leave at the drop of a hat, and are always ready to serve. They have the most in numbers, best equipment, gear, weaponry, special forces etc. Because they do. This covers essentially, the duties performed by Special Forces. Much more profitable to hold a ...more, Australian army is far superior in skill, combat-knowledge, and leadership than any other defense force in the world. Any major power needs to cross an ocean to get to us. The aspiring members are made to run 5 kilometers all the while saddled with weight weighing 25 kilograms. However, considering the kind of missions that they are required to do, the training is very important to prepare them for the possible trials ahead. Rad-op 211, CFB Calgary. The others are just sub branches. They don't buy into the bravado like such units as the American marines but adapt to the country in which they find themselves in. Three bad guys down. The Australian military as small as it is goes through one of the most rigorous training of any NATO allied army. During the eight months of training, the men are required repeatedly, to cover a distance of 36 miles in 12 hours only. Any police met on the way will attempt to capture them leading to their disqualification. It’s okay though, most don’t want to be recognized or described fully because how can you be clandestine if everybody knows who you are. From my own personal experiences, I was instilled beyond the point of arrogance that we were simply the best there was. Required fields are marked *. I doubt there exists a dictator alive that didn't cold sweat while viewing US Marines prepare for the invasion of Iraq via Kuwait. The U.S ARMY is the strongest branch. They have amphibious assault vehicles, transport aircraft. Any unit in the British army could kick the US Marines ass. They are demons! Is this all of the men who are left?" No compass, no vest, just an M1911 and prayers along their minds. According to him, a white bag was placed over his head before he was stripped of his clothes and thrown in a cell where he was put in stressful positions for a long time without the option of sleep. The Navy Seals are America's finest operators bar none.4. Hardest training for any non special forces unit in the world. A WILD PREDATORS IN THE SKIES SEARCHING FOR ENEMIES KNOWN AS PREY'S, Released on the middle of the sea with their hands tight. They created the Nuclear Bomb. An organization that hasn't trained to preform a successful retreat is dangerous one but, the Marines I've met don't seem to want it any other way. The Navy is the most powerful branch, but all branches contribute to its power. We have the oldest fighting force in the western hemisphere, the Army Rangers, we have the Berets, Delts, SOAR, 101st, 82nd, and the most powerful single corps ever, the Army Corps of Engineers. The training they receive is longer, harder and more intense then most special forces in the world including the navy seals. Ask any ground pounder (marines or army) if they aren't happy to see us during a battle. They train to do more with less. Even then our special forces are more than enough to handle that situation. These guys call fox holes "fight holes" for good reason. I am from an Air Force family. While a lot smaller than the U.S Army they are strong and should be considered more. They are more selective regarding recruitment standards, have harder physical standards, and have harder/longer training. I have witnessed Marine units in action first hand and even the weakest among them flawlessly overcame situations that make normal men want to dig in and hide. We deploy much more often than people reach due to our global reach, global power doctrine! This among others made their training to be the hardest special training forces in the world. I believe this is because they do not join out of civilian life, but are hand picked from the CAF itself, so before they join, they are already among the best of the best. Australia military land forces and its Australia defense force, recruits must undergo 80 of basic training in order to be a full time soldier for the Australian army. This is also what makes JTF2 great because they're picking from soldiers who are very skilled. The training lasts for 30 months on the average and includes something known as the “Hell week” which, true to its name, involves a heavy amount of agony compressed to last a week, during the first 3 weeks of training. The ss was like the army rangers are to the us. For the people of Nepal who aspire to join this British military organization, the first set of punishing tests that qualify them for the actual military training are somewhat tame and involve having to do about 800 meters in 2 minutes or maybe 12 pull-ups. Basic in Cornwallis, NS in the winter of '82 - '83 was rough and the instructors were brutal and relentless! The US ARMY the most powerful branch of the United States military and The most powerful branch in the Whole world. In over 30 years as a officer in the British army, it was hard to find any soldier from around the world who wouldn't honestly admit that they fear most going against a ...more. ... Air Force Special Operations is among the toughest training in the world! 1. ...more. Some of the toughest trained soldiers. Based on the area they excelled in, they are assigned to land, sea or air operations. Suffice it to say that you have missed several levels of top echelon segments of the military not only in the U.S. but around the world. After this, members are almost at their goal and have to spend a half year engaged in commando training after which they can finally join SSG. The United Kingdoms principle land warfare forces, part of the British armed forces this branch requires 10 weeks of basic training and then 16 to 17 weeks of infantry and armor training based on the role they choose. The Australian army may not be the best army in the world but they should be higher on the list. The B2 spirit is one of the few strategic stealth bombers in the world. The first five months out of those five years are designed specifically to break the recruits and raise them up again, building them to the right state of mind and body to carry out the highly improvisational methods used by the unit.