You're basically cause your own misery. Geniophobia is an overwhelming fear of chins. Ergophobia – The fear of work. What dog would be afraid of this, Me sitting and enjoying the view.Someone across the pond screams and runs away.I run back and lock myself in my car because I thought there was a serial killer on the loose.When I learn what really happened. Phobics avoid certain cities because they have more snakes. Nintendo is the best like this if u agree. It may not be a debilitating or life-altering condition, yet no list of weird phobias would be complete without the inclusion of arachibutyrephobia – the inexplicable fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. I see a spider, and I am screaming until 2 hrs later, THE SPIDER IS STILL THERE, and I do more screaming again. Agony! Includes small, large, dead and living fish. They are so scary! About 8% of Americans have this phobia. And it all started with a text. Being afraid of bugs and Arachnids isn't even out of the ordinary when it comes to phobias either. Fearing anything or anyone that is strange or foreign. Touching and looking at navels. 😠ðŸ˜. Equinophobia – The fear of horses. 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Being terrified of what might happen right after you fall asleep. Ophidiophobia – The fear of snakes. Get away from me with your giant knockers woman, don't you know I suffer from mastophobia?! Spectrophobia is a fear of mirrors and one’s own reflection. But what if they aren't and hydrophobophobic people are just anticipating? Five percent of the general population suffer from this phobia. Gynophobia – The fear of women. Many people fear being stung by angry bees. although I don't think I was fearful of it, mostly annoyed. Five percent of the general population suffer from this phobia. It is a rare but often devastating phobia. However, making it a regular habit is unlikely to benefit either your health or social life. Affects some anorexics/bulimics. The phobia may come from a bad episode while eating, like choking. If your enquiry is regarding your entry or an event you are trying to enter, please contact the event organiser directly. Chaetophobia: the fear of hair. It is not a very common phobia. The phobia is also referred to as verminophobia, germophobia, bacillophobia, or bacteriophobia. Believe it or not, it’s real. Please try again later/, 10 Surprising Things That Boost Your Brainpower. We move forward with it. Disposophobia – The fear of getting rid of stuff triggers extreme hoarding. Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders affects women four times more (48% women and 12% men). We are not allowed to re-subscribe you via any of our sites, you can re-subscribe via our newsletter provider (Mailchimp) using their form, by Mysophobia – The fear of germs. It can also be dangerous for your wellbeing, as sunlight is good for regulating the mood and protecting bone health. 7) Ergophobia: an abnormal and persistent fear of work. mailing list (GDPR SAR request). Aren't you just inflicting the fear on yourself then? ; Aeroacrophobia: Fear of open high places. It is the single greatest barrier to success. When applied to the diet it can also mean that sufferers miss out on various healthy foods and nutrients. is a non-profit organization that encourages youth to volunteer and helps them find volunteer opportunities. 3) Arachibutyrophobia: the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. The organization would often send out text notifications to make youth aware of campaigns going on around them. Most often the fear or condition is associated with an anxiety about the perceived dangers of the sun; however, unless you happen to be a vampire, avoiding the sun entirely is likely to be an impossible and unnecessary task. Simply fill in the form below to submit your query. While many people suffer from a general form of social anxiety, deipnophobia takes a rather more specific twist and is restricted to a fear of carrying on a conversation while eating. This isn't even weird.. Triskaidekaphobia – The fear of the number 13 or the bad luck that follows. They should be fun, but not for phobics. Who you gonna call? If I had this, I'd be completely messed up. Being afraid of water or being near water. It wouldn't be reasonable in places like the UK, where spiders are harmless, but in tropical places, fearing spiders is rational. ; Acerophobia: Fear of sourness. Crisis Text Line is a 24/7, free, texting service where people can connect with trained crisis counsellors. This can easily lead to an excessive cleaning disorder. When I was younger, I refused to eat peanut butter and jelly because it stuck to the roof of my mouth. By Heather Brown. Please note that we cannot facilitate event entry enquiries and therefore enquiries of this nature will not be responded to. Let’s face it, no one likes hospitals. Okay, this is weird. There is even an online test that helps determine the severity of a person’s linonophobia. These are the top 100 phobias people hold, with the most common ones listed from the top. Somewhere, a duck is watching you. I think this is a lot weirder than fear of becoming fat. But what if they don't know that they're hydrophobic? Not being able to do speeches. How does peanut butter make a difference? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Ever seen Final Destination 3? Commonly known as a “school phobia,” the fear is more prevalent in younger students (ages 7 to 11), and is believed to stem from anxiety triggered by being separated from their parents. Does it mean that they're scared for no reason or they aren't? Are you scared of getting the fear, because I am scared of getting the fear of snakes, so that is understandable if you look farther into it! Anthropophobia – The fear of people. maybe I had this phobia? Panophobia – The fear of everything or fear that terrible things will happen. Glossophobia – The fear of public speaking. Enochlophobia – The fear of crowds is closely related to Ochlophobia and Demophobia. Being afraid of the dark or the night is common for kids. Arachnophobia – The fear of spiders affects women four times more (48% women and 12% men). Mysophobia. … Somniphobia – The fear of sleep. Didaskaleinophobia – The fear of school. ... Keep reading to learn about the weirdest phobias out there. Yes, that innocuous body part attached to the lower part of your face! Sometimes change is a good thing. Want to contact us? Taphophobia – The fear of being buried alive by mistake and waking up in a coffin underground. It also manifests itself into a fear of any situation, event or person that is associated with dancing. I have this, I've killed many spiders, but I still fear them.So many people have this phobia, it's nowhere near weird. Nosocomephobia – The fear of hospitals. Ornithophobia – The fear of birds. AKA Spectrophobia. Basically, people are scared of people who are scared of water. Here are some surprising celebrity phobias.