One of the greatest threats to biodiversity is posed by introduced mammalian predators such as the Polynesian Rat. Tokelau annually exports around US$100,000 (€67,000) of stamps, copra and woven and carved handicrafts and imports over US$300,000 (€202,000) of foodstuffs, building materials, and fuel to, and from, New Zealand. Tokelau lies north of the Samoan Islands, east of Tuvalu, south of the Phoenix Islands, southwest of the more distant Line Islands, and northwest of the Cook Islands. The Zip Code for Sierra Leone is 42215. )[46] Out of 581 votes cast, 349 were for Free Association, being short of the two-thirds majority required for the measure to pass. Atafu was converted to Protestantism by the London Missionary Society, Nukunonu was converted to Catholicism and Fakaofo was converted to both denominations. United States Code, Title 48, section 1662: Mar. As of the 2016 census, around 45% of residents were born overseas, mostly in Samoa and New Zealand. As Germany is not the only country to use the five digit format it is often recommended to use the country code (D) before the numeric post code when writing addresses for international mail. [30] At midnight 29 December 2011 Tokelau shifted to UTC+13:00 in response to Samoa's decision to switch sides of the International Dateline. The islands were named the Union Islands and Union Group by European explorers at an unknown time. Export to CSV, Shapefile, GeoJSON, KML, Mapinfo file or Webservice.This is a list of all postal codes in New Zealand, along with additional information such as the state, county, and geographic coordinates. Tokelau was removed from the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony and placed under the jurisdiction of the Governor-General of New Zealand in 1925, two Orders in Council being made for the purpose on the same day. [31] This brought Tokelau closer to New Zealand time (and in the process omitted 30 December). Each atoll has a radio-broadcast station that broadcasts shipping and weather reports and every household has a radio or access to one. This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 06:41. Main Page > International > Tokelau Postal Code, ZIP Code of Tokelau. Tokelau belongs to New Zealand ,please reference to New .Postal Code 0632 is located in Albany, New Zealand. What ZIP Code are you mailing to? View more property details, sales history and Zestimate data on Zillow. [75], Despite its low income, Tokelau has a life expectancy of 69 years, comparable with other Oceania islands. Many Tokelauans live in New Zealand and support their families in Tokelau through remittances. Our records often include geographical coordinates of Rotorua and it's corresponding postal code.The postal code of Rotorua which is listed in our database is 3040. This included two gold medals for Violina Linda Pedro (in the women's pairs and the women's singles), making her Tokelau's most successful individual athlete to date. Nearby Postal Codes include 0792, 0793, 0794. On 29 October 1825 August R. Strong of the USS Dolphin wrote of his crew's arrival at the atoll Nukunonu: Upon examination, we found they had removed all the women and children from the settlement, which was quite small, and put them in canoes lying off a rock in the lagoon. Both claimed in 1908; territories formed in 1962 (British Antarctic Territory) and 1985 (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands). The 2,250 sq. What ZIP Code are you mailing from? The expedition reached Nukunonu on 28 January 1841 but did not record any information about inhabitants. [28], Helped by Swains Island-based Eli Jennings senior, Peruvian "blackbird" slave traders arrived in 1863 and kidnapped nearly all (253) of the able-bodied men to work as labourers, depopulating the atolls. Tokelau is officially referred to as a nation by both the New Zealand government and the Tokelauan government. It did not seriously injure anyone but villagers lost significant amounts of property. A significant proportion (44.9% in 2016) of the population were born overseas, mostly in Samoa (15.3% of total population) and New Zealand (11.5%). Rev. [7] In addition, Swains Island, which forms part of the same archipelago, is subject to an ongoing territorial dispute and is currently administered by the United States as part of American Samoa. Postal code. From Fale, Fakaofo, two of the best clubs are Hakava Club and Matalele Club.[83]. Most of the original vegetation has been replaced by coconut plantations, some of which have been abandoned and became scrubby forests. [45] Faipule and pulenuku also sit in the Fono. ccb82a64f7 0626 because its an Zip Code and Postal code get it on now!.This is the Tokelau Post Code . 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[23][24] On 25 January 1841, the United States Exploring Expedition visited Atafu and discovered a small population living on the island. [86], Group of three islands in the western Pacific. Tokelau won its first ever gold medals at the 2007 Pacific Games in Apia, winning a total of five medals (three gold, a silver and a bronze), all in lawn bowls, and finishing 12th (out of 22) on the overall medal table. [76], Tokelau is predominantly Christian. Tokelau (/ˈtoʊkəlaʊ/; previously known as the Union Islands, and officially as the Tokelau Islands until 1976;[5] lit. New Zealand: 64 .New Zealand does not have zip codes but has postal codes. In the draft constitution of Tokelau subject to the Tokelauan self-determination referendum in 2006, Olohega (Swains Island) was also claimed as a part of Tokelau, though the claim was surrendered in the same 1979 treaty.