Afraid of being sent back to his abusive stepfather, Armentrout shot his father nine times when Charles Sr. was going to confront him about his behavior. Is Toby Lynn Williams redeemable or irredeemable? He killed a young woman for profit and in cold blood. Yet Haugen defended herself, claiming she was helping Mast escape his crippling depression, touting her homicidal act as a “mercy killing.”. Ten days after filming I Am a Killer and years of silence, Hutchison was diagnosed with late-stage liver and stomach cancer. Prosecutors, however, claim that the murder was premeditated for the purpose of robbery. Byron Allen’s Net Worth in 2018: From Stand-Up Comedian to Underrated Media Mogul. 92 comments. Afraid of leaving behind witnesses, he decided to kill Johnny, his wife, and their three-year-old. And less than half an hour until midnight in Greenwood, a town in the northwest corner of Louisiana, about 15 miles from the Texas border. However, in a horrific twist of fate, Armentrout murdered her, too, when she refused to give him any more money for drugs. It was a little late for Toby to be calling round about work opportunities, Johnny thought. Who is Anwar Zayden? Toby Lynn Williams. It was a little late for Toby to be calling round about work opportunities, Johnny thought. In 2019 he appeared as Tim in the second episode of Sex Education (Netflix)[20], reprising the role in the second series in 2020. A chilling confession by Haugen during the interrogation that she “just wanted to kill someone with [her] bare hands” only makes this murder more gruesome. Others in the prison have committed crimes as heinous as the capital murder charge that put Leo Little there. Well, these events did take place three and a half decades ago…. He’s currently housed in Harris County prison and is eligible for parole in 2037. Little and his friend, Jose Zavala, were looking to score some drugs on January 25, 1998. Where is She Now? The most audacious prison escapes of all time, Secret tunnels, helicopters and fake grenades are just some of the ways these prisoners escaped jail, Vulnerable teen, Justin Dickens was coerced into a botched robbery that led to an innocent man's death. Before you add this series to your weekend binge-list, we’ve answered a few questions about each killer covered this season, including what happened to them and where they are now. Near-naked, shivering and terrified, Johnny and Deborah Moore were then shot by Williams and left for dead. Did He Leave “Forged in Fire”? Ironically, now Little is an ordained minister in prison, teaching the Bible to his fellow inmates. Will he ever make parole? Montana Police state that Haugen was jealous of Mast’s ex and killed him out of rage. Ohio native Linda Couch met her husband, Walter, when she was 16. But Linda claimed Walter was far from the ideal husband. On September 15, 2015, then-32-year-old Lindsay April Haugen cruelly strangled her 25-year-old boyfriend, Robert Mast, to death in a Walmart parking lot. When Johnny Moore heard the knock on the front door of his house on Rice Road, he turned on the outside light to see a young man he knew and two young women he didn’t. He told Johnny to turn off the outside lights and return to the house. He pulled a gun on her before they tussled for the weapon. He then ordered them to have sexual intercourse because he wanted to see white people f--k. In order to give the police the impression that ‘the killer’ was a Texan, Williams drove all six of them out to a deserted road just across the border, inside the Texas state line. He widowed a man and created a six-month-old orphan. I for one did not really feel much sympathy for him and thought he seemed like a pretty horrible person (regardless of him finding religion or being mentally impaired) given the cold blooded and premeditated nature of his crime. The West Virginia native was arrested in 1987 for the brutal murder of 72-year-old Ruth Predmore. However, he remains in prison in the Lone Star State to this day. Fled the scene. With no cash in the house, Williams attempted to extract money from the nearest ATM with Moore’s card. But her motives have been unexplainable to date. [9] He has appeared in Holby City[10] (BBC 1), Morgana Robinson's The Agency[11] (BBC 2) and in the sitcoms Bull[12] (UKTV GOLD), Raised By Wolves[13] (Channel 4), Trying Again[14] (Sky Living), Carters Get Rich[15] (Sky 1) and Benidorm (ITV). Episode 1 of I am a Killer focuses on Lindsey Haugen who strangled her boyfriend, Robert Mast to death. Rather than contacting the police, Linda enlisted her three kids to bury Walter’s corpse in their backyard. His sentence was downgraded to life in prison. Meanwhile, the two women who were his accomplices kept an eye on the family, including a six-month-old infant. The robbery, however, didn’t go according to plan. He was charged with aggravated murder and sentenced to death. But he couldn’t work the machine. When the ATM plan failed, Williams tried to take the Moores’ possessions. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. Then-17-year-old Mark Arthur killed Esequiel Fonseca Sr. on December 21, 1996 in Houston, Texas. It tipped off the police and he was arrested after a manhunt. Johnny, however, survived and looked for help. On I Am a Killer, Couch recalls when the rose-colored facade faded on the true nature of her marriage. He appears in Island Queen[16] – nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Short Film[17] – and is known as the voice of Rumple the Rhino in Iconicles[18] (CBeebies). Mast’s mother and stepfather, Dori and Gene Greeson, also feature in the episode.