R #3: Yonder is a sea-faring man. R #3: Grand Master Hiram, I for the third and last time demand of you the secrets of a Master Mason. High Twelve corresponds noon, with the sun at its zenith, while Low Twelve denotes midnight, the blackest time of the night. First Ruffian--We cannot make our escape in that way. Some Masons feel that the Lost Word is spoken of in the scriptures variously as "the sound of rushing waters" and "I heard behind me a Voice like a great trumpet," or "a great roar like a lion" and such.

Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and the spirit shall return unto God, who gave it.". Craftsmen, form in Grand Procession to repair with me to the grave, to endeavor to raise the body of our Grand Master Hiram Abif for more decent interment.

How many constitute an Entered Apprentices' Lodge? The Senior Deacon then answers with one rap (•), and opens the door.

The ancient languages of Phoenician, Hebrew and Greek all placed the "G" in the third place.

This due-guard and sign are always to be given as a salutation to the Worshipful Master, also on entering or retiring from a Master Masons Lodge. The lion, being such a majestic animal, has long been considered the "king" of beasts; associated with the sun because of its mane. We try to teach every Mason to be a good citizen and to perform his civic duties.

They traveled as before and as those who pursued a due west course from the Temple were returning, one of their number becoming more weary than the rest, sat down at the brow of a hill to rest and refresh himself, and on arising he accidentally caught hold of a sprig of acacia, which easily giving way, excited his curiosity, and while they were meditating over the singularity of the occasion, they heard three frightful exclamations issuing from the clefts of the adjacent rocks. The missing word was found, after four hundred and seventy years, and was then, and still is, used in the Royal Arch Degree, as will be seen in the ceremonies of that Degree. We do not have a mandatory attendance requirement as ancient Lodges did; nor is there a penalty for not attending, as there once was.

I'll hear no more of your cavilling!

Heretofore you have had a Brother to pray for you; now you must pray for yourself. The Philalethes Society is an International organization of Masonic Research and offers members an outstanding quarterly publication, The Philalethes magazine, which includes excellent Masonic information from around the world. The Pot of Incense, the Beehive. We must keep our minds open to receiving truth from any source. Conductor here instructs candidate to pass his thumb from the second joint to space beyond, which is the second space. A: That I might obtain the Master’s word, travel in foreign countries, work and receive Master’s wages, and be thereby better enabled to support myself and family, and contribute to the relief of distressed worthy Master Masons, their widows and orphans. W. M.--Brother Gabe, as you are clothed as a Master Mason, 1 it is necessary that you should have the working-tools or a Master Mason. The first thing to notice about the Third Tracing Board is that it stands the opposite way round, compared with the other two, for its head is towards the West and the foot towards the East. In our jurisdiction, a candidate may request to have his own sacred book present on the Altar with the Bible during his degree ceremonies. The constant responsibility of a Master Mason is "to preserve the reputation of the Fraternity unsullied".

R #1: ——-, my tongue torn out, and with my body buried in the sands of the sea at low-water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, ere I have been accessory to the death of so great and good a man as our Grand Master Hiram Abif.

I shall not give them.

FC#1: Yonder is a way-faring man. WM: Repair to the preparation room where Brother _______ is in waiting.

Tyre, by the way, means stone or rock.

Thus, Masons are devoted to freedom of thought, speech and action. To signify that my duties and obligations become more and more binding as I advance in Masonry. (WM: *). A.

on their Altars. JD: Brother Senior Warden, all present are Master Masons.

Many vows were expressed in terms such as promises to a deity in return for safe voyages, successful crops, healing and so on. While they are going out, the Master gives three sounds with his gavel (• • •), and says, in a loud tone of voice: W. M.--Brother Junior Warden, what is the hour?

Candidate (prompted by conductor.) Move West of the Altar, give the appropriate signs, and then leave.

WM: Brother Senior Grand Warden, your counsel was timely and good. The Right to Secrecy of the Ballot is guaranteed by Masonic law, and custom allows each member to have perfect freedom in balloting on petitioners.

Must the Catholic faithful really esteem the bodies of the saints? What restrictions does the Church place on the ceremonies of marriage when one of the persons is not a Catholic?

By this time they have got near the candidate (who is still lying on the floor, rolled up in the canvas), when one of the party sits down near his head, and at the same time says: "Well, brothers, I am very weary; I must sit down and rest before I can go any farther.". It goes without saying that the secret ballot is occasionally abused by a member who rejects a petitioner for mere petty reasons having nothing to do with moral fitness, but such instances are rare and in almost every election the good man is elected to membership. Courage, faithfulness, truth and honour are qualities which the modern world does its best to devalue, and virtue is constantly under attack in our permissive society.

Whereupon they rushed in, seized, bound, and took them before King Solomon, who order them taken without the gates of the city and there executed according to their several imprecations in the clefts of the rocks. Do good unto all. that my throat had been cut across," &c., &c. The second was the voice of Jubelo, exclaiming: "Oh! The New Law or the Law of the Gospel, I. . SD: My Brother, heretofore you have represented a candidate in search of Light. It was from the last that he was led to that most violent and excruciating death. It is for this reason that we hope to find what is genuine on the center, for the Center contains the example of the perfect Mason.

The single Eye is found in many countries from Egypt to India: The Eye of Horus, the Eye of Shiva and so on. The wages received in the Middle Chamber come as a result of achieving this distinction.

SD: A certain friendly or brotherly grip whereby one Mason may know another in the dark as in the light.

Now you represent a character, none less a personage than our Grand Master Hiram Abif, who was the Grand Architect at the building of King Solomon’s Temple. How many constitute a Fellow Crafts' Lodge? how swiftly the sands run, and how rapidly our lives are drawing to a close. The very nature of participating in this rite and assuming the role of the Grand Master Hiram Abiff is to forge a link with the inner soul of our Fraternity.

It was the usual custom of this great and good man, at high twelve, when the craft were called from labor to refreshment, to enter into the Sanctum Sanctorum or Holy of Holies, there to offer up his adorations to Deity, and to draw his designs on the trestle-board. A: Let him enter this Worshipful Lodge of Master Masons and be received in due and ancient form. "Further, that I will not aid, nor be present at, the initiation, passing, or raising of a woman, an old man in his dotage, a young man in his nonage, an atheist, a madman, or fool, knowing them to be such. (makes the sign, see Fig. The second was that of Jubelo, exclaiming: 'Oh! After prayer, King Solomon took the body by the strong grip of a Master Mason, or lion's paw, and raised it on the five points of fellowship, which have been explained to you. A. He must keep secret everything entrusted to him, conduct himself with proper decorum and diligently work to learn his proficiency and as much about the Craft as possible. Captain--The sooner the better! --No, we have no pass; we did not know it was necessary. R #2: O, that my left breast had been torn open, my heart and vitals taken thence, and with my body given as a prey to the vultures of the air, ere I have been accessory to the death of so great and good a man as our Grand Master Hiram Abif. 1. Cand(prompted as necessary): Tu; SW: bal; Cand: cain. Much of the symbolism of the Winding Staircase is explained in the ritual itself.