Those things play out in the world and that’s why it matters. We made some compressions and consolidations, but Jeff provided a ready-made screenplay for this story. Later that day, when speaking to reporters, Trump embraced the prophet identity again, calling himself "the Chosen One," in response to a question about trade dealings with China. “Before, I did not intellectually understand a theology that would see people like our current president as instruments of God’s will. It has no problem, Moss tells us, with bad men. Is that conspiratorial on my part, or is that their thinking? Trump has been married three times, after all. It also draws from the earlier reporting of journalist Jeff Sharlet; the first episode dramatizes Sharlet’s infiltration of Ivanwald, an Arlington, Virginia home for young men run by Family associates. I said there’s more than one kind of authoritarianism under the sun. This year just doesn, According to a study by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, film criticism is a field overwhelmingly dominated by (surprise, surprise) white men. Does the theology of the Fellowship, where you preach to the up and out, and not the down and out, present an inherent challenge to transparency, accountability, and democracy? Why make this series now, years after Jeff published The Family and C Street? Someone who will reorder society in the way that the Family wants. It was, from that point, about two years start to finish.”, “A big motivating question for me in taking on the project was to understand the relationship between the Evangelical Christian right and Donald Trump. She’s the only real winner to come out of Election Night. We see this idea that if Jesus was alive today, he’d be a Navy SEAL. But they do use language that compares him to Biblical figures they regard as anointed by God, and speak of him as a prophesied savior come to save America and turn it into the theocratic white-dominated nation-state of their dreams. I wasn’t even aware of the Fellowship. Some Christian conservative leaders do try to spin a fable in which  Trump is a sinner redeemed by Jesus who now walks the path of righteousness in his personal life. Or maybe that is, in fact, the purpose of the framework to begin with. But no doubt he loves hearing words like "king" and "chosen" and is now parroting them back — along with. If people of color, particularly Blac, Netflix’s upcoming sci-fi drama “The Midnight Sky” imagines a future post-apocalyptic Earth on which George Clooney is one of the only survivors (hon. You go back into the records — this is stuff that we couldn’t get into the series — and you see that, actually, Hunter was traveling in conversation with the Reagan government. That’s very explicit in their rhetoric. We see now the rise of far-right authoritarian governments worldwide. There’s a naïveté about that — for secular liberals to imagine, as if Christian conservatives have never heard of this thing called politics, and as if they too don’t say, “I have these ends, what are the means I need to achieve them?” As if they don’t have an idea, which is especially strong in the Fellowship, that God does what he wants.