While John takes Victoria and Aiden to the hospital, Izzy has her boyfriend Tommy briefly come over to the house. One night, at 3:00 AM, the younger kids, now fully possessed, beat their father nearly to death. - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. 1973 - Restrained to a bed in the Mercy Home for Unwed Mothers, Faith goes into labor. Once the antique box is aflame, Victoria and Aiden return to normal. The problem is there are many scenes that literally feel like the first take, as if actors are holding their script in their hands reading their lines out loud for the first time. John should have sensed something amiss upon spotting his kids watching “Night of the Living Dead,” the go-to fictional horror world staple, on TV. Pretty good movie started out with a lot of potential. At the beginning of the movie we see a seance gone wrong, but it flimsily just makes it that the medium dies and is now the evil spirit killing everyone in the seance. His concern grows when Victoria faints, and grows further when he has a dream in which he brutally murders Aiden in his sleep. Instances of paranormal activity soon begin plaguing the home. Worst part? John doesn’t know this though, and he won’t for a little while. If it exists in “The Remains,” it exists in another movie too. One day, while playing hide-and-seek, Victoria and Aiden come across a chest in the attic containing pictures, an old camera, an old doll, and an old pocket watch. John encounters Elena Tolwood’s ghost in the attic. Culture Crypt is the most reliable website for genre movie reviews and the best in popular culture, specializing in independent horror film entertainment. This was just not very good. He figures a few things out for himself though, finally boxing up the evil antiques and dumping them in the garbage can outside. Before dying, John tells Izzy to burn the antiques. Yet again, remember “The Remains” is formulaic fright fare. But I wasn't familiar with this movie prior to stumbling upon it by sheer random luck. When he questions the realtor, however, she claims to know nothing about the house's history. Let me get the positive out of the way the seance beginning was not bad and the acting regarding the the medium was pretty good I was pretty impressed to be honest. If you answered a, you’ve apparently never seen a clichéd haunted house thriller before. Will gladly get a refund if possible. Now, do you think that the cursed items a.) This movie is nothing compared to the movie Sinister. Anything above that would be unexpected gravy, although “Come Play” settles for a straightforward side dish of unseasoned mashed potatoes. All in all not a complete waste of time and me and my wife were actually surprised by the 3.7 rating it received on IMDb. There … COME PLAY follows a rubber-stamped recipe for standard spooks. It's very rare. Burn them. John takes the items that had been in the chest away from the kids and places them in a cardboard box at the end of his sidewalk, but the items reappear in the house. While possessed, Victoria and Aiden beat John bloody. As tends to happen to troubled families anxious for fresh starts in horror films, the old house John chooses for a new home in “The Remains” happens to be where five murders took place in 1891 during a spooky séance run amok. A bloody person manages to gurgle a vital clue before suddenly dying. When Izzy comes home, she finds her father, on the cusp of death; he tells her to "burn the chest." Despite the negatives it's watchable enough. There must be better things to spend money on... Wasn't bad but wont be watching second time. This is a haunted house flick, and having lived in a big old haunted Victorian, we thought they did a very realistic job of giving you the feeling of what that is like. Studio:       Vertical EntertainmentDirector:    Thomas Della BellaWriter:       Thomas Della BellaProducer:  Eric B. Fleischman, Sean TabibianStars:     Todd Lowe, Brooke Butler, Hannah Nordberg, Ashley Crow, Dash Williams, Samuel Larson, Lisa Brenner, Maria Olsen. Items discovered inside an antique chest in the attic strangely transfix the family. | Until the next bad movie. Doors start slamming, nightmares start scaring, and the behavior of John’s brood grows increasingly stranger as everyone becomes transfixed by the odd items. In 1891, a couple visit a spiritualist named Madame Addison at 3:00 AM—the so-called witching hour—in order to try to find their lost daughter. Never seen. 1890, a seance is done because a couples daughter is missing. So, big spoilers here because I'll explain the movie. The old woman who haunts John’s property goes by “Madame Addison” (Maria Olsen), and her connection is explained through never-discarded “remains” left in the house. Has the potential to be a really good scary movie. This was just not very good. Only imaginary eight-year-olds could be that enamored with a black-and-white movie in the public domain. Azusa, California – 1891 – Hoping to make contact with their missing daughter Elena, Irwin and Maybell Tolwood come to Madame Addison’s House of Spiritualism for a séance. The movie fracks those fears with a massive rig that puts a miles-long pipeline between ‘stranger in a strange land’ phobias and vicarious psychological uncertainty. Madame Addison suddenly reappears and attacks all three children. “The Remains” is equivalent to nondescript tract housing created from prefab components included in every other bland building already on the block. 'The Child Remains' is based on a story from the 1930s at the Ideal Maternity Home in East Chester, Nova Scotia. Other than that, I was mainly glad to see that the children could act, and did a pretty good job of it. John gravitates toward a pocket watch. The seance was a good idea, as that was very popular during the Victorian times and they did good job of making it seem like it could be a hoax.