Completely shaved." Especially considering that he was willing to drive with a live cougar in his car. “One day I'll get you over that wall of anger, and it will be glorious!”, “There is nothing about you that makes a man a man, ok? Ershon: I think the best way to tell this story is by starting at the end, briefly, then going back to the beginning; then periodically returning to the end, maybe giving different characters' perspectives throughout. Gamble's Backstory of being a college pimp nicknamed "Gator". Listen, guys. Then you got the day-by-day workers, the ball busters, the vets - The Other Guys." Ferrell plays the role of Brennan Huff, who is basically a child living in a grown man’s body. Web. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. ", Mauch: "You two know that Danson and Highsmith weren't good cops, right?" If we wanna hear you talk, I will shove my arm up your ass and work your mouth like a puppet! And we will corner your pride, your children, your offspring. Gamble: Put on a little jacket, you go, you take you lunch cause you have big boy pants on? Christinith!! I'm just gonna ask you guys. You get back here, and you make love to my wife! Lion tastes good. These include yelling at models, throwing foamy lattes at his assistant, as well as appearing in a psychedelic brainwashing video while trying to pass himself off as a child and pulling off some horrific, yet hilarious dance moves. Someone has to fill those seats. Midway through The Other Guys, Allen finally explains to Terry why he wants to avoid action as much as possible. In fact, they even left you a note here. Look, I'm wearin' a belt. RELATED: 12 Best Buddy Cop Movies of All Time. You lose that battle nine times out of ten. RELATED: What To Expect From Saturday Night Live Season 45. Wesley: Who the hell are all these people? The Other Guys must be doing something right to beat out Inception for the number one spot at the box office last weekend. Detective Terry Hoitz: Captain, you really want to disarm this guy? Currency's just different. He is currently studying journalism at Carleton University and seeks to further his career as a journalist, as well as hone his writing skills. ", Gamble: "One day I am gonna climb over that anger wall of yours; and it is going to be glorious. I got myself a Prius. The Other Guys Quotes. Check out some memorable quotes from Wahlberg, Ferrell and the rest of the gang below, and see all of The Other Guys quotes in the gallery! there's a serial rapist in Crown Heights... Then you got your jokers, your ball-busters, your vets... and the other guys. From his fight with a mall Santa to waging an epic snowball fight, Buddy’s childlike wonder and naivety gets him into some awkward, yet hilarious moments. Discover and share The Other Guys Gator Quotes. What? Lions don't like water. I can be demonstrative! When they flew the Millennium Falcon out of the Death Star and it was followed by the explosion - that was bullshit! Ershon: Are you guys for real? RELATED: Deangelo Vickers: Will Ferrell's 10 Most Memorable Quotes on The Office. Shortly after leaving Saturday Night Live, Ferrell was chosen to play Frank “The Tank” Ricard in Old School. Please, come on. ", Ershon: "Computers! Captain Gene Mauch: Listen, guys. Nope. This paperwork is like Bob's wife here, thick, ugly, got Danson's fingerprints all over it! [...] I need an MRI! I'm just gonna ask you guys. I'm the bad cop, you're the good cop. It only showed the back of their heads. They were too big to fail. The film features Ferrell, who is simply known as the Renter, being confronted by his two-year-old landlord. He had gold chains around his neck and grills in his teeth. It only showed the back of their heads. If I were a lion and you were a tuna I would swim out into the middle of the ocean and friggin eat you! I got big boy pants on.". Terry married Francine. 00:59:45 You hit you feel me? I call bullshit on that!! Within 24 hours of learning about Ershon's scheme and Lendl's massive losses, the government issued TARP funds to bail out Lendl. Maybe their egoes pushed them off. There's no way I don't have soft tissue damage! Captain Gene Mauch: (to the Bed Bath & Beyond staff) First things first: the new bath mats are here. Listen, guys. Det. No offence Bob". You idiot! "Uhooo, aha, I did things in bed with you that I haven't done with ANYONE since". Among the many characters Ferrell has played over the years, Mugatu from Zoolander is easily one of his most eccentric. Oh, my God! I can't hear! Let's be honest, we all wanna be superstars and hotshots. Find all lines from this movie. David Ershon: (with a gun pointed at him) Wait! God, no. ", Ershon: "I have a small apartment, nobody knows about it; I use it mainly for my parents, and prostitutes; not at the same time, that would be wrong...", Hoitz: "Let's hear it from the top, every detail." [[[Beat]]] Hoitz: If we were in the wild, I would attack you. We've communicated. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer., Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. And deer...? You're a worthless piece of shit!