Your mind or thoughts can be seen as clear or clouded; speech requires breath, which requires air. All rights reserved. Generally passive and not outwardly extrovert, creativity through expression are some of the traits of this suit. is your portal to the stars, unlocking the mysteries of the universe with horoscopes, tarot, and psychic readings.. This new pathway can be interpreted in several ways - sometimes it can be the removal of a physical obstacle, or it can come in the form of a new way of thinking that lets you open your eyes and your heart to new possibilities and perspectives - a revelation of some sort that gives you a new solution. They deal with your money, business deals, material possessions, your job, arts, crafts, your home & garden. Tarot Card Meanings. Site Creation by, Halloween Origins - Commemorates the Fall of…, Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Season: Pagan – Spring / Esoteric – Autumn, Qabbalistic World: Yetzirah – the Formative World, King – Serious, controlling, rational and mind/intellect-focused; Reversed: Foolish, Queen – Intelligent, writer, communicative yet cold; Reversed: Ineffective, Knight – Fierce, determined, aggressively pursues goals; Reversed: Boredom, Page – mentally unstable or intellectually immature, acts without thinking; Reversed: Stupidity, Ace of Swords – A fresh start, a sudden opportunity or idea, clarity; Reversed: Improbable, 3– Heartbreak, betrayal; Reversed: Torment, 4 – Meditation, rest, retreat; Reversed: Disturbance, 5 – Mind games, hostility; Reversed: Treachery, 6 – Leaving, accepting help, going somewhere better; Reversed: Trouble, 7 – Secret plans, abandoning ship; Reversed: Clumsiness, 8 – feeling powerless and stuck; Reversed: Escaping, 9 – Overactive mind, anxiety; Reversed: Martyrdom, 10 – Feeling defeated, self-sabotage; Reversed: Sabotage, Other Names: Chalices, Grails, Cauldrons, Hearts, Vessels, Astrological Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Season: Pagan – Autumn- / Esoteric – Summer, Qabbalistic World: Briah – the Creative World, King – Repression of deep feelings, possible alcoholism; Reversed: Selfishness, Queen – Emotionally nurturing, intuitive, sensitive; Reversed: Ignorance, Knight – Romantic, adventurous, following one’s heart; Reversed: Pessimism, Page – Creative, inspired, learning artistic skill; Reversed: Gloomy, Ace of Cups – emotional fulfillment, joy; Reversed: Indifferent, 2 – Partnership, mutual attraction, compatibility; Reversed: Abandonment, 3 – Celebration, fun with friends, laughter; Reversed: Jealousy, 4 – Boredom, dissatisfaction with what is being offered; Reversed: Avoidance, 5 – Dwelling on the negative, self-pity; Reversed: Alienation, 6 – Sentimentality, kindness, help; Reversed: Discouraging, 7 – So many choices, indecision, getting lost in fantasy, wishing and dreaming; Reversed: Lethargic, 8 – Abandoning something in search of something better, vision; Reversed: Sacrifice, 9 – Indulgence, self-satisfaction; Reversed: Disintegration, 10 – Emotional bliss, happiness, attainment; Reversed: Disruption, Other Names: Batons, Staves, Rods, Clubs, Staffs, Scepters, Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Season: Pagan – Summer / Esoteric – Spring, Qabbalistic World: Atziluth – the Archetypal World, King – Career focused, mature, passionate; Reversed: Impostor, Queen – Confidant, focused, has zest for life; Reversed: Fatigue, Knight – An adventurous risk taker who follows his passions; Reversed: Apathy, Page – newly inspired, excited about life and work; Reversed: Passive, Ace of Wands – New beginnings, creative spark, fertile ideas; Reversed: Unpromising, 2 – Contemplation, assessing one’s life direction; Reversed: Dispute, 3 – Reaping the rewards of your efforts; Reversed: Idleness, 4 – Celebration, safety, the home; Reversed: Discord, 5 – Competition, minor struggles or disagreements; Reversed: Timidness, 6 – Success, accolades and achievement; Reversed: Disapproval, 7 – Feeling defensive and on guard; Reversed: Yielding, 8 – Speed, things manifesting quickly; Reversed: Stagnation, 9 – Pessimism, gearing up for the worst; Reversed: Weakness, 10 – Feeling oppressed, exhaustion, too many responsibilities; Reversed: Impractical, Other Names: Disks, Coins, Deniers, Stones, Diamonds, Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Season: Pagan – Winter / Esoteric – Winter, King – Enjoys the good life (food, drink and leisure), financially secure; Reversed: Hoarder, Queen – Healthy in body and finances, grounded and calm; Reversed: Unreasonable, Knight – Cautious, sensible and slow to progress; Reversed: Inexperienced, Page – Student, commitment to learning; Reversed: Rookie, Ace of Pentacles – Financial reward, clarity of life purpose, goals; Reversed: Debt, 2 – Balance, multitasking; Reversed: Impractical, 3 – Meaningful work, enjoying one’s work, suitable career; Reversed: Mediocrity, 4 – Hoarding, feeling poor, holding self-back out of fear; Reversed: Greed, 5 – Minor money troubles, health problems, feeling like an outsider; Reversed: Helplessness, 6 – Charity, accepting and giving help; Reversed: Cruelty, 7 – Patience, waiting for your plans to bear fruit; Reversed: Unemployment, 8 – Hard work, focused efforts, laying the groundwork; Reversed: Skill-shortage, 9 – Luxury, rest, financial and material comforts; Reversed: Dependency, 10 – Financial success, strong business relationships; Reversed: Restrictions. The Crystal Wind Oracle Myth & Magic Card Deck!Details Here! The deck is based on the best-selling universal Rider-Waite deck, which will set you up for success along your tarot journey right from the start. The cards of the Major Arcana usually represent significant issues in the life of the Querent. They represent the archetypes - consistent, directing patterns of influence that are an inherent part of human nature. And yes, everything is in order – sorry but I have Virgo tendencies and I like some order around The Tarot Lady hub. Pentacle people don’t mind getting their hands dirty whether that’s working with the land or in a factory. Careers are usually in the arts or creative pursuits, they are, poets, painters, florists and designers, nurses, social workers and care-givers. The heart and blood, the liver, pancreas, adrenals and kidneys, thymus, immune system and finally, the brain, are examined. Considered passive, water can be deep or shallow; you like the ocean, are responsive to the moon; your tears can rise and fall; out of control, your emotions flood; Cups represent your emotions, feelings, your subconscious, intuition and psychism. Cups symbolize love, relationships, and our feelings. Consciously remaining open minded and communicating clearly and with compassion serves our security and stability goals. Celtic Symbol : The White Hound Or The Stone Each of these suits stands for a particular approach to life: Air is seen as the intellect, logic and reasoning. Wands people like to get ahead and are generally pro-active in all their activities. Spirit: To penet... Read more, The Fire Festival Of Samhain The Tarot's history is veiled in the mists of time, surrounded by myths and legends, superstition, and diverse speculation. Sign up now to begin your initiation ritual. The Minor Arcana symbolizes our day to day activities, the things that we can control, and the people who may be influencing situations. Keywords: intuition; creativity; vitality; sexuality; spirituality; vision; energetic; outgoing; impulsive; motivational; pro-active; spirit and spirited; optimistic; enterprise; commerce; business; careers; opportunities; the thrill of the chase; competitive; growth; personal development; inspirational; enthusiastic; sexual; passionate; action; movement; initiation. This is done through the subconscious. Whether it is a past event or an impending one, Tarot reading unveils the unknown as it illuminates one’s path. An active element, Air circulates and so cleanses; it carries your thoughts and dreams; is also expansive when hot and is said to be expressive. Yep,  you read that right – I’m doing a rap for each card. The Meaning of Tarot cards. Why? Tarot Card Meanings. It speaks a language that is born of the universal collective mind through archetypes and symbols that range across the boundaries of astrology, numerology, mystical wisdom, religious teachings, and other psychic sciences. It is associated with the element of air. © 2008-2020 Which is why I decided to shake things up and out with my own modern slant on the tarot. Keywords: creative, intuitive, clairsentient, psychic, passive, affectionate, receptive, imaginative, caring, relationships, love, dreams, sensitivity, romantic, artistic, spiritual, compassionate, tactile, nurturing, the unconscious mind, domesticity, culture, expression, flexibility, fluidity, calm motion, serenity, empathetic, aesthetics and beauty. Other cards are individuals who personify a particular approach to life, such as the Magician or the Hermit. The very nature of a sword is aggressive and warlike. That means that what was perhaps an obstacle for you in the past is now dissolving. In this reading, we examine five planes of health in a being. Earth is seen as the material, the physical & the sensual. Some names convey a card's meaning directly, such as Strength, Justice and Temperance. Strong & dependable, often found in the trades, removals, farming, landscaping & homemaking. It can also be opened randomly for insights to issues. 3 The Empress – Abundance, nurturing, fertility, life in bloom; Reversed: Neglect, 4 The Emperor – Structure, stability, rules and power; Reversed: Chaos, 5 The Hierophant – Institutions, tradition, society and its rules; Reversed: Hypocrisy, 6 The Lovers – Sexuality, passion, choice, uniting; Reversed: Separation, 7 The Chariot – Movement, progress, integration; Reversed: Defeat, 8 Strength – Courage, subtle power, integration of animal self; Reversed: Fear, 9 The Hermit – Meditation, solitude, consciousness; Reversed: Isolation, 10 Wheel of Fortune – Cycles, change, ups and downs; Reversed: Stagnation, 11 Justice – Fairness, equality, balance; Reversed: Lies. A combination of three minerals, G... Read more, The Meaning Behind the Scorpio Zodiac Symbol They represent archetypal images and energies and tell the story of the Fool, as he starts at number 0 and travels through all of life’s experiences, ending with the World card at number 21.The major arcana cards are the anchor of the tarot and deal with the major twists and turns within your life.