The first true ‘rap’ recording with recognized style and phrasing (and boastful lyrics for that matter) was the novelty record “Here Comes The Judge” by Pigmeat Markham. Do you think by Sugarhill Gang sampling “Good Times” that it set the popular sampling trend in Hip-Hop? Before I disclose which artist released the first rap song I gotta set it up some quick rap history for you. – Cole Mize. Vinyl on HBO features a young Kool Herc. It just keeps going back further and further! Wow! If I remember correctly he wrapped over the old cut “Ain’t no stopping us now”! Listen for yourself and see/hear what you think. Yet there is rhythmic rhyming that became rap, and it clearly predates hip hop rapping, and is the most distinct of several threads that lead to it.The rhythmic rhyming of rap obviously comes from a few places itself. Things got really interesting once Run-DMC dropped “Sucka MC’s” in 84. It is called JoJo Gunn by Chucky Berry 1958. “Rapture,” was actually released January 12th, 1981. Almost all of the recorded Rap songs from 1979 through 1983 were Disco jams where someone decided to throw a rap down. O.H.B.B.O.Y. Insults thrown back and forth and the funnier or the more harsh the better. If rap is spoken words to music accompanied, not singing, but also thrown out to pop culture wide release- meaning all of America and the world, then early seventies country music had something to say: “Hot rod Lincoln”, “The Devil went down to Georgia”, and “When You’re Hot You’re Hot. All of the Rapper’s Delight lyrics sound like other Grandmaster Caz songs and for good reason. Clearly the tools used to play “the Dozens” (battle, braggadocio, self deprecation, etc…) are completely the baseline in most hip hop and should not be confused with the deeply contemplative 60’s inspired poetry chanting of a generation that was engulfed in a horrible war and whose young people was in the middle of a sexual revolution (abortion became legal and birth control was more readily available). To go deeper into this history there is the the term “Flyting” which is essentially a verbal battle that the Scottish engaged in that is very much like the deuces. This is as stupid as copying your friend’s answers to a test and being too lazy and dumb to put your own name on it. How did it all come into play in the beginning? I think this thread has gone a little off topic but I think it’s leading to some really interesting dialog about the origins of rap. Emcees would recognize special guests at the parties, make announcements, and often would spit short freestyles about what was going on at the party. I’ve just added that song to my archive. The lyrics and the rapping performance style of The Jubalaires' 1947 recording of "The Preacher And The Bear" are very similar to the Golden Gate Quartet's rendition of that song. Now, as noted above, people can get scatological at this point, and start throwing everything resembling any kind of spoken thing into the pot. For me personally, hip hop began with “Love Rap/The New Rap Language” by Spoonie G and the Treacherous Three. Rapping was something that was done at parties as a way to engage with the crowd and keep the party hype. Pigmeat has come up several times in the comments section. David Daniels. Thanks for reading and commenting!! Really cool stuff! Great article, and even better commentary from the readers. – Cole Mize. The question on my mind at the moment is if Coke La Rock was documented rapping for the first time around 1973-1975 and Pigmeat Markham – Here Comes The Judge + The Trial was in 1968 then why is KRS ONE saying that Coke La Rock was the first person to actually rap?