Trust me on this one. "They are competitive," Devi-en assured him. "Come on. He said finally, "Get down there. Without this, they destroyed themselves, you see, and without it, they would destroy themselves again." Published Devi-en wiggled his nose in exasperation. The decontamination squads had been ready; ready and waiting for fifteen years; ready to swoop down through the radioactive clouds and save what might be saved for the remnant of survivors. There are five subspecies of Turkey Vulture: The Turkey Vulture has a large range, with an estimated global occurrence of 28,000,000 km². Both sexes appear similar with the female being slightly larger. Start one." The world of these Mauvs is poor in physical resources and they themselves offered to supply us with a number of individuals to use as personal assistants. It’s called Joppenbergh Mountain, and it’s a 500-foot mountain in the heart of the Rosendale village. That is the decision the Council came to." Devi-en explained. In this case, the regurgitated material has not yet been digested. The Arch-administrator's voice was no stronger than Devi-en's. Last summer, on the way back from the Catskill Mountains in New York, we discovered a committee of twenty Turkey Vultures perched in a tree. (They have wives and children, thought Devi-en, compassionately, and, in their way, love them, for all they are large-primate.) if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { "I see," said Devi-en. The story first appeared in the December 1957 issue of Super-Science Fiction, and was reprinted in the 1959 collection Nine Tomorrows. In some cases, the vulture must rid its crop of a heavy, undigested meal in order to lift off and flee from a potential predator. This foul smelling substance deters most creatures intent on raiding a vulture nest. "What decision, your Height?" Devi-en felt the soft noise his tail made as it thumped slowly against the chair. Devi-en hoped ardently that he would be replaced. I find the unicorn in life and praise them. As of July's 2006 planned launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-121 mission, NASA is taking actions to prevent any vultures and other birds from striking the shuttle during liftoff, as it can possibly present certain threat of damaging the vehicle. Nor you." The young fledge at about nine to ten weeks. This is certainly a memorable story, and the Hurrians make an interesting race, as does their dilemma (not to mention the vivid way in which the image giving rise to the story’s title is used). The hair on his upper arms was grizzled and the tufts at the elbows were almost as white as his beard. All because one planet had nuclear weapons and would not fight a nuclear war. You see?" Save them all." You don’t want to make a committee of vultures angry. What need be done?" This Science Fiction Short Story is set during the (then present-day) Cold War, postulating an alien race acting as Circling Vultures. Nope, I’m describing the birds we refer to as the “gentle recyclers” of the animal kingdom. The first flying saucers were sighted just after World War II. Although one Turkey Vulture can dominate a single Black Vulture at a carcass, usually such a large number of Black Vultures appear that they can overwhelm a solitary Turkey Vulture and take most of the food. They might yet have blundered into nuclear war." The creature realized almost at once that he was being taken off Earth, and what Devi-en thought might prove an exciting experience for him, proved nothing of the sort. He sighed, "But the contribution would not make up for our expense in this case, I think. Devi-en said, "There is one point. He tried to stop it and failed. "No. How many other planets like it were on Hurrian master listings at this moment, he wondered. Devi-en nodded finally. The sight of it, after the desolation of the Moon, was like a blow. We are ready, now, at every world we discover to be at the nuclear stage. They would feel they could not wait for further attacks. Please contact them directly with respect to any copyright or licensing questions. He said, in a whisper, "But how could such a thing be done, your Height?" "Payment for saving a species is only fair," protested Devi-en, "and there are expenses to be covered. There Will be Blood. The Turkey Vulture usually forages alone, unlike its smaller, more social relative, the American Black Vulture. 2. We have had no experience of spying on a people over such an extended period. "But how do we make one of them drop that first bomb?" Females generally lay two eggs, but sometimes one and rarely three. The deadly potential had increased before the nuclear war had a chance to start and now it has reached a point where even large-primate intelligences dare not risk a war." Devi-en withdrew his head as far as he could into the space between his shoulder blades. You expected the war ten years ago, didn't you?" They can't wait. We lacked competitiveness. I don't care how technically talented these creatures are. It is also found in pastures, grasslands, and wetlands. They might somehow have thought of dropping a bomb; and worked out some indirect, long-distance system for doing so. "What?" Turkey Vultures can often be seen along roadsides, cleaning up roadkill, or near rivers, feasting on washed-up fish, another of their favorite foods. Your use of this website indicates your agreement to these Many thousands," said Devi-en. With no vocal organ, they can only utter hisses and grunts. The Arch-administrator sighed heavily. Once again he indicated the Mauvs. As were many Americans in the 1950’s, Asimov was of course acutely ware of the danger and terrified of the potential results of a nuclear war, and he wrote a number of stories centered around the theme. "I don't know." The crew was on edge because of the unpleasantness of the mission; not all Devi-en's assurances that there was no harm intended to the large-primate could quite calm them. The wild one had been replaced on his planet with minimal harm. He did not feel that it was very good at all. That is easy enough. It was as if the bird left the feather for me to find. He did not really need their protection, of course, but his position required a retinue of five and that was that. The Arch-administrator was no more anxious to cause a nuclear war than any Human would be. I felt they were all “buddies hanging out”.