then that kindly voice attach. Thank you poems, thank you poetry, free to use for any personal or non-commercial purpose. On that cross, my price You paid. When l was in grade 3 l didn't have any friends, and then l met a girl named Tiyana. I used to have a close friend like yours. Without him, nothing appears to be good. To cleanse my soul of sadness and fill it with love. Thank you god for everything. She was nice to me, and then we started playing with each other. we do sports together and we have a class together, just one.. but that's good enough for us. Thank you for sending the baby and giving us new hopes. Yet God You are and always will be there with me, even when it seems like I am forever in the wilderness, running further and further from You, You, my God are there guiding me back to Your loving arms. Thank you for giving me the strength to overcome adversity, to do what’s right for the benefit of the greater good, to rise above negativity. I have two best friends. Thank you for always caring I have known my best friend since the 3rd grade. Kashaf is caring, Silvia is understanding and, Husaina is funny. Love you Faith! My soulmate, I love YOU. Thank You, God, for blessing me with a beautiful life. Thank you for the day and for the hour, and the minute.” – Maya Angelou, “Thank God I have the seeing eye, that is to say, as I lie in bed I can walk step by step on the fells and rough land seeing every stone and flower and patch of bog and cotton pass where my old legs will never take me again.” – Beatrix Potter, “I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best.” – Walt Whitman, “Thank you, dear God, for this good life and forgive us if we do not love it enough. I feel the same way about a girl I like now. And now, without even holding back, I know that HE is the one that I would want to spend the rest of my life with. You are my inspiration directing me each day. Can you give me suggestions on how to be a great friend to Stacey? Thankful Lord that You are longsuffering, allowing me to mature in You! She makes me laugh and smile even when I don't want to sometimes. We said whoever has a child first we're going to name it after the other one. Thank you, God, for blessing me with such an amazing partner who brings me closer. I’m still alive. Only to you I will be faithful forever. My best friend means the world to me. I'm glad that you're my friend, Thank God for giving me life and for allowing me to share with family and friends good times that will be in the memory forever. 2 years ago this February I thought everyone would be much better off if I was not alive. Without you, life has no meaning. I hope he stays with me for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything, God, especially for my happiness and that of those around me. These thank you god messages and thank you lord quotes will help you to say thank you god for everything. Read 7 Prayers to Say "Thank You" to God Today and learn how to pray in ways that reveal God's power and strength. I have a best friend, he's always there for me, when a day goes by without seeing me, he text or call to see how I am doing, when I am sad he always has the best jokes to put a smile on my face, but mostly his presence helps me get through the day...... My Best Friend I knew since grade school and we are more like sisters. On my birthday, I want to thank you, God, for giving me life and happiness. Lord, mostly I am thankful for the relationship that I have with You. Do NOT submit poems here, instead go to the. Thank you is little for all the happiness you give me along with my loved ones. He's my baby and my number 1. Both are my soul mates. You are my inspiration, and I want to thank you, We ride out bikes together, we play together, and she has a friend named Michelle. We consider ratings, shares, and comments.