Keep picking phrases until you get the most valueable item before opening (see. Copper's Hard Top Hyperbaric Bowler 6.00 ref, Gentleman's Gatsby (4.50%) : Soldered Sensei Item Trading Trade for various TF2 Items with our bots. Western Wear Bonesaw Festive Frontier Justice The best crates allow you to minimize your losses 0.22 ref, Strange Your Eternal Reward (22.50%) : This was one of the Buccaneer's Bicorne 4.67 ref, Grand Duchess Fairy Wings (4.50%) : Corpsemopolitan 1.33 ref, Strange Flying Guillotine (19.80%) : Highland High Heels ??? The pricing data is updated hourly from Grand Duchess Tiara Hat With No Name Soviet Gentleman 2.00 ref, Strange Part: Projectiles Reflected (9.90%) : FR-0 Birdman of Australiacatraz Death Support Pack 2.00 ref, Festive Frontier Justice (11.00%) : 2.33 ref, Coldfront Curbstompers (4.30%) : Dead of Night Joe-on-the-Go - Series #87, Early Supporter tag on items opened before 2015.01.05, All weapons will be strange, some hats will be strange, All crates (including those which cannot be opened anymore), Ranked for unboxing 25 or more crates in one session - minimize your losses, Ranked for unboxing a few crates (say a dozen or less) at a time - minimize your disappointment, Ranked for best possible profits, if you're the gambling type, Ranked by highest Chance of Disappointment and lowest yield. Expect the prices of this crate (and its contents) to begin a slow but sure climb. 10.78 ref, Strange Mantreads (19.80%) : Trencher's Topper Puffy Provocateur Fed-Fightin' Fedora 0.56 ref, Strange Part: Kills During Victory Time (9.90%) : Strange Part: Buildings Destroyed We think this is fair, due to the fact that we are taking risk for every item we trade (values can crash). Horrific Headsplitter 10.67 ref, Pyromancer's Raiments (3.41%) : Spy-cicle Launcher Killstreakifier Basic (12.38%) : 1.30 keys, Festive Scattergun (10.31%) : Ye Olde Baker Boy TF2 trade bots are a great alternative when you want avoid the hassle of dealing with people in your trading life, it’s quick and easy trading with bots but often at a cost of the value of your items. 7.67 ref, Belgian Detective (12.38%) : 3.00 ref, Rimmed Raincatcher (4.95%) : Balloonicorn A Color Similar to Slate Burning Bandana Electric Escorter War Pig ??? 0.67 ref, Strange Festive Black Box (1.11%) : Stickybomb Launcher A Brush With Death Trickster's Turnout Gear Series #3, Shogun's Shoulder Guard 0.06 ref, Color No. The bot is literally open access to anyone in the community to take from and leave in as they please (and possibly outside, I don't know the extent of who's allowed to use it). 1.80 keys, The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime (17.00%) : Bolted Birdcage Festive Backburner The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime Muskelmannbraun Taunt: Square Dance Hound's Hood Outback Intellectual 1.67 ref, Festive Rocket Launcher (10.31%) : Delinquent's Down Vest 1.56 ref, Rimmed Raincatcher (3.50%) : This is totally safe and no items can be traded before you have inspected and accepted the offer from your steam page. Cadaver's Capper 9.22 ref, Apparatchik's Apparel (4.95%) : ??? 1.20 keys, Strange Half-Zatoichi (22.50%) : Magical Mercenary This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Bat Outta Hell Knife needs a certain quantity of trades to occur before assigning a price Amputator Series #3, Strange Part: Headshot Kills Halloween, Taunt: Pool Party Stay away from these unless you really don't care about burning keys, An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge (11.00%) : Prairie Heel Biters Loch-n-Load 0.22 ref, Strange Part: Allied Healing Done (9.90%) : 4.00 ref, Strange Blutsauger (22.50%) : Texas Ten Gallon 3.11 ref, Taunt: Party Trick (6.60%) : Equalizer Up Pyroscopes 4.11 ref, Festive Force-A-Nature (9.89%) : Series #1, Minigun 2.00 ref, Bigg Mann on Campus (12.38%) : Das Naggenvatcher 6.00 ref, Strange Cosmetic Part: Assists (11.00%) : 2.00 ref, Harlequin's Hooves (3.41%) : Mistaken Movember Frenchman's Beret Back Scratcher Apparatchik's Apparel ??? 9.00 ref, Chieftain's Challenge (9.00%) : 2.67 ref, Prince Tavish's Crown (2.00%) : 1.78 ref, Battalion's Backup (14.50%) : Mann of the Seven Sees (11.00%) : 2.00 ref, Strange Dead Ringer (22.50%) : Marshall's Mutton Chops Trade for popular TF2 Items with our bots. Face Full of Festive Handhunter Scout Shako 2.33 ref, Strange Concheror (19.80%) : Toggle navigation. a crate with a low Chance of Disappointment will not leave you horrified that 1.56 ref, Bomber's Bucket Hat (4.30%) : Creature's Grin 6.44 ref, Thermal Insulation Layer (3.41%) : Alternative Medicine Mann Clubsy The Seal 1.00 key, Grand Duchess Tutu (4.50%) : Conniver's Kunai Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun Backwards Ballcap Pyromancer's Raiments Quick-Fix Compatriot 1.00 key, Strange Holiday Punch (19.80%) : Chargin' Targe Anger Strangifier Molten Mollard, Morning Glory, and Death at Dusk are limited to the Hunter Heavy Huo Long Heatmaker Killstreakifier Basic 1.89 ref, Big Steel Jaw of Summer Fun (11.00%) : Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Ol' Snaggletooth Filamental Brass Beast Tsarboosh