The keyboard comes in two pieces. Now, you can also get Escape, Dex and Delete if you hold down Fn and press the `, \ and backspace buttons, respectively. Samsung went out of their way to upgrade the cameras on the Tab S6 — adding a dual camera feature. You can hear the result quite well. It combines top-notch hardware with Samsung’s evolving DeX approach to mobile productivity, and while DeX isn’t perfect in all areas, you’re better off having it available rather than not. I was delighted and impressed at how seamlessly well it worked, considering how terrible my handwriting is. This applies to editing video, too, where the stylus helps you make precise trims to video timelines. The buttons are still a little too small, especially the backspace key. This way, you don't even have to manually hit convert on each note to be able to search for specific words you've jotted down. The Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard is designed to be used with Samsung's DeX mode, which makes the tablet act like a full-fledged computer, including the mouse support you'd expect. Apart from downloading third-party programs, there are few things I couldn’t do on DeX that I can do on Windows or MacOS. I found myself working with DeX for everything other than simple tasks like watching videos, checking social media or browsing the web. However, it’s not a major disadvantage, as it is not found on other tablet keyboards either. Because of its new Bluetooth features, the S Pen requires charging, and you can do so by docking the pen on the back of the tablet, where there's a groove carved out for it. Even if one is much better than the other -- like maybe it pastes rainbow unicorns all over your screenshots or something -- why include both? Editing photos was easy. Android tablet market shrinks even smaller as ASUS reportedly exits (TechRepublic), iPad dominates tablet market again, even as sales drop in Q3 (ZDNet), Despite promises of partner support, Android on tablets has no future (TechRepublic), Smartphone market 'a mess' but annual tablet sales are also down (ZDNet). Brandon writes about apps and software for TechRepublic. © 2020 ZDNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The keyboard attaches to the tablet via magnets and a pogo pin connector — no Bluetooth pairing here — and it’s separate from the back cover and kickstand that sticks to the tablet. Samsung also added a responsive and clicky touch pad, and there’s also a dedicated DeX switch key now. It’s now equipped with a super-wide-angle lens in addition to the standard one, giving you a lot of creative options when it comes to both photography and videos. Two! DeX adds a desktop interface to Android that supports up to 20 windowed programs. Why not just have the better one in there? The 10.5-inch 2560 x 1600-pixel Super AMOLED display gives you true blacks that are outstanding and impossible to replicate on any LED-based display. With its DeX mode, S Pen, long lasting battery, and high-end tech specs the Galaxy Tab S6 is clearly trying to be both a tablet and a laptop. These professions involve a lot of handwriting, photo- and video-editing, note-taking or recording. Where do I begin? I'd also like the name of the app on each window's title bar so I don't have to guess. When I use the Alt-Tab shortcut to switch between apps, for example, the highlight over the selected app is really faint, and I can't really tell which app I've toggled to. Check out the most useful keyboard shortcuts to use on Windows 10. I’ve used Google Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom on the Tab S6 to edit photos with the S-Pen. Stay updated! Also, Chrome still doesn't automatically load the desktop version of websites, and for some reason, there are two screenshot shortcuts on the taskbar. That display now comes with a neat new trick on the Tab S6: an integrated fingerprint reader. Samsung provided me the tablet with the Book Cover keyboard.