They tame down easily and rarely nip once tamed. It is better to for them to be kept in glass tanks with lids. Shipping available worldwide. Happy Buying and Selling! Get handled every day Syrian hamsters are a solitary creature and become fiercely territorial at 6-8 week of age and won't tolerate any other in the cage, even their own litter mates. They tame down easily and rarely nip once tamed. Oct 16, 21:41 Kuala Lumpur. Please note: The transport boxes available at the store are cardboard, if you are traveling a considerable distance home then be aware that the hamster could chew, Get the app for the best Gumtree experience, © Copyright 2000-2020 Limited. They will are available for viewing and sale on Saturday. Many will cling to their owners' fingers once a bond is established. This advert is located in and around Sheffield, South Yorkshire. 2 baby Syrian hamsters left Activity Requirements: Your pet needs to be able to run on the wheel. Vancouver, WA 98682 They require a minimum of 24 inches by 12 inches, and at least 12 inches tall. They've been handled since 2 week old so are used to being played with I have a white and brown female (Lola) and 2 black and white - … Contact for orders. This time round we are not doing any form of reservation. 4. They are used to children and have never bitten as handled from 3 weeks so have really lovely temperaments.boys and girls availab. Temperament & Personality: They are solitary animals and prefer to live alone in their cage without a companion but love human interaction. Limited, registered in England and Wales with number 03934849, 1 More You can help reduce stress while grooming by feeding your hamster a small piece of fruit or vegetable. She is friendly and active and needs to go to a loving home. Betta Fish For Sale The Siamese fighting fish, or betta fish, is an attractive colored fish often seen mesmerizing the visitors with their vibrant beauty. Cecil is a very sweet 11 week old Male syrian hamster. We are not doing pictures, videos, individual requests etc. 3 baby Syrians available - only 7 weeks old. Colors: These are the long-coated hamsters. Limited is a credit broker, not a lender. Healthy and Very active Syrian Hamsters For Sale. Drinking and eating well on friends farm Harry hamster mix. Offer toys for digging, crawling and running. Honey is a beautiful Syrian Hamster. Shorthaired baby Syrian hamsters ready for new home, Male and females available, various colours. They can also be cuddly, comical, clever, cute, and make fun pets. New Cl A ssifie d £10 Each For Sale 3 baby Syrian hamsters for sale. The Syrian hamster is one of the largest breeds of pet hamsters.