Get the latest updates in the build up to our product launch, The 3 Best Action Cams for Filming Your Ride. How often do I have to charge the battery? Have I ordered the right kit / will it fit my bike? Anyone gone down the route of aftermarket e-bike kits? New Swytch launches on Indiegogo, raises £100k in first hour, Swytch to unveil 70% smaller, 50% lighter conversion kit. The Universal and easy-to-fit Swytch eBike kit is now available again for pre-order with a juicy discount. It's fun to see pictures and learn about the modifications and accessories you've tried too. First three weeks were ok, then the battery started to switch off suddenly. Electric mountain bikes are gaining traction, How using an indoor bike trainer can improve your ride, Adjusting to pedal assist on a hybrid e-bike, Bike lanes verses the pavement: where to ride, How to know when it’s time to go electric, Choosing between an e-bike kit and purpose built e-bike. The motor wheel is not turning ; My tyre keeps coming off during fitting; My motor is jerky or not working at all? I received mine 1st February this year. Is it possible to position the battery to a better more balanced location? If you have a poor saddle, you might find that your sit-bones feel bruised after a long bike ride. What is an eBike Conversion Kit and Do I Need One? So over £600 for a wheel motor and battery, though I would say the quality good and it's well designed. Judging by the few rides we've done so far, I think thats about right for level 1. The Swytch Kit allows you to easily convert any bike into a top quality eBike, without the hassle, without the stress, and with complete peace of mind because we have top quality international support. Having now sold my Brompton 'Sparticle' conversions I now have a Swytch Brompton conversion, a Thorn Club Tour now fitted with an Aikema 85SX rear wheel conversion and an old Wisper 705 Alpino. Swytch bike pro. They say 50km/30 mile range. Every 3 month... United Kingdom: £25 New media New comments Search media. She has health issues that prevent her riding uphill or going far. I was an early backer (December 2017) for a complete ebike, eager to support a young start up and convinced that the product would have been great. Thread starter Swytch Bike… Got to do a commute in January that would be easily do-able it normal clothes if it wasn't for a couple of huge hills in between. Welcome to the Swytch blog about the most commonly asked questions that we get from you guys. I’ve got others bikes so only used half a dozen times, maybe 150 miles, so can’t comment on robustness. Sign up to get a push notification direct to your mobile the minute our next sales campaign goes live. Works fine. I might take it out for a ride and leave it on the lowest setting to see how long/far I get. She wanted a girly bike that wasn't too heavy and had a decent range of gears. I paid over £500 for the kit "half price" and another £120 in tax when it arrived in the UK...didn't see that in the small print. Nicely made kit in my opinion, a little disappointed over the PAS issue but otherwise satisfied. With this in mind, you may be left wondering which type of bike lock is most suitable for your needs. How many charges will I get? JavaScript is disabled. You have subscribed for email and push nofications when we launch. The PAS magnet disc would not fit my 2012 Brompton and suggestions on website and via email did not seem as though they would work either. I contacted the support, received it in the form of a skype call in which we fully reset the battery (the guys helping were very kind) but as supposed the issue is somewhere else. The Swytch universal e-bike conversion kit will transform any old bike into a whizzy modern e-bike by swapping your stock front wheel for one with a motor and adding a battery pack to the handlebars. What is the difference between the US and EU speed options? Welcome to the Swytch blog about the most commonly asked questions that we get from you guys. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Please complete our MailChimp form to subscribe instead. Manuals. One is manual and requires more use of your legs, and the other has a battery and some sort of motor. Convert any bike into an eBike. Newer Bromptons have a different bottom bracket and cranks with a larger gap so they should be alright. Again they ignored me. It’s great, I have a playlist with all of my builds on YouTube (Leepspvideo). Hi Cheenz - really sorry to hear about your experience with our crowd-funding campaign. There are three types of indoor bike trainers: stationary...... As e-bikes become more popular, any incident related to riding an e-bike can turn a spotlight on the entire industry. What is the difference between the ECO and PRO kits? Want to ensure you get first access to the 50% discount when we launch? London I had bought this bike second hand in the early 80s, when I was a student in London, but had not been using it much recently. Hi, Having learnt a lot from this forum, I thought I should give a little back. If you have any issues we will video call you and one of our engineers will get you sorted right away. Please introduce yourself and share a bit about the electric bikes you've got! E3 2TB, Hey, It looks like we can't subscribe you here. What are the Swytch power pack functions. I did all the reset as suggested, added the Hall sensor as suggested, I thought I was too ignorant to understand how it works so again I paid somebody for checking the product and I was finally told the product was faulty. Order in the first 24 hours to get 50% discount. I have 4 Swytch kits: two bromptons and two on 700c's. Visit our Knowledgebase to see all FAQ articles: The Swytch eBike system was designed to be lightweight, simple, and removable. The pre-order price will ... Get 50% off, once every 3 months. Hopefully, it won't happen, but if it does, get the V12 sensor. See all 9 articles What did I order? Definitely not a serious company, you just waste time and money. There are numerous reasons to use an indoor bike trainer and hundreds of them on the market. Should I get a throttle? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Fitting the Swytch kit did need a little bit of work, but not much. Detailed technical manuals. How much range will I get / how far can I ride? This way you can take in some scenery, spend valuable time with each other, and get fit too. So, they do not want to change the product, although they are liable, probably they try to let the warranty elapse for avoiding the cost of substitution. The e-bike industry has seen a massive rise in e-bike sales, partly thanks to the current pandemic state of the world and partly due to the natural progression of the business model. I'd very much like to see some photos of the detail of how you fitted the Swytch and the basket. Big thanks to mrgold35 for suggesting this space! I got the bike in December 2018; it came without the pneumatic tyre (although mine was a complete ebike and not just the kit) plus various stuff missing for which I had to provide at my expenses. My kit has arrived - I have questions / need help with installation. Swytch eBike Kit now available to pre-order with 40% off. Sometimes in life, things that were once manual are automated and those tasks either get easier or they are rendered obsolete. They exist in almost the same selection and differences as e-bikes for adults. What are the dimensions of the Swytch power pack? Most people I've spoken with prefer current control, and so do I. There is a reason for this. Want to ensure you get first access to the 50% discount when we launch? Especially when you have a perfectly functional manual bike sat in your field of vision.