Add to Wishlist. Dune Buggies. You will need to lean into it hard to stretch the tire over the rim. Surprisingly, the odd combination of pneumatic tire on the front and a honeycomb tire at the rear provides a smooth ride on the Swagger 5 scooter. Flip the scooter back into an upright position and inflate the tire to 60 PSI. I put a solid tire on in place of the pneumatic one. Does anybody know of any suitable solid rubber replacements? The only things that you can find the app reliable are in the light management and when trying to change between gear modes without having to constantly press the button a few times. Then, remove the valve cap and fill the tire with air. I'll be contacting Swagtron if this happens today. Although it has good resistance to punctures and it has good cushioning, the Swagger electric scooter is not recommended for rough terrains and terrible roads. But having an air-filled front tire means that riders need to stay on top of tire pressure and inflation. Thanks! Low tire pressure is one factor in preventing riders from reaching top speeds and can lower your range per charge significantly. Press J to jump to the feed. Having beaten its competition in price and other features, Swagger 5 becomes among the best priced, best designed as well as most well-rounded electric scooters available in the market today. This will give the air in the tire enough “room” to move around when you’re riding on the scooter. Scooter is also a bit faster, since the inner-tube tires were a little stressed … eBikes. If it’s hotter than 90-degrees Fahrenheit, take out about 2 PSI. You’ll be up and running again in no time! Watch for bubbles. Unfortunately, the replacement also had a front tire issue. Captcha: + = Verify Human or Spambot ? Every time you brake, that also generates heat. Among the things users love about the Swagger 5 motor is that it accelerates quickly up to 10 mph and takes a few seconds before reaching its top speed of 18 mph. Staying on top of your tire pressure is equally so. I just inflated the tire. I think they ship it with slime pre-installed. Posted by 1 year ago. Also, the powder-coated frame along with welds is very much the same as that of the Xiaomi Mi M365 electric scooter. Be patient; it might take a while. Swagtron Swagger … Both tires are solid rubber factory. Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy fix. To do this, use the needle-nose pliers to hold the valve core still. Put a zip tie through both holes, but don't close it yet. Our LEAD TECH would be very happy to get this handled for you. The brakes also produce a bit of noise which can be slightly distracting. You’ll want to make a habit of making sure the front tire is properly inflated and topping it off when necessary. SHOP NOW. If you want your response Can You Take eBike and eScooter Batteries on Airplanes? Remove the tire? Bought this for a Swagger 5 when front tire got a flat. Heat the tire in a microwave for 3 minutes. So far a ha e only ridden this thing for a total of ten minutes and I am beginning to believe the amount of bad reviews I've read. Comparing it to its expensive competitor – the Xiaomi M365, it incorporates all the advanced features as well as design and quality. Carefully insert the core, still attached to the valve core remover, and twist clockwise until it is secure. Add to Wishlist. The front tire of the Swagger 5 Elite will likewise need to be topped off after a while. For daily commuting, this kind of light can suffice however if you want to enhance safety, it would be best to incorporate additional lights also to improve visibility during the night.