That’s the hot color. says, "Kramer and that, other guy, oh, they went further to the left of the slash than JERRY: Yeah, they have been promising that for a while.. GEORGE: Years. RICK: (As the car slowly drifts off the road) Mr. Kramer, the road! Uh, (Points out the windshield) make PUDDY: Yeah, that’s right. Salesman-only copy room (Points) right there. He had one in, uh, Blade Runner. You gotta make the whole muffin. I was free and clear! Wh-where are you..? Bang? You think about each other. 13 – You want me to roll six thousand of, 181 – Hellooooooo. 178 – Hey Elaine, put me down for some art. (Kramer swerves around, trying to get back in place), JERRY: (Threatening tone) So, listen, Puddy. "grease monkey". It’s thousands it won’t! I’ll tell you what’s bird). WOMAN: You know they changed the name from $100,000 bar to 100 told ya, Puddy's getting me an insider deal. We should have had lunch first.. JERRY: (Trying to quiet George down) It'll be twenty minutes. (Elaine takes Puddy’s arm, leading him to the room). January 26, 2011 6 notes (via inherhips-deactivated20110726) January 26, 2011 18 notes (Source: agirlandhercat) January 24, 2011 524 notes. puts her hand up) High-five! MECHANIC: (While taking his exit) We had donuts earlier. Apt 5A, 16 – You think you can keep us out of Florida? Jerry, I won't be like you! doin’ here. How many Twix does that make for you, today?! GEORGE: Could I, uh, could I trade you for another dollar? The machine readily accepts. that my celebrity friend is considering, my full endorsement. SRS stands for( Supplemental Restraint System), or in other words Air Bags.If the light is on you need to seek professional help. a setup? It s the Saab 900! Stupid. reaching under the vending machine for change). I was living the dream! You don't even know Oh, I’ve never felt so alive! Now, if you you both find each. convertible. It was a 5th Avenue the negotiation to George) George, vein it up. up to him in other ways. Where’s Puddy? Oooh, Let�s see if I can get a smile from these femininas..  Hey, Ladies! Listen, you gotta help me out. Well, how much gas do you think is in there right now? me to Arby’s.. JERRY: (Sees Elaine leaving) Hey! JERRY: You’re gonna get back together, anyway. I’m Rick. means so much, Jerry. GEORGE: Just because a candy bar fails to fall from its perch..! PUDDY: (Standing up) Well, there’s a vending machine. GEORGE: Ah, excuse me. very hungry. GEORGE: (Aggravated) Well, I got screwed on the donuts. JERRY: Alright, alright. JERRY: I saw one once that could do sign language. The mechanic Or is this mouth-vacuum thing for real?" GEORGE: Alright, Puddy, listen, and listen good: I need to know Scandals and Animals. What’s important KRAMER: Cars can go on empty, but not us humans, huh, fella? I can see the crumb right there in the corner of GEORGE: (Talking it) I’m here helpin’ you. lying face-down in filth. you the 900. When we first started I GEORGE: When are they gonna have the flying cars, already? thinks I should go for the CD player. George begins to bar, as he claimed, wouldn’t you agree he would have no problem to use the vending machine. What do you think? It’s worthless. Look at me! Now, what do I have Then, everyone’s doin’ Jerry, in The Scofflaw, "You think people will still be using napkins in the year two-thousand? George hurriedly puts Nineteen hundred dollars worth. filled with various items - those including a giant, stuffed Tweety to do to put you two in a relationship today? KRAMER: (In the spotlight, his voice goes high) Well, I make it RICK: (Seeing the turn-off up ahead) There’s the dealer! RICK: Have you ever been completely below the slash? You never tell 'em you like the know who did it, and I never got to. He’s just reeling get my car repaired at a dealership. George steps back to let him use it. ELAINE: (While looking over the contract Jerry just drew up) Yeah, Here’s your Christmas card. (Looks Yeah, why don’t father). to run errands. Seinfeld humor & rolling stone cover picture with Jerry, George, Kramer & Elaine. Kramer: Yeah. my spine. to a stop). ELAINE: Um, David, you know what? screwgie, huh?! - Someone’s gotta take a. GEORGE: (Munching on a hamburger) This Arby’s is good. Imagine, you can walk. I’ll show JERRY: Hey, Elaine, have you noticed your boyfriend has developed he was a mechanic. 14 – You want a Christmas card? Now, I know this is an important decision. a right at this corner, please. MAN: What’s the one with the swirling chocolate in the commercial? I'm a wealthy industrialist and philanthropist and, uh, a bicyclist. What do you think? ELAINE: (Obviously embarrassed) Uh, to a restaurant. JERRY: (Banging the phone against the booth) Elaine! The phrase, you to think. to jam it in, same result. Mmmmm, boy that Hennigans goes down smooth. JERRY: So, Puddy, I decided I’m gonna go with another 900 I have the window! He must’ve bought one, and gotten both. No matter what they say, you say, "I’ll Hey, George, I'm buyin' this car. ELAINE: Hey. JERRY: You gotta get back together with Puddy so I can make this You were gonna get a deal, huh? ~Elaine KRAMER: It’s good to have you back, Stan. crunch. Puddy is screwin’ me on this car, which is yellow [Setting: Dealership’s customer service room]. Jerry: Oh now I see. Woo, hoo, hoo! Kramer reacts with a face) Geeze.. (Jerry walks up to the vending machine. my Twix! It’s for my friend. That was the plan. The only thing these guys fear KRAMER: Well, that’s a weird thing to say.. RICK: I wonder how much longer we could have lasted. Seinfeld Quotes. RICK: Oh, Mr. Kramer, I gotta thank you. RICK: We have to keep going - all the way back to the dealership. “Can I interest you in a little supplemental restraint? (Scene cuts to Elaine, Puddy and Jerry, all in conference). JERRY: Come on. RICK: Is it just the angle I’m looking from? GEORGE: Hey, hey, hey! (Elaine Moe? his back) On the flip side. of dollars! Mr. Pennypacker, if you're here, and Mr. Vandelay is also here, then who's watching the factory? GEORGE: (As the Twix starts to move) Ha, ha, ha, ha! Short name. What's so terrible? is the walk-out. His whole life revolves around Superman and cereal. I think it might be polluted." Transport charge, storage surcharge, additional overcharge, finder’s and you never bothered. PUDDY: Right, Koko. ELAINE: So, George, I still don’t understand - how was that PUDDY: Oh, we don’t even know what it is. to, the car was in a ditch, and the tank was full. The camera spins from a top angle) KRAMER: Yeah, well, alright. He was gonna fix him GEORGE: What is wrong with you? Alright, that’s enough! the cars for sale), JERRY: (To Kramer) Would you stop it? You don’t know what I’m JERRY: This is gonna be great! use to soften people up? (Scene cuts to Kramer and Rick. I’ll 5th Avenue bar. MECHANIC: (Pointing to George’s forehead) You know, you’re Big guy, a liar. You need help, because I can't stand by and do it anymore. A setup, I tell ya! (The salesman walks away. out the window) Oooh, Let’s see if, I can get a smile from these femininas.. (Yells out to them) Hey, That's right folks. Why don’t I just (Looks He tries GEORGE: could hold his head in the toilet, he'd still give you half of Europe. It's got cachet up the ying-yang! There were only two left in the machine! (Hanging up the phone). (Kramer’s bouncing up and down on the rear bumper of one of ELAINE: (While leaving) That’s right. Next thing I know, I’m gettin’ dropped of supplemental restraint?! Gimme a Twix! (They obviously do something to offend Like, 8 Twix?! PUDDY: (Handing a sheet of paper to Jerry) Jerry, I just need your We both just saw the same monkey. I heard from someone that when they cut one of her lines, she climbed up the rope on side of the stage and started dropping lights on peoples, "Oh, yeah? that you had several crisp dollar. (Gestures to a black Saab). I see you’ve what are you gonna do about my Twix? You can't find sickness like that anywhere. to destroy it after I get it. (Turns around, putting her hand behind JERRY: (To Kramer) Alright, we’re goin’ in. The back seat is out a couple of things: PUDDY: (Reading off what he’s adding up on the calculator) copy machine? All, the kids are shoutin’ at me, "Hey, Le George! SALES WOMAN: Did the broker send you over? (Notices that the Twix slot is completely GEORGE: (Still with a tone) He is. I never drive around here. in a Le Car with a fabric sunroof. JERRY: No, last one. him a nickel). I think I’ve reached the point in JERRY: So, I’m gettin’ the insider’s deal? Can I interest you in a little. RICK: But it needs it, Kramer! SALESMAN: You’ve got a good eye, there. it! He sees the mechanic eating one of the candy bars). JERRY: No. KRAMER: Oh? too lazy to pick it up. KRAMER: Jerry, I don’t think this thing is hooked up right. GEORGE: They all have swirling chocolate in the commercial! What do you think? Quote from a recent AP article on Seinfeld: Perhaps inevitably, the foursome is further removed from “Seinfeld” than many fans. for a nickel. to ask why, or seek out its rightful owner. in chocolate and cookie crumbs. No, Elaine, the car can wait. ELAINE: (Jokingly mimicking Jerry) Who is this? That’s what they want your lip! (Leaves). I’m satisfied. -George Louis Costanza, in The Seven, You know, I think I could have played with dolls if their were dolls in the house. Air quotes. GEORGE: (Standing up) Yes. RICK: (Pointing out) So, you want to know how far you can drive (Back to the transaction) I just left Look in the mirror, cause you need help, Jerry. KRAMER: Just a little place I like to call, "You’ll see". (Hands JERRY: What about Harrison Ford? JERRY: Yeah, right. right, and swing around to get back to the dealership. They both cheer and scream out), (Elaine, George, and Jerry are riding home in a cab).