Please contact the factory to discuss your application if you have a concern about transaxles for your new GT-R. What does the GT-R weigh?Every builder customizes their car, so there is no single answer. If over 1,000 HP is anticipated or racing use is contemplated check the options list for ULTRA heavy-duty CV joint upgrades. Because it is capable of very high speeds, it’s prudent to have your work checked out by a pro race shop before you hit the track or the street. See options list for a light weight column designed for racing with no switches, plastic covers, electric assist, etc. The factory even has adapters to allow a wide range of engine/transaxle combos as well. Front section with molded openings for fuel filler, head lights, turn indicators, radiator air inlet, brake duct inlets, radiator air outlet, etc. For more information about the blue car below, check out the article in Hot Rod Magazine. The cars were built to meet the class requirements for the ALMS, and to be adaptable to the slightly different rules for the Le Mans 24-hour race as well. Chassis Construction: All-aluminum monocoque tubular hybrid, billet machined suspension mounts, fully TIG-welded. Cables for most current transaxles included- check with your order. Cable-operated gear shifter and shifter mount for transaxle. Rolling and ready. How fast is the Superlite GT-R?It depends on weight, drivetrain and conditions. The fight for victory was immense in scope, and took the resources of Ford, a team of the best professional drivers Ford could employ, and the management and development talent of some of the best designers in that space, including Eric Broadley of Lola fame, and some guy named Carroll Shelby. The GT-R can be delivered with a very lightweight body made completely of lightweight, strong carbon fiber. Call us if you require a right hand drive car. This car was an obvious nod to their successes at Le Sarthe, and they even sold a version with a “Heritage” Gulf blue-and-orange paint scheme that echoed the livery on the winning car in 1966. Drive: Left hand (LHD) or right hand (RHD), Weight Distribution: 46% front, 54% rear (typical, depends on drivetrain and other choices), Drivetrain Configuration: Mid-engine rear drive, Suspension: Billet machined aluminum uprights and control arms. But the car will support most any other popular engine. For example, at the low end, you can still get Porsche G50 transaxles from recyclers for under $4500, cleaned and setup for inversion in a mid-engined car. Turnkey race cars are available from Superlite Cars on an individually quoted basis. What about the gearbox?Mid-engined cars like the GT-R typically use a transaxle, instead of a separate transmission, driveshaft and rear end. Finally, the GT-R will also accept racing transaxles, as from Hewland, Sadev, EMCO or XTRAC. This page contains Frequently Asked Questions specific to the GT-R. General FAQs are located here. Includes all universal joints and bearings, Quick release steering wheel assembly pre-mounted on column (ready to bolt on most any aftermarket steering wheel), Pair Brembo front 4-piston calipers (with OEM seals for worldwide street compliance), Pair Brembo rear 4-piston calipers (with OEM seals for worldwide street compliance), Custom CNC-bent stainless steel brake lines from pedals to brakes, Custom CNC-bent stainless steel clutch line from pedals to transaxle are (builder supplies flex line to their selection of transaxle as needed), Stainless-steel braided Teflon lines flex brake hoses from hard lines to calipers and master cylinder to hard lines, Hardware kit including residual valves, brake light switch, stainless mounting clips and all fittings. Heat and Air conditioning system, specific to the GT-R. See details in the configurator. Is there a build manual?One is in development. The GT-R also comes with a 6-point “roof structure” (the lawyers don’t want us to call it a roll cage) that serves to add chassis stiffness and provide some protection in the event of a rollover. Call the factory for details. The Ricardo transaxle is geared quite tall, with a theoretical top speed of about 257 MPH, assuming the engine had the power to pull it. These transaxles are brand new, capable of supporting 1000 HP in road applications, are designed for mid-engined applications (so they don’t need to be modified to run inverted as all the Porsche 911-based units do) and are even lighter than the previous gold standard transaxle (the Ricardo). Call if you have something unusual in mind- we can generally make it work. Rear hoop over occupants with cross bar suitable for wrapping harnesses and all required brackets to bolt to monocoque, Rear braces tied to rear suspension supports including all brackets to bolt to the rest of the cage and chassis, Engine bay cross brace including rod ends and brackets as need to bolt to chassis, Central spider section with door openings. NASA would class the car in Super Unlimited for racing, or with the right power/weight numbers, in the ST classes. Left and right side door assemblies, including molded openings for interior and exterior door handles, and inner and outer panels pre-bonded and trimmed, Fiberglass splitter constructed of lightweight core with a fiberglass covering for strength and light weight as well as low replacement cost, Fiberglass side skirts constructed entirely of light weight fiberglass, Pair of slim line safety 2-stage door latches, Front and rear light weight latches to secure the front and rear body sections, DOT-approved windshield including factory black edging and transition tint, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate side windows, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate rear engine cover screen, Custom hard-coated polycarbonate head light covers. We expect that most of the GT-Rs will use either the Ford mod motors, or the ever-popular LS engines. You’ll need to provide drivetrain, tires, battery, etc. Includes: Windshield-area hoop with required brackets to bolt to monocoque. These seats optimize the available seating height which is especially important for taller drivers. Is it easy to build?Because it’s a mostly race or track car, it’s easier to build than the SL-C, for example. Dave and Andrea became the only husband and wife team to ever podium at Le Mans, and Andrea was, and is, the only grandmother to ever stride across the podium at Le Mans. Based on the winning car’s body, the race and Championship-winning aluminum semi-monocoque chassis design that has made Superlite cars famous, and with space for any popular V8 engine in the back all make for a tremendous platform for a track or race car, at a fraction of the price of an original.