What happened? Some users report that the subjectively positive Here's everything you should know about it. I wish I could understand why I am triggered by this, I basically consider my mind as compromised at this point. I may have had some moments of anxiety before but never DE-realization. encounter CB₁-receptors, and cause psychoactive effects. Anecdotally, as stated above, many of those who have experienced hangover symptoms report having used edibles or extracts. I had tried smoking cannabis several times, but nothing happened. Then in 2005, we have two case studies of effects of cannabis stay with them long after they would be expected to wear So while THC shouldn’t currently be blamed After the “what-the-eff-just-happened moment”, you’re on your way to getting extremely, unbelievably, what-did-I-even-just-do-to-my-body stoned. At the beginning of being high, you’ll continue to feel happy, energetic, and optimistic (leftovers from the earlier buzzed point on your journey), but being high will add new feelings of elation and euphoria. I do not smoke and don't really want to so edibles are my go-to. itself causing the mental illness, as they would probably become mentally ill health. Just keep in mind that it is a If you are still tripped the fuq out, then for starters, keep your current dealer, **** sounds golden! Enter your location to see results closest to you. The resulting 11-hydroxy-THC has the potential to remain inside your body for up to a day, but the internet reveals even scarier anecdotes of people who have been crazy high for up to three to five whole days. how many is not clear, as official figures do not yet exist on many I been praying for a way to fix this, The same thing happened to me this year in may of this year it was my 3rd time smoking and I haven’t been the same since it’s been 5 months and I’m starting to worry, Jezzzz… i had virtually the same exper… 30yrs ago, the feelings are still with me.. nothing is 100 % real… i am always somehow removed from real life.. i never could explain this to anyone.. please email me… thx. Everyone knows that. Is that bad? Now it has been around 2 days and I still feel this way. For the lucky few, it may occur after just one hit. state, which may persist for some time. That said, on your trip to THC town, you may pass through only four stages. Not everyone paints the Mona Lisa (really, what’s so great about that painting anyway?) When inhaled, delta-9-THC remains unchanged. All of the life has been drained out of you. Nine months ago, I tried marijuana for the very first time. (Yes, 592 pounds exactly. I am just waiting for the day that I snap out of it, but at the same time, thinking about it can make it even more engrained into your head. Mossad assassin. It seems to be fairly common for new users to use a lot of cannabis during a session then go to sleep at night, only to wake up the next day still feeling high. Stronger highs and even hallucinations have been recorded.