"It is reversible," Griffith said. Crest Pro Health issues a warning on the tube that stannous fluoride may cause staining, which can be avoided by proper brushing, and that its particular formulation is resistant to staining. Did we miss anything in our reporting? "The stannous fluoride has been known in the past to cause internal staining," Griffith said. Records: SRHD's Amelia Clark said she would correct Dr. Lutz information at press conference, then doubled down, Spokane health board expected to decide Dr. Bob Lutz's fate during meeting today, Families evacuate flooded homes amid Eta flooding, Buildings submerged by roof-high floodwaters, Huskies’ season opener canceled after Cal player tests positive for COVID-19, Borghi, three other WSU football players listed on preseason All-Pac 12 teams, WATCH LIVE: Biden to deliver statement as election vote count presses ahead, Riot declared in downtown Portland; Oregon National Guard activated. Research on sodium fluoride began in the early … Clinical study to compare extrinsic stain formation in subjects using three dentifrice formulations, Solving the problem with stannous fluoride: Extrinsic stain, Contains Colgate’s patented zinc phosphate, Contains hydrated silica to fight extrinsic stains, Contains stannous chloride to help stabilize ions, Cheapest out of toothpastes in this table, No additional active ingredients or stabilizing ingredients compared to its’ counterpart Crest Pro-Health. The NaF caused le … In vitro staining effects of stannous fluoride and sodium fluoride on ceramic material J Prosthet Dent. Polishing of the ceramic surface before immersion in either fluoride agent caused the ceramic tested to be more resistant to etching by the 2 solutions tested. That's the claim that was brought to KREM 2 reporter Rob Harris's attention, so he turned to local dentist Dr. Stephen Griffith with Grand Corner Dental to verify. Dr. Griffith verified that this true. Stannous Fluoride, or Tn(II) Fluoride, is a compound commonly used in toothpastes for the prevention of gingivitis, dental infections, cavities, and to relieve dental hypersensitivity.Although similar in function and activity to Sodium Fluoride (NaF), the conventionally added ingredient in toothpastes, stannous fluoride has been shown to be more effective at stopping and reversing dental lesions. The effect of prophylactic polishing pastes on surface roughness of indirect restorative materials. Nevertheless, both these fluorides when used in oral care products help strengthen and repair enamel that is weakened by acids, preventing decay. This occurs when the stannous ion oxidizes on the teeth. Stannous fluoride is composed of fluoride attached to a stannous ion. "It will oxidize the tooth and make it turn a more yellow color. Stannous fluoride, another mineral of sodium fluoride family was introduced in 1950, and was added to toothpaste until the cheaper alternative and better tasting, sodium fluoride developed. Stain is composed of materials containing carbon bonds that reflect back only the wavelengths of light that appear colored. Together they deliver a unique, comprehensive protection for your teeth like never before. Could your toothpaste actually be staining your teeth, rather than making them whiter? Do you know someone else we should interview for this story? "Not with another type of whitening toothpaste, but with a bleaching agent. Click here. 4% stannous fluoride gels.