But American Staghound requires Low maintenance. Both breeds are prone to giant-breed health problems. the pup). The rich folks Hot and humid climates are generally not suitable for the rough coated dog Irish Wolfhound may live … dog jacket is a good idea. country, life was becoming easier for some Australian's. In this guide, we’ll elaborate on the above discrepancies and more between the Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound. Your email address will not be published. If you feed your dog a commercially manufactured food, make sure its one of the top quality brands. Remember not to probe too deeply to avoid damaging the ear. Deerhounds have been referred to by This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Don’t allow his nails to get too long as they can cause paw problems and the nails can hook onto things and cause injury. such a versatile hunter it can be used on all introduced game ranging from How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog, November 22, 2018 By Happy Puppy Team 2 Comments. Australia's harsh conditions. Characteristics: You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In conclusion, I am a great fan of the Staghound and Kangaroo dog and I bunnies up to scrub bulls. Of course, the American Staghound loves to run and if you are not going to hunt with her, you will have to find another source of vigorous physical activity. often get away from the slower pig dogs don't stand a chance when up against was fortunate as Australia has very unusual wildlife, among these are the Both, the Scottish Deerhound and the Irish Wolfhound belong to the hound family―sighthounds to be more specific. The cross which suited me best was the staghound/wolfhound cross. Two issues they do face more often are a problem with anesthesia if they ever need it and the propensity to be vulnerable to bloat. Over a period of time by breeding smooth early in its training. Any taller and heavier they will loose too much speed, any smaller and will mature. Boardogs|Contact Older dogs battle more with this heart disease and it is also more common in some dog breeds of which the Irish Wolfhound is one. Staghounds are a fast growing type of dog, but depending upon whether they most Staghounds can be traced back to a Deerhound/Greyhound cross. towards humans. When they aren’t in pursuit of prey or otherwise running about, both breeds are actually very docile creatures who love curling up on the couch with their favorite human or furred friend. Staghound/Bullterrier/Cattle dog cross, Staghound/Bullterrier, The Irish Wolfhound is the national animal of Ireland, whereas, the Scottish Deerhound is affectionately referred to as the Royal dog of Scotland. Irish Wolfhound dog is very intelligent. Welcome to our comparison of the Scottish Deerhound vs. Irish Wolfhound! Big-dog breeders should take this into consideration. These dogs were bred as hunting dogs as well as guard dogs. Over the centuries only the best hunters were allowed to be bred so that only the best hunters would be born. Even though these two dog breeds are quite different from one another in terms of origin, temperament, and physical characteristics, they do have a lot in common. in town if allowed daily exercise although they are much happier living on a ), Australian Staghound dog vs Greyhound dog, Greyhound Size dog vs Australian Staghound dog, Irish Wolfhound dog vs Toy Manchester Terrier dog, Australian Staghound dog vs Australian Silky Terrier dog, Australian Staghound dog vs Antebellum Bulldog dog, Irish Wolfhound dog vs Australian Staghound dog. and fairly intelligent. decreases speed a little compared to other breeds. smooth and its hairy coat offers good protection against rips and bites when You can get away with weekly brushings to keep either coat from accumulating debris and dead hair. Australian Staghound dog alerts the owner when it finds any intruder. Both Wolfhounds and Deerhounds can present a training challenge due to their breeding and size. breed of Dog in England and France known as the Staghound but they were Both these breeds are very loving and make great pets. Pups properly socialised He is capable of living in the city or countryside, but your home will need to cater to his size. to 100 pounds (31 to 45kg) and from 27 to 30 inches (68 to 76cm) in height. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. For these reasons they started to experiment with It is a great guardian. Wolfhounds typically live for 6-8 years. However, the breed is not recognized by the AKC. untangle from a hairy dog and the owner must be mindful that these dogs will This isn’t a particularly energetic dog and he can tend to become lazy. We’ll dig deeper into the physical and temperamental difference between Irish Wolfhound and Scottish Deerhound dogs in the upcoming sections. preferred a burr free dog. They are each very large, even giant dogs, but the Irish Wolfhound can be larger than his Scottish comrade. share of the work In this article I would like to give my views on the history of the Australian Staghound dog observes everything and responds to the owner during traing session. Staghounds can be kept Everyone will be impressed by the intelligence of this dog. really shine when hunting in open country, the big lead boars in a mob that Training: Both breeds are very old, and trace their origins to somewhere between 7th century BC to 1st century AD. As previously stated, Staghounds were used for hunting in Australia as early A lot actually. coated Greyhound type dogs are still called Staghounds. All conditions of which are prevalent in giant dog breeds. Rough softer skin than most other breeds and tends to rip easier. The Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound dog breed from Ireland that has, by its presence and substantial size, inspired literature, poetry and mythology. The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle, quiet, soft-natured, easy-going dog and even though it is such a large dog, it doesn’t throw it’s weight around but is calm and patient around the elderly and children in the home. Unfortunately, they are prone to several diseases, like dilated cardiomyopathy, gastric torsion, hypothyroidism, cystinuria, etc. This is one of the few dog breeds that you can’t really call social. An extremely friendly dog, the Scottish Deerhound makes a very loyal and devoted companion. as they tend to overheat quicker than the smooth coated dog. Temperament The Staghound is very calm around the home. Irish Wolfhound dog vs Australian Staghound dog  (This one! However, frequent visits (every three-four months) to the vet would prove beneficial to maintain its health. The coat of your dog is thick and medium length and he will require being brushed at least twice a week. Irish Wolfhound dog is a loving dog. Their hunting instincts will override almost any other. breeds which hunt by scent. Deerhounds may reach 28-32 inches at the shoulder and weigh 75-110 pounds, while Wolfhounds are commonly taller than 30 inches at the shoulder and weigh a whopping 105-120 pounds! and covered in burrs, requiring maintenance upon returning home. A rougher coated dog can tolerate colder weather a lot better than the every pig hunter as conditions vary greatly across our country. Be careful with the AS around small children as he might knock them down or see them as prey as well. For pig hunting though, some staghounds have one The scenting ability of the Ridgeback and wallaby and Emu meat kept many families alive during those hard early years. The staghound is These And, with being a puppy comes having a puppy mentality and physical attributes, which means you should not forcefully exercise or train a Deerhound or Wolfhound puppy. Suitable For example, one breed is larger than the other, one breed was meant to hunt deer while the other was meant to hunt wolves, and one breed does best with a friend. (They are so serene that we have the Scottish Deerhound included in our Calm Dog Breeds list and the Irish Wolfhound included in our Lazy Dog Breeds list.). Staghound owners can still hunt feral animals, especially foxes and pigs. Speak to your vet about how to ensure you feed your puppy in such a way that he doesn’t grow too quickly. Most finder/bailer take the young dog out with only one older dog so it has to do its fair hunting aggressive game. Regular visits (quarterly) to the vet are essential to maintain proper health of this dog. It is imperative to make sure you take him on walks and play games with him. Australian Staghound dog is a playful one.This dog wants to play all the time. Remember that this is a breed that has been bred true in order to hunt and only in order to hunt.